Jason Aaron And Jason Latour Are Southern Bastards

Jason Aaron and Jason Latour’s New Ongoing Series Is Full Of Grit

This April Jason Aaron and Jason Latour get in touch with their inner-Southern Bastards thanks to Image. Southern Bastards delves into the dirty secrets of the Dirty South something no one in Craw County, Alabama wants.

Welcome to Craw County, Alabama: breeding ground for bastards and the setting of Jason Aaron (Scalped, Wolverine, The X-Men, Thor: God of Thunder) and Jason Latour’s (Django Unchained) new ongoing crime series SOUTHERN BASTARDS. Get to know Earl Tubb, a crusty old coot who believes the only way to survive a place like Craw County is to carry a really big stick.

Earl’s a lonely old man with some serious daddy issues. Years ago, his father, Bertrand Tubb, was the tough as nails sheriff of Craw County, Alabama.

“But Bert’s been dead for years, and now something has changed in Craw County. Something you have to squint hard to see, but it’s there, something dark and bloody just beneath the surface, something none of the locals want to talk about or even acknowledge. Until Earl comes home and starts asking questions.”

— Jason Aaron

Craw County might seem like a simple town on the surface, but within a few issues the mysteries about some of the residents will start to multiply.

“We’ll meet the new sheriff in due time, the guy who’s manning the job that used to belong to Earl’s dad. But the way he sees things is the same as most everybody else around the county: there ain’t nothing wrong here, so go the hell back to the city and mind your own damn business. Basically as long as the Craw County High School Runnin’ Rebs football team keeps winning games, nobody’s overly concerned with any other sort of business Coach Euless Boss might be up to. So long as the bleachers are full, the folks in Craw County don’t rightly care who’s buried underneath them.”

 — Jason Aaron

The South has a particular style and flavor, which Latour taps into for SOUTHERN BASTARDS.

“It’s a cliché perhaps but the South is either in your veins or it’s not. There are people who move away and never lose it, people who’ve never been here but find themselves in touch with it over night. It’s kind of an unshakable feeling, and my relationship with the South is a thing I’ve felt conflicted about my whole life. It’s always kind of been in there like a devil clawing at me from the inside. This project was a chance to let it out.”

 — Jason Latour

Better than a homecooked meal, SOUTHERN BASTARDS is sure to delight readers no matter on which side of the Mason-Dixon Line they reside.

SOUTHERN BASTARDS #1 arrives in stores on 4/30 and is available for $3.50.

SOUTHERN BASTARDS can be pre-ordered using Diamond Code FEB140475.

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