Justice League 3000 #2 Review

Jay Reyes

Justice league 3000 #2 is a strange book, I don’t know exactly where the book is going, but this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. The book feels unique but has some missed opportunities.

Before the team can figure out what happened to their memories, Cadmus sends some seemingly familiar faces into the darkness of Commonwealth space to face off against the first member of a new group of villains called LOCUS

The Good: Justice League 3000 #1 was a great start for me. J.M. DeMatteis certainly has me intrigued in this universe and I’m still loving the Wonder Twins involvement. I really want to know Locus’ backstory and go in-depth with her character but I can accept her having a limited role in this issue. I love Superman in this, he’s not the big blue boy scout in this, he refuses to be called Clark Kent and that really intrigues me.

The new Hal Jordan seems to have stepped up on this team and is taking more of a leader role. I can live with Wonder Woman having a more Amazonian personality, but I’m not really clinging to that.  

The Bad: I liked the issue enough but there were some serious problems. While I was reading the issue halfway through I became bored. When I read a comic I don’t like to get bored mid way through. The story didn’t really pick up to the end and that was very disappointing.  

Something that really pissed me of factually, was the unnecessary off panel death of Barry Allen. You can’t just kill off a main character and act like its not big deal, Barry is one of my favorite characters. If there are more unnecessary deaths than I will drop the book.

The Wonder Twins were relegated to an Oracle-esq position this issue and that annoyed me as well. When are we going to see them fight? Do I have to beg? I was hoping that they joined the new Justice League on a mission this issue but they did not, It’s frustrating when characters you like do nothing and are put on the back burner story wise. I hope by next issue they actually do something important.

Overall: I liked this issue for what it was, an action fest with some story. I’m still intrigued by the 31st century but I hope that it picks up by next issue. Barry Allen’s death off panel winded me a bit. Hopefully he comes back sooner rather than later. This book is certainly a mind spinner but hopefully I can enjoy the next issue more than I did this one.

I recommend you get this book if you want to see the Justice League out of their element, and if you like the Wonder Twins hold out a little longer. Hopefully J.M. DeMatteis will utilize Teri and Terry in the coming issues.

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