Comics Monster # 2: Crescent City Magick – Review

Having discovered Michael L. Peters’ art on the web and
enjoying his Unbound comic from Image, I was happy to see a new project from
him in the form of his new book, Crescent City Magick

The story revolves around the character Clayton who is a bit
of a drifter and ultimately encounters a witch named Julia. Clayton moves from
the chilly north to the Big Easy and the reader is taken for a fantastic roller coaster
ride from slice of life to supernatural to sci-fi to zombie thriller with a
couple of sharp turns added for good measure. The story moves at a good pace
and allows for character development while progressing the story steadily. Even
the supporting cast, especially the sassy punk gal named Bev, seems to have a
good amount of story potential so the series has plenty of room to continue.
The artwork is amazing. Peters is a master at his craft and
is in the school of Barry Windsor-Smiith, and Bernie Wrightson in the intricacy
and craftsmanship of his line work.  The
book’s cover, pictured above, has such rich colors with a great logo containing
some superb celtic design elements. The interiors are black and white which
really allows Peters’ line work to shine. 
This book easily gets a five star rating and I’ll look
forward to a sequel if the author has one brewing.
Dan Sehn is a resident of the chilly north fantasizing about making a move to the Big Easy. He is also the publisher of Argo Comics.

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5 Thoughts to “Comics Monster # 2: Crescent City Magick – Review”

  1. Wow, the art looks terrific! Who is the publisher?

    1. It's self-published by Michael L. Peters. You can get a copy in two places.

      Or if you want an autographed copy by Peters himself,

      It's a book worth having for sure. And there will be a second book out in the near future. : )

  2. I agree about the art! This one was self-published through Amazon, Kam. Hitting the book's title highlighted in red at the beginning of the review links to the listing.

  3. Excellent, thanks! I'll add it to my next order.

  4. For anyone who is interested, you can purchase a self-published copy of Crescent City Magick by Michael L. Peters through Amazon, or get an autographed copy from his official website. There will be a second volume in the near future.

    For an autographed copy

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