Andy Diggle & Shawn Martinbrough Team Up For A Heist At Image

Long-running popular series begins a new story arc with ongoing writer
From Robert Kirkman, the creator of THE WALKING DEAD, new ongoing writer Andy Diggle (SNAPSHOT, Green Arrow: Year One, The Losers), and dedicated artist Shawn Martinbrough comes THIEF OF THIEVES #20. Conrad Paulson is after a big score once again, but this time he may not be so lucky.

Conrad pulled off his last heist, but not without making some new enemies to add to his ever-growing list. Diggle hinted that the stakes would be raised in this new arc. 

“Master thief Redmond was hoping to retire after the biggest heist of his career, but instead it’s dropped him into the crossfire of an international gang war. He’s been on the back foot for too long; now it’s time for Redmond to go on the offensive. Things are going to get bloody.” 

  Andy Diggle

Is anyone in his life really safe with number of individuals bent on causing him harm? Find out when THIEF OF THIEVES #20 arrives in stores on 4/23. It will be available for $2.99 and can be pre-ordered using Diamond Code: FEB140639. 
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