WWE And TNA Wresting Review for the Week of 1/19/14

This past Monday was a special day. It was Martin Luther
King Day. WWE played a special tribute videos through out the entire night. We
all should remember what Martin Luther King did for the entire world.

This week show began with The Authority in the ring. They
say this Sunday at the Royal Rumble begins the road to WrestleMania. Triple H
says tonight we all welcome back former world champion and a former member of
evolution….Randy Orton interrupts. Orton complains about what does The
Authority have against him. Before he could say anything more Stephanie interrupts
saying last week was a big week for WWE by announcing of the WWE Network and we
have to remember what horrible thing Orton did to John Cena father. She shows a
video of last week incident. She tells Orton he should strip him of the
championship and even fire him. She shows on the screen the backstage parking
lot and tells Orton when Cena arrives Orton and him will be face to face and
Orton has to apologize. Triple H tells Orton how dear him punch an old man
while he wasn’t looking. He said yes Lesnar is in front of the line for the WWE
World Heavyweight Championship and then behind him is Batista but that what
happens when your WWE World Heavyweight Champion. Batista music hits and
everyone is standing on their feet. Orton tries to shake his hand but Batista
say he heard Orton wants to know why he came back to the WWE and he says he
came back for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.
First match of the night was a six man tag with Big E.
Langiston and The Rhodes Brothers vs. The Shield. This was a decent match with
Roman Reigns pinning Big E. Langiston.
They show a recap of the main event last week of when Daniel
Bryan turning on The Wyatt family. Up next was Daniel Bryan breaking his
silence about joining the family. He says everyone keeps asking him if he had a
plan before he joined the family? He says he had a plan even through he had to
keep his friends and family in the dark. He says he hated to stand with the
people he most hates. He was waiting to get Bray one on one and wanting to
expose Bray. He got his opportunity while being locked in the cage. He announce
that Luke Harper and Eric Rowen will be in the rumble which means Bryan get Bray one and
one at the Royal Rumble. Bray appears on the screen and says everything that
happens to Bryan
at the Royal Rumble is Daniel Bryan fault.
Xavier Woods vs. Fandango was next and was a very quick
match in which Fandango wins with a leg drop off the top rope.
Backstage we see Kane and Brad Maddox. Maddox says it was
his idea for Batista to come back. Kane and him argue until Stephanie comes and
tell Maddox to leave. She says Kane needs to get it together. He is management
and he can not put his hands on the superstars. She says she wants him to go to
the ring and apologize to CM Punk. Kane comes to the ring and call out Punk.
Punk comes out and Kane apologizes and Punk says he couldn’t hear what he said
and Kane does it again. Punk says he is also sorry and attacks Kane. Maddox
comes out and says Punk will have a match now against one of these two man and
the New Age Outlaws comes out. It was CM Punk vs. Billy Gunn. This was a decent
match. Road Dogg was on commentary during the match. Billy Gunn does the suck
it during the match and gets kicked in the head. While Gunn was on the mat Punk
attacks Road Dogg. Gunn goes for the fameasser but gets hit with the GTS and
Punk gets the win. Kane comes out and announces that since Punk calls himself
the best in the world he can prove it by being the number one entrant in the
Royal Rumble.
Rey Mysterio vs. Alberto Del Rio
was up next again. What is the point of these two wrestling each other again?
But I do have to say this was a very good match. I think the best match of the
night. Both wrestler kept getting the near falls. Del Rio wins the match and while celebrating
Batista music hits and Batista heads to the ring. Del Rio says something couldn’t hear him and
he backs up and tries to attack Batista. Batista slams him to the mat. Batista
does the thumbs up and then thumbs down and Batista Bombs Del Rio.
Next was Big Show and Brock
Lesnar face to face confrontation. Big Show comes out first and mocks Paul
Heyman which was actually really funny in my opinion. He calls Lesnar out and
Lesnar comes out with Paul Heyman. Lesnar tries to take Show out but yet again
Show throws Lesnar around the ring but this time he throws him out side the
ring. Lesnar goes crazy slamming his hands on the announce table and throwing
things. He tries to enter the ring with a chair but Show steps on the chair.
Heyman stops Lesnar and tells him to wait for the Rumble. The funny thing was
during this whole thing Lesnar throwing things he threw a small TV and he ended
up falling over it.
The Usos vs. The Wyatt Family
with Bray Wyatt was next. This was a decent match. During the match Bryan comes running down
and attack Bray Wyatt. This caused a distraction allowing The Usos to pick up
the victory.
