WWE And TNA Wresting Review for the Week of 1/5/14

Monday Night Raw this week had a major theme to it. What was
that theme? It was called “Old School Raw.” Also what a way to begin
the show with Ric Flair promo in which WWE World Heavyweight Champion Randy
Orton interrupted. Orton at first said he likes Flair and doesn’t want to due
harm to him. But Orton starts to do the usual heel promo and tells Flair to
leave “his” ring or else. Flair refuses and before Orton can do
anything John Cena music hits and he comes to Flair aid. He does the usual face
promo. In my opinion what was the point of this? Just to build the match at the
Royal Rumble. 

First match of the night was The Usos and Rey Mysterio vs.
Luke Harper, Eric Rowen and Daniel Bryan now known as Daniel Wyatt. The Usos
and Rey Mysterio pick up the win after a disagreement between Bryan and Rowen. Was it me or does Bryan I mean Daniel Wyatt
have a new attitude. Could this be the beginning of major heel turn for him. I
highly doubt it. Daniel Bryan is one of biggest WWE face superstars.  I believe with in the next couple of weeks he
will turn on The Wyatt Family when they least expect it.
Another Batista promo as well as Michael Cole announcing
Batista is going to be an entrant in the Royal Rumble. Rumors are the he is
going to be facing Randy Orton at WrestleMania for the  WWE World Heavyweight Championship. So looks
like Batista will go on to win the Rumble and Orton will win his match against
Cena at the Royal Rumble.
Curtis Axel vs. Big E. Langiston was next and really haven’t
we seen this like how many times? Ryback was on commentary and tried to
district Big E. with no luck Big E. wins. Could this be a new feud between Big
E. and Ryback.
Paul Heyman and Brock Lesnar come out and talks about Lesnar
being next in line for a championship match. They talk about Lesnar destroying
Mark Henry last week. This brings out Henry and this becomes a out brawl and
Lesnar breaks Mark Henry arm. As Lesnar leaves Big Show music hit and Lesnar
backs away. Heyman tries to distract Big Show so Lesnar can attack Big Show but
Show grabs him throws him into the turnbuckle and throws Lesnar across the
ring. I have to say I’ve never seen anyone throw Lesner around like that.
Piper Pit Returns with guests The Shield. The Shield tries
to attack Piper but CM Punk and New Age Outlaws save him.
There were other matches but the main event was CM Punk with
the New Age Outlaws vs. Roman Reigns with Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins. I
think this was the best match of the night. Back and fourth match with Reigins
actually beating the best in the world. But my favorite thing of the night was
when The Shield tried attack to CM Punk and the New Age Outlaws and a certain
music hits and was Jake “the snake” Roberts with Damien (the snake) to
make the save even through he didn’t do anything but putting the snake on
Ambrose after getting the GTS.
In my opinion the best Raw I have seen in a long time.
Seeing all the legends and WWE Hall of Famers felt like old times.
Impact Wrestling this week was ok I’ve seen better shows.
The show begins with Dixie Carter coming out for AJ Styles to sign his one
night contract. AJ Styles comes out and talks about Magnus be Dixie
paper champion. This brings out Magnus who first tells Dixie
to leave and then argues with Styles about him being a paper champion.
Styles  says he as friends backstage and
will have his back. Styles tells Magnus that he is proud of his eleven years
and everything he accomplished and he will walk out as the undisputed champion.
Joseph Park and Eric Young vs.
BroMans with Zema Ion is the first match and while the match is going on Gail
Kim attacks ODB backstage. This leads EY to run off leaving Joseph Park to fend
off BroMans. We all know Joseph Park is Abyss so when will they end the Joseph
Park character and bring back Abyss?
Backstage Samoe Joe confronts
Dixie Carter and tells her he has AJ Styles back. This sets up a match between
him and Ethan Carter III
. This ends up Joe
being attack in the back.
There were other matches but the
main focus of the whole night was all the faces (AJ Styles) friends either get
attacked in the back or like Kurt Angle who had to leave because of a phone
The main event for the undisputed
TNA Heavyweight Championship between AJ Styles and Magnus. Even as the bell
rings AJ styles kept getting attacked by the heels until Sting came to the
rescue only for a bit. Styles kept kicking out Magnus pins but it was to much for
him to handle. In my opinion this match could have been one of the best matches
in TNA history between these two. For example look at the final Bound For Glory
Series between these two. I understand they want to make Magnus a major heel
but this match could have been history making. Will we ever see AJ Styles in a
TNA ring only time will tell.
Friday Night Smackdown this weeks
kicks off with The Usos vs. Luke Harper & Erick Rowan. This
ended with a double count out with the Usos being jumped by Bray and Bryan. Like I said before
this might look like Bryan
is heel now but wont last.  
We find our from a backstage promo with Vickie Guerrero and Randy Orton that Orton
will call out Triple H and Stephanie McMahon about how he is being treated by
them as the WWE World Heavyweight Champion.
Miz TV was up next and the guest was the Big Show. This was
to build up a match between Big Show and Brock Lesner. Show says he never like Lesnar
and never will. Heyman comes out and says Lesnar doesn’t fight for free and
fight when Lesnar decides to and not when the Big Show wants.
Rey Mysterio, Sin Cara & Los
Matadores with El Torito vs. Rybaxel & Real Americans with Zeb Colter was
next. This was actually kind of cool to see these four masked superstars in the
same corner. WWE wants to beat the world record at WrestleMania to have the
most masked wrestlers in the ring at the same time.
Champion vs. Champion match was next between WWE World
Heavyweight Champion Randy Orton and Big E. Langiston. Orton wins the
match with a RKO. This was a decent match.
The main event of the night was
CM Punk and New Age Outlaws vs. The Shield. This
was a good match. New Age Outlaws still got the skills in the ring. I think
they can still have a tag team championship reign in them. Billy Gunn went to
hit Ambrose with the famouser but instead gets hit with the spear by Reigns.
This smackdown was good not excellent but good enough.
week in wresting was a good week for the WWE. First the ratings of Raw was
better than recent weeks because of Old School Raw and they officially announce
the launch of the WWE Network. TNA this week was ok nothing to big hopefully
with in the next couple of shows will start to get better.

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  1. Mixed feelings on the WWE Network as I'd rather have it on my TV then through the computer. Wondering where RVD is lately? Very light week for Divas and Knockouts 🙁

  2. Wwe for the last couple of months has completely disappointed Daniel Bryan isn't getting any justice and John cena vs Randy Orton is just terrible at this point

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