WWE And TNA Wresting Review for the Week of 1/26/14

This week in WWE the road to WrestleMania has begun. Monday
Night Raw began with The Authority coming to the ring.  Stephanie puts over the Royal Rumble and
Triple H mocks the WWE Universe for not getting what they wanted. Triple H talks
about Randy Orton successfully defending the WWE World Heavyweight Championship
and Batista winning the Royal Rumble. Stephanie announces that Randy Orton will
defend the WWE World Heavyweight Championship at next months Elimination
Chamber Pay Per View inside a Elimination Chamber. Daniel Bryan interrupts with
a big ovation.  He tells the universe to
stop chanting and sarcastically says they will upset The Authority.
He says no matter winning or losing everyone still talking about him. He says
he kept knocking and asking to be in the rumble and The Authority kept no and
made excuses such as his health wasn’t good. Stephanie says they were worried
about his health and completing in two matches in the same night but  Daniel Bryan says he been wrestling all three members of The Shield and the
Wyatt Family. Triple H says they didn’t want to be unfair again and Stephanie
says does he think the WWE Universe came only to see him and all you hear is
“YES” chants.

Bryan tells Stephanie to step aside and tells
Triple H he isn’t leaving until he gets what he wants. We see Bryan and Triple
H. Triple H says they aren’t the only two in the ring and The Shield music hits
(Seth Rollins slips when doing the entrance which was actually really funny).
They attack Bryan
but Sheamus (returned during the rumble) makes the save but is too much for him
until John Cena comes out to make the save. This sets up a match Bryan, Cena
and Sheamus vs. The Shield and the team who wins will be in the Elimination
Chamber match.
First match of the night was Rey
Mysterio and Sin Cara vs. Real Americans with Zeb Colter. During the match The
Real Americans were having a meeting outside the ring and we see Zeb Colter
slap Swagger in the face. Looks like Swagger was about to attack Colter but
Cesaro stops him. After this slap looks like The Real Americans took complete
control of this match. It looked like Mysterio and Cara were going to pick up
the win but
uppercuts Cara and hits a Neutralizer.
R-Truth with Xavier Woods vs.
Fandango with Summer Rae
was the next match. Fandango goes to the top turnbuckle for the leg drop but R-Truth avoids
it and hits the “Whets Up” for the win.
Brad Maddox comes
out and introduces WWE World Heavyweight Champion Randy Orton. Orton says the
“The champ is here.” He says he doesn’t care how he won because no
matter what the outcome was the same. He says he is still in a bad mood because
he now has to compete in the elimination chamber. He asks Maddox whose idea was
it and then the 2014 Royal Rumble winner Batista comes out to a mix reaction. He
tells Orton he told him he came back for WWE World Heavyweight Championship. He
says he doesn’t care who he faces at WrestleMania because he will leave as WWE
World Heavyweight Champion. Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman come out and interrupt
them. Heyman tells Maddox that he was Maddox to go to The Authority and
tell them to make either on of these two matches WWE World Heavyweight Champion Randy Orton vs. Brock Lesnar
for the championship or Brock Lesnar vs. Batista and if they refuse to make
either one of these matches something bad will happen.
Dolph Ziggler vs. The Miz in a
Battle of Cleveland match. Imp sorry but just because both of these superstars
are from Cleveland
you call this match a battle. This should have been maybe a hardcore match and
call it a battle. This match was just a regular match with Dolph Ziggler
picking up the victory with a Zig Zag.
Kofi Kingston vs. Alberto Del Rio
was the next match and I must say one of the best matches of the night. This
was a back and forth match. Towards the end of the match Kingston
kicks him in the head and tries for a
superplex from the top turn buckle but Del 
Rio knocks Kingston off and Kingston legs are hanging from the rope and
Del Rio stomps on him and then hits the superkick for the win.
The WWE Tag Team Championship
(rematch from The Royal Rumble was next). The new tag team Championship The New
Age Outlaws vs. The Brotherhood. Before the match The New Age Outlaws complain
that they just won the championships and now have to but them on the line.
During the match Brock Lesnar comes out and The New Age Outlaws run out the
ring and Lesnar attacks The Brotherhood. Heyman goes on the mic and says
Authority refused to have either Randy
Orton vs. Brock Lesnar or Brock Lesnar vs. Batista.