Kofi Kingston vs. Randy Orton was
the main event of the night. Orton kicked Kingston
and goes for a quick pin. Orton throws him into the announce table and mock
Cena “You Cant See Me.” Kofi hits the SOS for a two count. We are
shown Cena arriving and running into the arena. He comes out and Orton tries to
escape but Kofi is holding Orton leg and blocking him. Orton and Cena fight
through the stands. We see Orton leave the building and getting into a car with
someone driving. Who could be driving this car? Could be anyone. Maybe it was
Batista and Evolution reunion or maybe Sheamus. Rumors is Sheamus will be
returning at the Royal Rumble and at WrestleMania will face Daniel Bryan. Or
could it even be CM Punk? Lets all remember WrestleMania 17 when Stone Cold and
Mr. McMahon who had the biggest feud joined forces. Could CM Punk be driving
the car and join forces with
The Authority and Randy Orton?
Raw this week ok. I think the
ending could have been better. This was the last Raw before the Royal Rumble.
The Road to WrestleMania begins Sunday.
Impact Wrestling this week is Genesis Part II. The show
begins this week backstage with Dixie Carter, Rockstar Spud and Dixie lawyer talking about the new investor. Dixie keeps asking where is her nephew Ethan Carter III.
The TNA World Heavyweight Champion Magnus appears. The lawyer tells Magnus the
new investor stated that Sting can have anyone in his corner during their
match. Magnus is very upset and says if the new investor can do that than they
can make the match a no disqualification.
The lawyer tells all of them not to worry about the investor because he will
figure everything out and will take care of it.
Magnus comes out to ringside with Rockstar Spud and Ethan Carter III. He asks Sting if he
is playing games. He says Sting is working with the new investor. Sing comes
out and Magnus says he knows Sting has money on the side and is helping the new
investor. Magnus says he doesn’t care who is in Sting corner. Sting calls him a
paper champion and Magnus slaps him which makes Sting laugh and attack Magnus until
Rockstar Spud and Ethan Carter III attack Sting. This brings out Samoe Joe and
clears the ring. Sting announces Samoe Joe will be in his corner tonight. So
the main event will be for The TNA World Heavyweight Champion Magnus vs.
Sting with Samoe Joe. If Sting wins he wins TNA World Heavyweight Championship
and if he loses his contract will be torn up by Magnus.
First match of the night was a Briefcase on a Pole (TNA Championship Match) Match James Storm vs. Gunner. After the bell rings Storm goes straight
for the briefcase. Gunner throws him off and tries to go for the briefcase.
This match went back and forth. Storm was able to grab the case but Gunner
hits an electric chair drop and Storm loses the case (only way to win the
match is to have the possession). They
fight to get the case but Gunner headbutts Storm to grabs the case. At the end
of the match looks like they might shake hands but Storm leaves. Could James
Storm be turning heel or maybe Gunner? Only time will see.
There is a video of Velvet Sky opening up a gift from Chris Sabin. Inside was an apology and
a teddy bear and a pipe she looks pissed and turns off the camera.
match was for the X Division Championship Chris Sabin(c) with Velvet Sky vs. Austin Aries. Before the match begins
Velvet is locked up in a cage.  This was
good match between these two. Towards the end of the match Sabin goes to the
cage to grab the gift back and he takes out the bear but no pipe is inside.
This distraction allows Aries to attack Sabin throwing him into the ring. He
hits an IED in the corner and then landing the Brainbuster to become the new
Division Champion.
Kurt Angle vs. Bobby Roode in a
steel cage was up next. I must say the best match of the whole night. They both
took each other to their limit. This was a back and forth match. One point is
looks like Angle is about to climb over the cage. He gets to the top of the
cage but before he can climb over he stands up and goes for a
moonsault but misses and hits the ground
very hard. Roode goes for the pin and only two count. The end of the match
Angle climbing the cage and Roode trying to escape through the door. As Roode
about to touch the floor Angle gets down the side of the cage to win. The crowd
goes crazy. Angles door to the TNA Hall of Fame is finally open.
The TNA Tag Team
Champions The BroMans come to the ring
with Zema Ion.  They talk about ‘Bro-Ment’
being a hit and Zema winning the X Division Championship. They start to mock
Eric Young which brings him out and he starts to fight them but too much for
him since its 3 on 1. The monster Abyss music hits and he comes out and clears
the house. We see face to face between Abyss and Eric Young. Abyss grabs EY by
the throat and looks like he was going to chockslam him but EY was able to talk
him down.
