Five Worst Movies of the Year

Written By: Kat “Comic Uno”

Find out what movies Kat thought were the worst of 2013.

Let us know in the comments here and on Comic Uno what you think of the Five Worst Movies Of 2013  by Kat “Comic Uno” from Dark Avenger INC and don’t forget to follow us on Twitter for the latest Previews, Reviews, News and Interviews!

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4 Thoughts to “Five Worst Movies of the Year”

  1. I actually really liked The Wolverine. Wasn't crazy about the take on Silver Samurai, but this one I really enjoyed. I don't think there were two love interests, it was always Mariko. Yuriko was more of a sister type character to both.

    Didn't see the rest. heh At first I thought from the graphic some of those would be picked, and I was thinking (Hansel and Gretel wasn't that bad). lol

    1. Jay

      I liked The Wolverine as a movie onto itself, but they really hyped this up. Hugh Jackman was saying how spectacular it is going to be the stunts the fights the plot etc, and that it fixes what Origins messed up and I think on that level is where it failed.

    2. Yeah the picture just kind of looked cool. Also wanted to fool people to see what my real choices were LOL

  2. Jay

    There are some really bad movies here Kat LOL. Great Job though!

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