At The Movies with Jay & Kat: February Movies “Lego Cop”

Kat and Jay are both TV/Movie junkies, and wanted to team up on a feature every month to share their thoughts on upcoming movies. Check out Kat and Jay’s thoughts on the key movies coming out in February. February has some big movies coming out like Vampire Academy, Robo Cop, and The Lego Movie. 

February 7th

Vampire Academy

Kat’s Thoughts: I have many friends that like to read supernatural novels and they are all excited for Vampire Academy finally coming to the big screen. As a person who has never read the books and not really a reader I am still looking forward to this movie. 

We have seen many films like this. One that is very similar that didn’t do so well in the box office was Mortal Instruments, which also has a big cult following. Why I think Vampire Academy will do better? This seems like a fun light hearted movie with “mean girl” dialogue. (I say this because the script was written by the same people who did Mean Girls and Heathers). I am rooting for this movie to be an underdog. I will be seeing this opening weekend.  

The Lego Movie

Kat’s Thoughts: This is my most anticipated movie of this month. This looks like a really fun movie that can end up becoming a franchise. I don’t know the plot of the movie, but I love some of the characters that show up through out the trailer (Superman, Batman, etc.). I will also be seeing this opening weekend.  

Jay’s Thoughts: I agree with Kat, this is the movie that I really want to see this month. The movie seems really fun. I love the comedy and the inclusion of the heroes along side of the ordinary Lego characters just makes me want to see it all the more, that and every time I see Batman in the trailers and promo spots he cracks me up. This is a no brainer must see opening weekend movie for me.

The Monument’s Men

Jay’s Thoughts: The premise of the movie sounds good and with George Clooney (who also wrote the screenplay, as well as producing and directing) and Matt Damon in this there is some serious star power. Throw in John Goodman and you have some nice comedic moments in a serious era for the country. But I am not super pumped for this. I am interested enough to watch it in the theater if I have time, but I might just wait to NetFlix it. 

February 12th


Jay’s Thoughts: Robocop is a movie that is tied to a specific point in my life as it is with others in my generation. I am torn I want this to be a success but I fear it being a failure. I like the more serious tones and action in this movie than the original movies. Technology may have caught up to the creative vision of Robocop. With all my fears, I am still going to be there opening day to see this movie because love it or hate it I have to see it.
February 14th
Endless Love
Jay’s Thoughts: This looks like a classic love story with forbidden love. I can see this being a movie a guy will go see for his girlfriend/wife. I don’t think I will see this though, not even for my girlfriend. The trailer is very generic, I don’t get a sense of what the movie is about or who the characters are, all it does is let me know this is a Romeo & Juliet type of forbidden love and that has been done to death, give me a reason to see this. How does this stand out?

Winter’s Tale

Kat’s Thoughts: I didn’t hear anything about this movie until I watched the trailer researching for this article. I saw all the trailers for the movies coming out on Valentine’s Day and this looked like the most original and entertaining love story coming out Valentines Day weekend. I really took a liking to Collin Farrell in Saving Mr. Banks and it seems like he has his same charm in this movie. 
About Last Night
Jay’s Thoughts: Now this is the romance movie a guy will be ok seeing with their wife/girlfriend. You have the new romance feel for the girls to swoon over, while the guys have the comedy and reality from the established relationship. This would be the movie I would want to see this week. I can laugh and enough the comedy while earning those brownie chick flick points LOL.

February 21st


Kat’s Thought’s: The story of Pompeii is definitely worth making a movie about. But by the trailer it seems that they are trying to tell the story in a 300 type vibe. Maybe this will help or harm the movie, can’t really tell by just the trailer. I am not going to see this movie, but I do think it has a good premise. 
3 Days to Kill
Kat’s Thoughts: This actually looks like a fun espionage/action movie. A man is going to die soon and works as a spy. He wants to spend time with his family, but he needs to work with the people who can supply the drug that can save his life. The trailer made me chuckle a few times and the characters all seemed pretty interesting. I see this being a good Netflix type movie. 

February 28th 

Welcome to Yesterday

Kat’s Thoughts: I saw this trailer for the first time during the Wolf of Wall Street. Kind of a weird trailer to show, but I thought it looked entertaining until I saw one name attached to it MICHAEL BAY! I am not a Michael Bay fan and this makes me want to stay away from this movie. But it does a have a cool premise. Teenagers abusing Time Travel! I will watch it on Netflix. 

The Son of God

Kat’s Thoughts: There have been some great Catholic movies in the past couple of years. The Passion and I want to even count Joseph King of Dreams (The movie that made me really fall in love with that bible story). This looks like a good addition to those movies. It is telling Jesus’ whole life story in one movie. It looks well crafted and well acted. Since it doesn’t have any big names (Like Exodus coming out later in the year) I don’t know how well this will do in the box office. It will probably need some promoting. I hope to see this in theaters. 
Non Stop
Jay’s Thoughts: I really liked this trailer. Liam Neeson is an Air Marshal who gets a text that says unless they get 150 Million dollars transferred to their account they will kill someone on the flight every 20 minutes. This sound generic, but the twist is who is sending the texts and that the account turns out to be in the Marshal’s name. Is he the terrorist or the hero? That has me wondering and has me interested enough to see this opening weekend. 

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