The main event for the TNA World
Heavyweight Championship and Sting contract is up was next. The match begins
and looks like it will be a one on one match but
Ethan Carter III comes out but Samoe Joe
meets him and Ethan walks back to the back. Ethan runs back out with Bad
Influence and they attack Joe. Ethan
goes in to the ring and helps Magnus attack Sting but Sting was able to fight
them off.  Sting goes for the pin but
Zema Ion. Joe goes into the ring and attacks Ion and The BroMans attack
and Angle comes out for the save clearing the ring which everyone fight to the
back. Now its Sting and Magnus one on one. The referee gets knocked out when
Sting goes for the Stinger Splash and
misses and hits the referee. Bobby Roode comes out and attacks Sting from the
back. Magnus hits Mag Daddy Driver and then Dixie Carter comes out with
Stings contract and makes Earl Hebner count the three count. Magnus takes the
contract and tears it up.
This Impact
Wresting was better than how usually it was. Was this the last time we see
Sting in TNA. Will he ever go to the WWE? WWE officials have said they one day
want to induct Sting into the WWE Hall of Fame and even have a match at
WrestleMania with The Undertaker. Next week the new investor will be revealed.
Who could it be? Maybe Jeff Jarrett or maybe Eric Bischoff? We will find out
next week.
Friday Night Smackdown begins with The Real Americans with Zeb Colter vs. The Big
Show and Rey Mysterio. Before The Big Show and Rey Mysterio can come out Zeb
Colter and
The Real Americans does a promo. Colter talks about Big
Show knocking him out and he says he will pick out a name for Show and Rey
Mysterio. Mysterio hits the 619 on
Cesaro which leads Big Show to hit the KO.
This lead Mysterio with a splash off Show’s shoulders for the win. Heyman comes
out and tell Show to enjoy his victory celebration tonight because at the
rumble he wont be celebrating anything. Lensar will make Show suffer.
Brodus Clay vs. The Miz was next
and even before the match can begin Bad News Barret comes out and does his
usual bad news making fun of Brodus Clay and The Miz. He says he will start a
new chant and it will be trending and that new chant was “Miz is
awful.” During the match Barrett distracts Clay by saying maybe Clay can
dance for the crowd and The Miz was able to roll him up for the win.
Divas match between AJ Lee with
Tamina vs. Cameron with  Naomi was next.
This was a quick match. AJ knees Cameron in the face and covers her for the
pin. Tamina attacks Cameron and Naomi attacked AJ and The Funkadactyls standing
tall. Could we see a new Divas Champion?
Rybaxel vs. Los Matadores with El
Torito was next. This was a boring match which im sorry to say. Rybaxel
controlled most of the match.
Axel was able to roll Fernando up for the win. El Torito
dives in and hurricanranas Axel to the floor then Fernando and Diego splash
them. While celebrating on the stage Ryback
stares them down.
CM Punk comes out  to talk about
being the number one entrant inside the Royal Rumble. He says its no surprise that
The Authority is trying to
hold him back but this whole thing motivates him. Punk says he has done
everything anyone can do in this business and he is best in the world but one
thing he is needs to do is win the Royal Rumble. Kane comes out and says Punk
has a very small chance of winning the rumble but being the best in the world
might help a little. Punk says he cant believe that Kane (the big red monster) is
a sellout and he says Kane lost his manhood when he turned in his mask. Punk
says he knows being the number one entrant and winning the rumble is hard to do
but its been done before and he will do it because he been the best since day
Prime Time Players vs. The Wyatt
 (Eric Rowan and Luke Harper) with Bray Wyatt. The
pretty much was a squash match.
Eric Rowan splashes Darren
Young and Luke Harper clotheslines him for the win. After the match Bray Wyatt hits
Darren with Sister Abigail. Daniel Bryan
comes out and tells Bray this Sunday he will really find out who the monster
really is.
This Sunday is The Royal Rumble. This is the second biggest
pay per view. The Road to WrestleMania begins this Sunday. Who will win the
rumble? Also who will work out the WWE World Heavyweight Champion Randy Orton
or John Cena. Also can The Big Show defeat the beast Brock Lesnar.
Also hear is the list of the matches for the Royal Rumble:
Pre Show Match for the Tag Team Championship
30 Superstar Royal Rumble
WWE World Heavyweight Championship
Randy Orton (C) vs. John Cena
Big Show vs. Brock Lesnar

Daniel Bryan vs. Bray Wyatt

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