Remembering Dark Avenger INC

The date was May 4th 2012. That was the day I set into motion the hugest change in my life and embarked on a new journey. THAT was the day Dark Avenger INC was born. Believe me the absolute last thing I wanted to do when this channel was created was to create a YouTube group…especially after my attempt (and fail) at making one before. Then again some of the best things in this world began as an accident. This was a channel I created because YouTube screwed up my original channel with no indication they would (if ever) fix it. So INC was to become my new channel and I was going to build it bigger and better than my original channel, but then my original channel was fix…I remember the first thought that hit me was “well now what the heck am I going to do with this new channel, its original, no numbers needed…now what”. Then I finally decided I got my original channel back and I only need one channel for my solo videos, INC could be a place for me “and others” to do videos (notice I never said the G word).  Immediately Mike Spider-Slayer answered my open invite to join me on INC and well the rest is history as they say.

Nearly three years later so many huge things happened on/with INC. So many memories and good times. Along with lots of awesome collaborations and projects. However we are now moving to another channel and changing our name for many reasons. Looking back my fondest memories come from way back in the very beginning of INC’s existence when it was just Mike, Mike SS, and Myself…the three of us working our butts off trying to reach out to as many comic companies as we could. Also looking for perspective new member for INC, even though it was always our plan to keep the group under ten people. Those times were the most special to me because it was the foundation to the group we have today. I could sit here for hours writing down tons of happy memories, and I’m blessed to say there were NEVER any bad. 

Tomorrow night we will be doing the last live show on Dark Avenger INC and we will all be reminiscing on certain moments within those three years INC has been around. Having a week to look back and really think about all the amazing moments I had on INC with the people I now call my best friends, I can’t help but be amazed at how far we all have come. Also the HUGE change INC made in my life, the group I long since gave up on trying to bring together formed right in front of my eyes within a matter of months. In my eyes INC reached the moon and went beyond our wildest expectations, but now we have to do it again one more time! Only this time it’s going to be bigger, in more ways than one, this time we’re not just aiming for the moon we’re aiming for infinity and beyond! When INC started I questioned if we could do it, Mike SS believed in us and what we did…he never questioned anything he KNEW we had something and we were going to go places. Now at the eve of Frontline’s launch I am more than confidant we will go further. Why you ask!? The answer is simple I know we’re going to go far because we are a dedicated group of people here for YOU to give ALL for YOU 110% of ourselves and more. To give you the reviews, the news, the topics, the tops, the laughs, etc.

Growing up as the only person in my peer group that loved comics, I only dreamed about finding friends I could talk to about comics. Now not only have I found a group of people that I share my thought and opinions on comics with, but I found YOU out there too! You the person reading this article, you the loyal listener to Dark Avenger INC, you the person that will follow us here to Comic Frontline, you the person that is interested in hearing and/or sharing thoughts and opinions on comics. That, all of that my friends is the greatest gift of all. Going from being a literal outsider, the one who stands alone in a crowd, to now having a 2nd family and you! Walking away from this article I just want you to do two things; NEVER forget Dark Avenger INC, AND never think your alone! Your never alone as long as Comic Frontline is here, and we will be here always at the very Frontline of comic book news, reviews, and much, MUCH more!!! I will always remember Dark Avenger INC! No matter how many years from now, how many people come and go I will never forget and I know when the time comes to turn the light off on INC, even if it’s just “for now”, it will be a tearful goodbye for me as there are so many memories I will cherish forever on INC. Looking forward towards Comic Frontline all I can say is LONG LIVE COMIC FRONTLINE AND COMIC RELATED!!! We ARE going to make a huge impact in not only the comic book world but the world in general. The more I think about all the things we have planned and we will be doing in the coming months I’m tingling with excitement. The journey continues, and boy I sure love me a good adventure!

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