The main event of
the night was Daniel Bryan, John Cena and Sheamus vs. The Shield and the team
who wins will be in the elimination chamber match. The faces controlled the
beginning of the match but The Shield took up. At the end of the match Cena had
Roman Reigns in the STF and as Reigns was about to break the hold The Wyatt
Family comes out and attack Cena. Sheamus and Bryan make the save. The Shield
is really pissed off since Daniel Bryan, John Cena and Sheamus win by DQ which
mean these three will be in the elimination chamber match and not The Shield which ends the show.
Now all of you much by wondering why CM Punk was not in
attendance. This seemed kind of weird especially after his elimination from the
rumble by Kane. Late Tuesday night the wrestling world found out CM Punk walked
out of WWE. No one knows why but there are several rumors. One main on is Punk
didn’t want to face Kane at the Elimination Chamber and Triple H at
WrestleMania. Also he wanted to main event WrestleMania and he felt that it
wasn’t right that part time wrestlers are getting championship matches. No one
knows if this is a story line or he really did quit. WWE.com still has Punk
profile on it so we will have to wait till Monday Night Raw next Monday to find
Impact Wrestling begins this week with what happened during
the main event last week and Sting leaving TNA. We see backstage a brawl /
argument between TNA World Heavyweight Champion Magnus, ECIII and Rockstar Spud
arguing with Kurt Angle and Samoe Joe. Magnus, ECIII and Rockstar Spud comes
out to a major heel reaction. Magnus says Sting had a hell of a run in this
business but good things come to an end. He compares himself to Jeff Hardy and
AJ Styles. He says he made a path way for the younger guys such as Bro-Mans, Zema Ion, Rockstar Spud and even
Magnus. He leaves ECIII out and ECIII looks pissed. Kurt Angle and Samoe Joe
run out and the heels run out of the ring. Angle and Joe say they made this
trip to avenge the screwing of the herd (Sting and AJ Styles). They call Magnus
a paper champion which starts a chant which make Magnus go crazy. Magnus says
they will have a match tonight which will consist of Magnus and ECIII
vs. Kurt Angle and Samoe Joe and if Kurt Angle and Samoe Joe lose they will
leave TNA. Angle and Joe say “lets make it interesting” if they win
whoever pins or makes Magnus tap out becomes the number one contender for the
championship. Dixie comes out and says this
match will not happen out all because of all the thing going on. She mentions
the new investor and then Magnus overrules her and accepts the match.
Gail Kim and
Lei’D Tapa vs. . TNA Knockout Champion Madison Rayne and Velvet Sky.
Gail Kim and
Lei’D Tapa attack Madison Rayne and Velvet Sky even before the bell rings. Sky
sets up her finisher but Tapa stops its but Rayne attacks her and Sky was able
to hit her finisher on Kim for the win. While Rayne and Sky are celebrating
Sabin comes out and he wants an apology for last week. Sky says ok and instead
of apologizing she says they are done.
James Storm comes
out and talks about what’s been happening with him and Gunner. He says both him
and Gunner has been friends for a long time and even before Gunner was in TNA.
Storm calls Gunner to come out to the ring. Gunner says the teamed up to be the
best. He says they traveled together and fought in bars together. He blames the
briefcase caused this whole issue. Storm says he had a change of heart because
of his daughter. He says his daughter asked him why he is mad a Gunner? This
made Storm to have a reflection. He tells Gunner he is sorry and they shake
hands. Bad Influence comes out and this made a match Bad Influence vs. James Storm and Gunner. At
the end of the match Gunner goes to the top rope and hits the headbutt on
Kazarian for the win. Looks like Storm and Gunner are back together.
Backstage we see Dixie and RockStar Spud watching the show on a monitor. Dixie looking like she is losing it because of the new
investor. She demands for RockStar Spud to go and find out who the new investor
is. Roode comes in a demands a title shot especially because he help Magnus
beat Sting and AJ Styles. She says she cant guarantee it. He tells her he will
give her one week and if not there will be no more favors.
Rockstar Spud comes out and calls out The Wolves to come to
the ring. They come out and Spud asks outright who the investor was. The
Wolves don’t say anything. This gets Spud angry he mentions the he pushed Jeff
Hardy off a 500 pound ladder. He slaps  Richards
in the face. The Wolves attacks Spud and Edwards says that Dixie
would find out the investor the same time as everyone else and it will happen
tonight. They says the investor is very interested in the main event and if
anyone interferes they will be fired on the spot.
