Scarlet Spider #25 Review

By: Jay Reyes

Last devastating issue! Marvel ends Scarlet Spider, but don’t worry every ending leads to a new beginning. Two years and 25 issues have led to THIS! Guest starring: MEXICO!

It’s over. Kaine did his best to be a hero. He failed. What about Houston?! Who lives? Who dies? Is there a place for the Scarlet Spider in this world?

Scarlet Spider has been up and down for me as a series. I really wanted to love this series  but I always felt like I couldn’t because it was always so repetitive. I was over Kaine’s “I’m a monster syndrome” after the 5th issue. 

The Good: I really like the art in this series and it was no different for me in this last issue. I also liked the Breaking Bad feel I got from this issue. I can’t explain it but Kaine felt  Walter White-esque. Kaine and Arcely ending up relaxing in Mexico was also a really good place to end the series because we already have confirmation that Arcely and Kaine will be in The New Warriors book in March. Another really good thing about this book is that it wasn’t death heavy. Yost didn’t do the gimicky predictable thing and kill off main characters.

The Bad: I liked the issue but there were some problems. The reason Kaine left was the same problem I had with the whole series, “I’m a monster. I’m evil. I’m a killer.” Its the same bull crap we’ve seen over and over again and I can’t stand it.

Kaine transforms into the giant The Other spider monster and kills a bad guy who would of murdered everyone in the city if she could. He kills the giant monster but everyone (for some reason) runs from Kaine and tells him to leave even though he just saved the damn city! That part really pissed me off and breaks all sense of realism in this situation. Even Arcely was dumbfounded by this.

Overall: I liked the ending of this issue and liked the Breaking Bad feel, but I can’t get over the logical fails of this issue and the series as a whole. Usually it’s really depressing when a book you buy monthly ends but I’m happy this ended because I really couldn’t take another 10 issues of Kaine being depressed and calling himself a monster.

If you like Kaine and really want to see where Kaine ends up get this issue. But if you’re a casual fan of this series who doesn’t pick up every single issue of Scarlet Spider I don’t recommend buying it. I really hope Kaine is over Texas by the time New Warriors starts because I really don’t want Kaine to make the series too depressing.   

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  1. I think he will be better off in a team book myself. There is obviously only so much you can do with this character in a stand alone series. In the end he is just a clone. This whole series could have been one story arc.

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