Kat’s Pull List for 1/15/14

Kat talks about all the comics she is getting this week. Check out what Kat is excited for in this week’s pull list.

DC Comics

Batgirl #27
I love this series and it is
always first on my pile to read. This issue is a tie-in with Gothtopia, which actually
had a fun start in last week’s Detective Comics Anniversary issue. Even though
this means we are getting another interruption with the main story I still hope
that this can be a fun Batgirl issue.
Forever Evil Rogues Rebellion #4
This series has been going on
for a little bit too long. It is starting to lose its steam. The Rogues
encounter a villain than run away in every issue, at least that has been the
pattern for the past couple of issues. Hope we get to see Captain Cold or
Glider that would make this series interesting again. (Exclusive to Comic Uno Episode
Justice League of America #11
This is my favorite Forever
Evil tie-in title! I love the interaction between Stargirl and Martian
Manhunter. They deserve to have some time in the spotlight.
In the start of the New 52
this use to be one of my favorite titles. Two years later this series has lost
something a long the way, especially since Nightwing moved to Chicago. I hope
he moves to Gotham again soon! (Exclusive to Comic Uno Episode 31)
Superman/Wonder Woman #4
This has been a surprise hit
for me. I never expected Superman/Wonder Woman to be my favorite Superman
title, but it is. Every issue has a shock factor and they don’t rub in Superman
and Wonder Woman’s relationship where this would only be a shipper book. Looking
forward to seeing Zod’s story continue.
Powerpuff Girls #5
Powerpuff Girls is such a
cute comic book. I grew up with this show, and glad to see that this comic has
the same tone as the TV series. In this issue we are going to see what Him has
up his sleeves for the Powerpuff girls.  (Exclusive to Comic Uno Episode 31)

All New X-men #21
This is my go to Marvel
series because Kitty Pryde is my second favorite superhero of all time and she
is the leader of the All New X-men. Now wehave a great addition to the team
with X-23. Looking forward to seeing what she adds to the group.
Amazing X-men #3
Just like Wolverine and the
X-men, which Jason Aaron also writes, this is a hit or miss series. I don’t
really like the cheesiness of the pirates, but love the character interactions.
Daredevil #35
Everyone knows this series as a
great under the radar series, which is not really under the radar anymore. This
series will be ending very soon to be relaunched as an all-new Marvel Now
series. Looking forward to seeing how they end this chapter.
(Exclusive to Comic Uno
Episode 31)
Disney Kingdom Seekers of Weird #1
You guys know I am a HUGE
Disney fan. So, I have to give this series a try. I don’t know anything about
the series, but looking forward to reading the first issue.
Inhumanity Spider-man #1
This event has been a pleasant surprise
for me so far. It is not the best thing I have ever read, but so far the tie-ins
have been pretty interesting. Hope to see the same thing for Inhumanity
Nova #12
Nova is a great under the
radar series. Every issue is a blast and tends to be higher on my list for
Comic Uno Episode. Looking forward to seeing where they go with this series. (Exclusive
to Comic Uno Episode 31)
Superior Spider-man #25
Probably the most anticipated
issue of the week. This is a double sized, and the return of Peter Parker
is coming. Very excited to see how Superior Spider-man will end.
Uncanny X-men #16
It seems that Magneto will be
the main character of this issue. I am not a huge Magneto fan, but hope this is
an entertaining issue. 

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