Dark Horse Has Twitter Furious

Dark Horse’s New Angry Heroine Gives A Press Conference On Twitter

Have you ever wanted to ask a Superhero a question?  Well Dark Horse is making that possible through the Social Medial juggernaut Twitter. Dark Horse’s new miniseries Furious  from Bryan J. L. Glass and Victor Santos the creative team of Mice Templar! Furious is where celebrity, fame, and superheroes meet.set to debut January 29, 2014!

The Press Conference is set for January 27, 2014 at 7:00 PM EST on Twitter. Furious #1 goes on sale January 29, 2014. 

Staring into a fractured mirror of her life, the world’s first superhero, Furious, seeks to atone for her past sins by doling out rage-fueled justice! But the spotlight of our celebrity-obsessed media threatens to undo her noblest efforts and expose her true identity before she can achieve redemption.

Furious #1 (of 5)
Written By: Bryan J. L. Glass  
Art By: Victor Santos 
Cover By: Victor Santos
FC, 32 pages
On sale Jan 29 : : $3.99

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