Marvel’s First Look: X-Force

Mutantkind’s New Dirty Tricks Crew – Your First Look at X-FORCE #1!

Marvel has given Comic Frontline a First Look at X-Force #1 by Si Spurrier and Rock-He Kim!

Marvel is pleased to present your first look at X-FORCE #1 – the exciting new series from innovative creative team Si Spurrier and Rock-He Kim! Every sovereign nation in the Marvel Universe makes use of superhumans to protect national interests and pursue a covert national agenda. The stakes are high, and the prizes are intelligence, security, resources and power. Now, Cable and his new black-ops squad are entering this endless shadow-game to ensure that Mutants have a hand in the future of the Marvel Universe – by any means necessary!

“They don’t want global domination nor mutant superiority; merely to protect and strengthen the interests of The Mutant Nation. And they’ll rain thunder and flame on anyone who says different.”

– Si Spurrier, Writer

X-Force isn’t looking to keep its existence a secret. They want to send a loud-and-clear message to the world that the Mutant Nation is not to be messed with.”

– Axel Alonso, Editor-in-Chief

But when an international incident threatens the already fragile human/mutant relations, the Mutant Nation needs a dirty tricks department – and X-Force is it! Don’t miss the explosive action and political intrigue when Cable, Psylocke, Fantomex, and Marrow burst on to the scene in  X-FORCE #1 this February!

X-FORCE #1 (DEC130676)
Variant Covers By: PHIL NOTO
Animal Variant By: KATIE COOK
FOC 01/20/14, ON-SALE 2/12/14

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