Kat’s Pull List for 1/22/14

Check out what comics Kat is getting this week.

Boom Studios

Hacktivist #1
I love to see when celebrities start to write comic books. This will be the first comic book written by Alyssa Milano. You might know her as Phoebe from Charmed or Samantha from Who’s The Boss. I have always been a big fan of Alyssa Milano and want to support her by buying this comic. Looking forward to seeing what this series has in store. 

DC Comics

Animal Man #27
It is sad to see that this series will be ending soon, but I see a great epic conclusion coming for Animal Man. Excited to see what happens to Maxine in this issue. (Exclusive for Comic Uno Episode 32)

Batman #27
Surprised to see this title coming out a week later than it usually does. Normally it comes out with Batgirl and Nightwing. Wonder why there was a delay? 

I have been semi enjoying Batman Zero Year. Love the dialogue and art, but still not sure about the overall story. I guess we will see where this story arc goes. 

Birds of Prey #27 
This is a series that I normally don’t get, but have been wanting to get into. I have the first volume digitally and hopefully I will have a chance to read it soon. 

Gothtopia is a great excuse to pick this up. Maybe I will even put this title on my pull list if it is good enough. (Exclusive to Comic Uno Episode 32)

Green Lantern New Guardians #27
Lately I have been very disappointed with the Green Lantern titles, especially Green Lantern New Guardians. It just seems like the writers just don’t know what direction they are going. Hope to see this series improve soon because if not I might have to drop it. I am only holding onto this because of Carol Ferris. (Exclusive to Comic Uno Episode 32)

Harley Quinn #2
I have feeling this is going to be one of the best comic book series of 2014. This issue is going to focus on Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn, THE PERFECT DUO!. Looking forward to having many good laughs with this one. One of my most anticipated books of the week. 

Justice League #27
Will we finally find out Superwoman’s origins? I hope this is the issue we do. Justice League has been a great Forever Evil tie in book. Love the direction this series went in 2013. 

Dynamite Comics

Lil Bionic Kids #1
As you guys may know I am a big fan of Tiny Titans and this lil series that Dynamite has been doing reminds me a lot of Tiny Titans. I had to give Lil Bionic Kids a try. Especially since I have also seen most of the Lindsay Wagner Bionic Woman series from the 70’s. (Exclusive for Comic Uno Episode 32)

Image Comics

Deadly Class #1
This looked like an interesting Image number one. I love high school stories and this is a high school story with assassins, where can you go wrong. (Exclusive for Comic Uno Episode 32) 

Marvel Comics

All New X-men #22
Finally that Striker story arc is over and we are finally getting into the Trials of Jean Grey. Been very excited for this story arc. I am even picking up Guardians of the Galaxy just for this story alone. Just hope Kitty will be in this story arc also. 

Black Widow #2
I am excited to see where this series goes. The first issue was pretty solid and this series has a lot of potential. 

Cataclysm X-men #3
This has been the weaker of the Cataclysm tie-ins I have been reading. I really enjoyed Ultimate X-men, but without Jean Grey and Kitty Pryde it is really plain. Hope to see a good conclusion for the series. Especially since we might not be seeing Jimmy Hudson and company for a while when the ultimate universe reboots. (Exclusive for Comic Uno Episode 32)

Hawkeye #16
Has issue 15 come out yet? I think I heard that issue 16 will be coming out before issue 15, which means we are getting another Kate story. I don’t mind since I am more invested to Kate’s character than I am to Clint. 

Superior Spider-man Team Up #9
This is my most anticipated issue for the week. This is the prelude to Goblin Nation. THE RETURN OF PETER PARKER! I can’t wait to get this story arc started. 

Marvel Knights X-men #3
Why I am getting this series again? I promised myself that I would drop all of the Marvel Knights series, but I guess I want to finish this up. This is the best out of the three Marvel Knights series and Kitty is a main character. (Exclusive to Comic Uno Episode 32) 

Wolverine and the X-men #40
Is it just me or has it been awhile since this series has come out? Looking forward to seeing what the students will do with the impostors working for Mystique. (Exclusive to Comic Uno Episode 32)

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