Pat Shand & AC Osorio Take The World By Godstorm This April!

Pat Shand winner of the 2013 Dark Avenger INC Breakout
Talent Award
announced today the title of his brand new series coming
out in April from Zenescope! Pat Shand
along with artist AC Osorio will be
taking the comic world by a Godstorm! 

My first
introduction to Pat Shand and Zenescope comics was Robyn
and Godstorm, and I fell in love with the writer and the company
immediately. I have always been a huge fan of mythology, and Godstorm
was everything I loved about it wrapped up in comic form. So I was extremely
excited when Pat Shand announced
today that he is bringing back the characters and expanding upon them.

“I never thought
we’d get a sequel.

I even
“retired” the gods in UNLEASHED #3, giving my final word
on the characters and sending them off to the great, mythic beyond.

But then… I put Neptune and Hades in REALM KNIGHTS. And Zeus and Julian in ASCENSION. And Hades in HELSING. I just can’t seem to get
enough of these characters, so…

It seems the appropriate time to announce that
we’re relaunching GODSTORM this April. A new #1 will come it, and it’s going to
be set in the world we’ve established, but kicking off a brand new story arc, a
new tone, and new characters.
I hope you’ll take the ride with us!”

 – Pat Shand

hitting shelves April 2014 written by Pat
and drawn by AC Osorio.

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All images are courtesy of Zenescope Entertainment

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