Zenescope Entertainment’s 1st Annual Grimmie Awards Nominees & Balots!


Zenescope Entertainment the company that has brought us Grimm Fairy Tales, Godstorm, Wonderland, Robyn Hood, Unleashed, Realm Knights, OzAge of Darkness and the upcoming Godstorm: Hercules Payne need your help for their next big event: The 1st Annual Grimmie Awards! The Grimmie Awards gives the fans a voice by voting for your favorite Zenescope character or series! Voting begins January 23rd via Facebook

Fans choose their favorite Grimm Universe Characters of 2014

Zenescope Entertainment is announcing their first ever Grimmie Awards, an event that gives fans the opportunity to vote on their favorite Zenescope series and characters from 2014. Voting takes place on Zenescope’s Facebook and begins on Thursday, January 23rd and the winners will be announced throughout the week beginning on Monday, February 24th.

Fans will have the opportunity to vote on various categories on Zenescope’s Facebook and if they share the poll, they will be entered to win various prizes that will include: art prints, trades, comics, and other merchandise. Voting will be held on Mondays and Wednesdays with new categories each week. The categories are as follows: Best New Series, Best Breakout Female Character, Best Breakout Male Character, Best Villain, Best Team, Best Sidekick, Best Fight, Best Mad Hatter, and Best Overall Female Character.

And The Nominees Are:

  • Best New Series – Oz, Realm Knights, Through the Looking Glass, Hit List, No Tomorrow, and Unleashed
  • Best Breakout Female Character – Van Helsing (Unleashed), Masumi (Unleashed), Dorothy (Oz), Aisling (Quest), Keres (No Tomorrow), Rian (Hit List)
  • Best Breakout Male Character – Roman Asher (Unleashed), Elijah Jones (Unleashed), Will Scarlett (Robyn Hood), Patrick Clay (No Tomorrow), Thorn (Oz), Dominic (Hit List)
  • Best Villain – The Dark Queen (Age of Darkness), Keres (No Tomorrow), Wicked Witch of the West (Oz), Queen of Spades (Wonderland), The Being (Unleashed), Cindy (Grimm Fairy Tales), The Dark One (Grimm Fairy Tales)
  • Best Team –Realm Knights, Jurassic Strike Force 5, The Dark Horde, Quest Team, Oz Team, Hit List Crew
  • Best Sidekick – Violet Liddle (Wonderland), Bolder (Quest), Blake (Quest), Toto (Oz), Dark Cheshire (Wonderland), Buggy (Jurassic Strike Force 5)
  • Best Fight – Robyn Hood vs Red Riding Hood, The Being vs Everyone, Cheshire Cat and Mad Hatter vs Callie and Violet, Realm Knights vs Cronus, Sela vs Cindy and the Dark One , Guy Gisbourne vs Robyn Hood
  • Best Mad Hatter – Johnny Liddle (Escape From Wonderland), Uncle Drake (Return to Wonderland), Madder Hatter AKA Emma Legrasse (Madness of Wonderland), Sammy (Wonderland Volume 1)
  • Best Overall Female Character – Sela Mathers (Grimm Fairy Tales), Robyn Locksley (Robyn Hood), Calie Liddle (Wonderland), Britney Waters (Code Red), The Dark Queen (Age of Darkness), Cindy (Grimm Fairy Tales)

 Here is what some of the nominees had to say about being part of the first Grimmie Awards:

“Ah such lowly creatures, you have given me an award? I shall accept your measly praise. Oh I have not won, only nominated, that’s…oh” 

– The Being

“The faired haired lad is an excellent sidekick and I wish he the best-a-luck. WHAT DO YOU MEAN I HAVE BEEN NOMINATED TOO!! I AIN’T NO BLEEDIN’ SIDEKICK!!!” 

– Bolder

“I’m honored to be nominated and I wish all the other nominees the best of luck. I’m not really sure who Jurassic Strike Force 5 is but I’m sure they are good people.” 

– Sela Mathers

The winners will be accepting their awards over Facebook beginning on February 24th. Fans can see the nominees interact via Facebook on their new profiles.

Follow the fun of the first annual Grimmie Awards on the Zenescope Facebook and sign up for the newsletter to find out ahead of time which categories will be released to vote on.

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All images are courtesy of Zenescope Entertainment

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