Courtney Crumrin Finally Makes a Friend in “The Witch Next Door”!

Courtney Crumrin Finally Makes a Friend in “The Witch Next Door”! 
Volume 5 of the Hit Series to be Released in April!

Portland, OR (December 20, 2013) – The fifth hardcover collection of Ted Naifeh’s hit series Courtney Crumrin will be cast onto shelves this April with the release of COURTNEY CRUMRIN VOLUME 5: THE WITCH NEXT DOOR!

Colored by frequent Naifeh collaborator Warren Wucinich, THE WITCH NEXT DOOR sees the first five issues of the full-color Courtney Crumrin series collected In print for the first time into a 144-page hardcover, the fifth volume in Oni Press’ ongoing series of deluxe collections.

Holly Hart is new to Hillsborough and witchcraft, but when her family moves in next to America’s Favorite Tween Witch™, the two girls become fast friends, but a burgeoning teenage coven is not without peril! As Courtney watches Holly making the same mistakes she once made, she begins to have second thoughts about teaching the neighbor girl magic. Conversely, when Holly sees the aftermath of the other children’s “adventures” with Courtney, her suspicions cause her to make a dangerous decision. Following the discovery that her trusted uncle Aloysius may not be all he seems, big changes are afoot in young Courtney’s life.

 “This volume collects issues of Courtney Crumrin that were such a joy to work on, both because of the return to the series after a several-year gap, and the relationship that Ted and I have developed over the years. It’s a very special thing to be allowed behind the proverbial curtain, to have influence on the story as it’s being written, and it’s always so wonderful to look back at those issues and still feel the warm gooey goodness inside. I’m sure that all of Courtney’s, and Ted’s, for that matter, fans have been waiting for this collection to arrive. Luckily, everyone knows that Courtney is worth waiting for!”

 – Editor Jill Beaton

COURTNEY CRUMRIN VOLUME 5: THE WITCH NEXT DOOR flaps its black wings onto shelves April 30th, 2014 as a full-color, 144-page hardcover.

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