WWE And TNA Wresting Review for the Week of 1/12/14

Before I start this review this week the wrestling world
lost a Hall of Famer and a legend Mae Young. We all should remember how tough
Mae Young was. Rest in Peace Mae Young.

This week Monday Night Raw begin with a video of Bray Wyatt
talking about Daniel Bryan needing him and Daniel Bryan having a home with The
Wyatt Family. This leads into a match with Bray Wyatt and Daniel Bryan with
Luke Harper and Eric Rowen vs. The Usos. There was a lot of YES chants and
Daniel Bryan chants. Like I said last week Bryan is WWE biggest face right now. I do have
to say through Bray and Bryan
did have a good tag combo. The Usos win by DQ when Luke Harper and Eric Rowen interfere.
The Usos escape and Bray whispers in Bryan ear
and then Bryan bows till Bray hits sister
abigail on Bryan.
Next match of the night was John Cena (first match of 2014)
vs. Damien Sandow. This was a good match. Sandow put Cena in a cross face and
some how Cena was able to pick Sandow up while in the cross face and hit the
Attitude Adjustment for the win.
There is a backstage promo with Kane and Brad Maddox. They
talk about the crisis arguing back and force and they set up a rematch with The
Usos vs. Bray Wyatt and Daniel Bryan in a steel cage match. Kane will be at
ring side and be the only one with the key for the steel chain lock.
Next match was Big Show vs. Jack Swagger. Show dominated
this match and picking up the win. Antonio Cesaro tries to attack Big Show
after the after match but Show catches him but Cesaro runs off leaving Swagger
on the mat knocked out and Zeb Colter helping him. Show grabs Colter and
pretends that he will knock him out and does it anyway. Funny segment I must
A big six man tag match was up next CM Punk and New Age
Outlaws vs. The Shield. A lot of “you still got it chants” for  the New Age Outlaws. Regins gets tagged in
and he got a good ovation from it. Punk got most of the beat down when he went
to go tag in one of the New Age Outlaws they jumped down (who didn’t see that
coming) and walk out on him allowing The Shield to pick up the win. After the
match Punk gets power bombed. Looks like the feud between Punk and Triple H
will begin to get heated and eventually will be a match at WrestleMania.
The first Hall of Fame Inductee was announce. Finally it
will happen The Ultimate Warrior will headline 2014 Hall of Fame.
We see Orton storm into The Authority office but sees Kane
instead. Orton complains about Batista returning and Brock Lesnar saying he is
next in line for a WWE World Heavyweight Championship. Kane sets up a match
Randy Orton vs. Kofi Kingston. The match was next. Kingston got mostly the beat down but he kept
kicking out. Kingston
ends up hitting SOS and picking up the victory. This was a big upset. There are
rumors going around Kingston
getting a new character with in the next few weeks. After the match Orton goes
crazy around the ring. Eventually knocking out a fan who turns out to be John
Cena father. Cena runs out and Orton runs off.
We see Kane backstage again and Punk storms in wanting to
see Triple H right now about what happened with the Outlaws. Kane says the
Triple H will allow Punk main event at WrestleMania if he wins the Royal Rumble
so it looks like Punk is in the Rumble. Kane asks him if he has a problem now
Punk says no but has a problem with Kane. Will we see Kane vs. Punk next week?
Main event of the night was a steel cage rematch from
earlier in the night Bray Wyatt and Daniel Bryan with Luke Harper and Eric
Rowen vs. The Usos with Kane having the only key to the lock. Good match with
all four trying to escape. Finally The Usos escape after Bryan falls which knocked Bray off the cage
onto the top rope. After the match Bray tried to hit sister abigail on Bryan but Bryan
escaped. Bray is telling Bryan he doesn’t have
the guts to attack him Bray goes after him and Bryan attacks him. He takes off the Wyatt
family attire to reveal  his old attire.
The fans are going crazy and I mean crazy. Harper and Rowen tried to climb the
cage to get in the Bryan
takes Bray and slams him into the cage to knock off Harper and Rowen. Bryan hits the running
knee and does yes chant. He climbs the cage and his music play while the arena
is going crazy. I know last week I said this was going to happen but I really
didn’t expect it to happen this soon.
This week Raw was a decent show. But next week will be a
bigger one. Finally The Animal Batista returns. Also this is the last Raw
before the Rumble.
This week Impact was TNA Genesis Part One and it was
live.  The show began with Rockstar Spud
mocking the crowd and then he introduces Dixie Carter. She says if anyone next
to miss with her and if there is anyone they will get what coming to them like
AJ Styles. She then introduces the champion Magnus. He takes off the
championships and gives it to Dixie because
she deserves it. She then wants to thank everyone the helped Magnus last week
and brings them out. However one person is missing and that is Ethan Carter
III.  She introduces him and as he comes
out and before he can even say anything Sting music hits. Sting is in the crowd
and points to the ring with the baseball bat.
After the commercial break the promo continues. Sting talks
saying there are plenty of guys who can not be brought by Dixie.
Dixie says the is no “we” only see
him. Sting points to the stage and a group of guys comes to running to the
