IDW And Monkeybrain Brings The Digital Old West To Print This April In Skybreaker

Revenge In The Old West Goes To Print With Skybreaker
The Hits Keep Coming From IDW & Monkeybrain

IDW Publishing and Monkeybrain Comics are teaming up again to bring you the ruthless Western saga, Skybreaker! Like previous Monkeybrain releases from IDW, this is the first time the series will be released in print! A 2013 digital series by Michael Morcei (Hoax Hunters) and Drew Zucker, focuses on Skybreaker while examining the wastelands of the American Wild West.

San Diego, CA (January 13, 2013) – Joining the growing collection of titles from IDW and Monkeybrain comes the ruthless Western saga, Skybreaker! Like the other Monkeybrain releases from IDW, this is the first time the series will be released in print!

Digitally released in 2013 by Monkeybrain, Skybreaker, created by Michael Moreci (Hoax Hunters) and newcomer Drew Zucker, examines the gritty world of the American west in the most tumultuous of times. Torn between two allegiances Skybreaker is caught in the middle of a rising tide of bloodshed. Betrayed and left for dead, he searches for retribution in the hostile wastelands of the Wild West.

“They always say to write the book you want to read. Skybreaker is that book, all the way. There’s such a lack of straight-up Westerns, and Drew and I set out to make something that we hope would make Leone himself happy.”

 Michael Moreci, Co-Creator

“This book is the culmination of a lot of hard work from a lot of different people, but I hope that more than anything it shows that the Western is alive, kicking, and doesn’t always need a twist, just some really great characters telling a really good story.” 

 –Drew Zucker, Co-Creator

The partnership between IDW and Monkeybrain Inc. has brought five acclaimed digital titles to print so far including Edison Rex, Amelia Cola, Artful Daggers, Mask of the Red Panda and Red Light Properties. Each, a unique story with a distinct style; Monkeybrain’s digital offerings have provided something for everyone, and they continue to be made available in print, from IDW Publishing! Look for Skybreaker this April.

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