Tag Team
Championship match was next. The Tag Team Champions Bro-Mans with Zema Ion vs.
Eric Young and Abyss. Young took most of the beating in the match and when he
finally made the tag to Abyss, Abyss snaps and attacks the referee. He then
chockslams Eric Young. EY says “So this is it?” He makes a match next
week Abyss vs. EY in a monster ball match. Abyss smiles and says he gonna hurt
Bully Ray comes
out with a casket. He says no matter what he does Ken Anderson still comes
back. He challenges Anderson
to a coffin (casket) match. Anderson
comes out asks what would happens after Bully Ray put him in the coffin. Ray
said he would piledrive his wife and kids and he would love to piledrive Anderson wife. Anderson snaps and attacks
Ray but Ray escapes.
The final match
of the night was Magnus and ECIII vs. Kurt Angle and Samoe Joe and if
Angle and Joe lose they will leave TNA and if they win they win whoever pins or
makes Magnus tap out becomes the number one contender. This was a decent match
Joe made Magnus tap out which means Joe is the number one contender. After the
match Dixie comes out and is yelling a Magnus
saying “I told you so” and Joes tells Magnus to look into his eyes
because he is looking at number one contender. Angle also tells Dixie the time has come and he will be inducted into the
Hall of Fame. Dixie going crazy and demands
the investor to come out. All of a sudden we here clocks ticking and Impact
3-2-1 and MVP is the new investor and impact ends. This was an ok impact
wrestling this week we will have to see where this all thing goes.
Friday Night Smackdown began this week with The Shield coming
out looking all pissed off after what happened this past Monday. They was a
face to face confrontation with Ambrose and Reigns but Rollins stops anything
before it happens. The Shield wants to have a match with The Wyatt Family at
the Elimination Chamber. Vickie Guerrero
comes out and says it’s a great idea and she will make history but before she
can Triple H comes out. Triple says this match will never happen because
nothing good can come out of this match. Reigns gets into Triple H face and
Triple H says if this match they really want and the universe want they will
get it. So at Elimination Chamber it will be The Wyatt Family vs. The
Shield. I must say this is going to be one crazy match.
Dolph Ziggler vs. Antonio Cesaro
with Zeb Colter was a Elimination Chamber Qualifying Match. I have to say I
think both these guys could be the future of WWE. Ziggler goes for the Zig Zag
holds the ropes and catches Ziggler with the Giant Swing (I cant watch this
move anymore without getting dizzy) and he follows with a Neutralizer for the
Prime Time Players vs. Rybaxel.
This was a very quick match in which Darren Young take the whole beat down. Axel
hits the neck breaker for the win. O’Neil refuses to help Young up. Young goes
on the mic and says they are a team and family. O’Neil grabs the mic and says
he always has been a winner but this the first time he been called a loser and
they were never family. O’Neil says its time for him to get rid of dead weight
and he attacks Young. Look like Prime Time Players are officially over and
O’Neil is a heel.
The final Elimination Chamber
Qualifying Match for the final spot is up is next. The returning Christian vs.
 Jack Swagger
with Zeb Colter. Christian comes out to a decent ovation. This match back and
forth. Swagger goes for the patriot lock but Christian counters it with a roll
up for a two count. Christian goes to the top rope and Swagger jumps on top but
Christian knocks him off and its the frog splash for the win.
The next match was one half of
the Tag Team Champions Road Dogg with Billy Gunn vs. Cody Rhodes with Goldust.
This was a pretty decent match. During the match Gunn tries to interfere but
Goldust stops him. Rhodes hits the c
ross rhodes for the win. Gunn attacks Rhodes
bur Goldust breaks it up and all hell break those with these two teams with the
face standing strong. It was announced that this Monday it will be in a steel
cage match for Tag Team Championship  The tag
champions New Age Outlaws vs. The Brotherhood.
The main event was The Shield vs.
Sheamus, Rey Mysterio & Daniel Bryan.
The Shield comes out and after they are in the ring The Wyatt Family appear on
the screen he will give them what they want and Harper says The Shield w
ill perish on their hill because he might
enjoy taking up this fight.” The Shield controlled most of this match and Bryan gets tagged in and
clears the house. Mysterio goes for the 619 on Reigns but Reigns hits the spear
for the win.

This was pretty decent Smackdown.
No mention about CM Punk since this was taped before all the wrestling world
found out that Punk quit. I guess Monday night we will find out more
information about this.

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