ring. This sets up a big 12 man tag match. Team Sting vs. Team Dixie. Samoe Joe gets the win for Team Sting by making
Christopher Daniels tapping out.
We see Velvet Sky backstage talking to Austin Aries and
Chris Sabin comes up over getting jealous the Aries is talking to Sabin
girlfriend. He says he wants Velvet to meet him in the ring so they can talk in
front of everyone. They both come to the ring and Aries interrupts them in the
ring he says Sabin cant beat him without Velvet being at ring side. Aries
challenges Sabin to a match in which Velvet will be locked inside a cage hung
about the ring. Sabin declines however Velvet agrees to it and says if Sabin
cant win she may need to find a new man.
Bully Ray vs. Mr. Anderson No DQ match was next. Pretty
decent match I must say. Bully Ray comes out within half way going to the ring
he is attacked behind by Mr. Anderson. Bully Ray goes under the ring to get the
lighter fluid and tries to spray Mr. Anderson with it but he gets hit with the
mic check. Mr. Anderson sprays the table with the  lighter fluid but Bully Ray low blows him and
piledrivers him for the win.
Kurt Angle is shown backstage arguing with Al Snow about the
message Snow gave him about Angle “family emergency” and Snow says he
did what he was told to do and Angle attacks him. Angle comes out and calls out
Dixie. She comes out and say she is protecting
Angle and doesn’t think Angle is in the right state of mind. She said she is
going to postponed his match with Bobby Roode for next week. Dixie
tells security to escort him out of the building. He tries to reason with them
until Roode attacks him.
Backstage we see Madison Rayne being interviewed until Lei’d
Tapa and Gail Kim attack her. The match between Madison Rayne vs. Gail Kim with
Lei’d Tapa for Knockout championship is next. Normal knockout match Kim applies
the figure four on the ring post and taunts her until Rayne counters a running
attack and hits the Rayne Drop for the win. New Knockout Champion Madison
The main event of the night is Sting vs. Ethan Carter III
with a mystery guest referee which no surprise was  Rockstar Spud. Every time Sting tried to pin
Carter Spud either didn’t count or pulled Sting off. Finally win he was about
to count the three count for Sting Magnus comes running down and pulls Spud out
of the ring. Magnus takes his shirts off and reveals a referee shirt. Carter
rolls Sting up and Magnus counts a fast three counts. Your winner and still
undefeated Ethan Carter III. Sting is pissed he challenges Magnus to a World
Heavyweight Championship match next week. Sting asks if he wants to be his own
man. Magnus says he wants to make a bet. If Sting wins he will be World Heavyweight
Champion and if Magnus wins he will tear up the brand new contract Dixie will give to Sting.
Next week will be TNA Genesis Part Two. Will there be a new
champion or will Sting be officially done with TNA. Also will Angle finally
beat Roode and officially call himself a Hall of Famer? Also there is a new
investor who will it be and what will happen once he or she is debuts?
This week Smackdown begins with the New Age Outlaws vs. The
Rhodes Brothers (The Brotherhood. This was a fast paced match both teams going
toe to toe. Looks like The Rhodes Brothers are about to win the match but Vickie
Guerrero interrupts and says with the rumble being nine days away it will be
brother vs. brother, friend vs. friend and foes vs. foe. This distraction
allows Billy Gunn to roll up Cody Rhodes for the win.
Next was Paul Heyman segment. He says Big Show thinks he can
physically dominate Brock Lesnar but its not possible. He says Lesnar will beat
him at the rumble. He goes on and say Show can attack Zeb Colter but not him. Show comes out and
Heyman runs away.
Rey Mysterio vs. Alberto Del Rio
was up next. This was a rematch for Monday Night Raw. This time Rey Mysterio
picked up the victory by rolling Del
Rio up. After the match Del Rio did the normal behind the attack to
Mysterio (haven’t we seen this happen too many times with these two). Del Rio talks and say he
will win the rumble and not Batista. We all know during the rumble Batista will
eliminate Del Rio
which will most likely be a match at Elimination Chamber pay per view.
Next match was Naomi  with Cameron vs. Tamina Snuka with  AJ Lee. Cameron wins with a moonsault for the win. Since win does
Cameron do this move? Is Cameron in line for a Divas Championship match? If so
will she end AJ Lee title reign?
CM Punk backstage promo and he says he will give The
Authority what they want. He will call out all three members of The Shield and
The New Age Outlaws. CM Punk comes out to a very loud ovation. He tires to call
out The Shield but before he can their music hits then the New Age Outlaws
music hits. They all surround the ring and all Punk as is the microphone.
Before any of them can get into the ring Kane music hits and he comes out. He
says The Authority doesn’t want it this way. They want Punk to make it to the
Royal Rumble and main event WrestleMania. Punk says Kane word is nothing and
calls him a corporate
suck up. Kane tells The Shield and The New
Age Outlaws to get Punk. Kane goes into the ring and grabs Punk and chockslams
Punk to end Smackdown. Could we see CM Punk vs. Kane next week Monday Night
Raw. We will find out this Monday. Also remember The Animal Batista returns. 

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