Zone 4 #250: Major Announcements!

This is it! The 250th episode of Zone 4!
We’ve promised huge announcements about the future of the show, and boy do we deliver!
The crew opens up with one of their famous radio drama skits to kick things off with a bang. And then it’s into a very loose-format show this time around. No headlines, no Topic Time, just general conversation about comics, TV, film and much more!

We do have Facecbook Shout-Outs this week, four of them! And we do have plugs.
And then, of course, there are the announcements. We start sprinkling them throughout the show, then just barrel them out toward the end. There are also audio clips from certain individuals who you’ll be hearing from a lot in the future!
Our special guest, Chuck Moore, had to back out sadly, and we missed him, but he’ll be back!
So sit back, strap in, and grab some bacon candy… and let the celebration begin!

(Soon it will also be available on Dark Avenger INC, and the Zone 4 YouTube channel. You can also find it on,,, iTunes, and

Complete show notes:


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