Kat’s Pull List for 2/12/14

Check out what Kat is getting this week. Some more number ones to look forward to, but the biggest book this week is the start of Goblin Nation.

DC Comics

Batgirl #28 
Finally we are getting a regular story for Batgirl. There has been way too many tie ins for this series lately. But it does scare me that Batgirl has vampire fangs on this cover. I hope we don’t get a one shot story where Batgirl turns into a vampire that would be scary for any Batgirl fan. Still have nightmares with that X-men vampire story arc.

Batman #28
Batman continues with their Zero Year story arc. Zero Year has been feeling lengthy to me. Most issues don’t progress the story, but I still enjoy Scott Snyder dialogue and Greg Capullo’s art for this series. 

Forever Evil Rogues Rebellion #5 
Rogues Rebellion has lost its steam ever since Captain Cold left the series to be in the main Forever Evil title. Every issue is the same thing with a new villain and new city. I am only reading this series still because it is almost over and I stuck with it for this long. (Exclusive for Comic Uno Episode 35)

Justice League of America #12
Compared to Rogues Rebellion this is actually my favorite Forever Evil tie in. I love the unlikely team up between Martian Manhunter and Stargirl. It seems like in this issue we are finally going to see if Stargirl will be able to save her family. 

Nightwing #28
I haven’t been a big fan of this series ever since Nightwing moved to Chicago, but at least we know we will be getting some interesting stories once Forever Evil ties into this book. Even though this series hasn’t been as good as it use to be it will still be sad to see this series go in April. (Exclusive to Comic Uno Episode 35)

Smallvile Alien #3
Smallville Alien has been a pretty solid story arc, but I do hope we get some more reaction with the world knowing that Superman is an Alien. (Exclusive to Comic Uno Episode 35)

Superman/Wonder Woman #5
This has been a surprisingly great series on my pull list. This is my favorite Superman title out right now. Every issue has an interesting story and their cliffhangers are always leaving you wanting more. 


All New X-men #23
I really enjoyed issue 22 with part one of the Trials of Jean Grey. I think this will be a good crossover between All New X-men and the Guardians of the Galaxy.

Kick Ass 3 #6
Finally another Kick Ass issue! How long does this series get delayed for? I have been really excited to read this issue because we are finally going to get the origins of Hit-girl. Hit-girl makes this series for me. So, really hope that this issue will live up to my anticipation. 

Marvel Knights X-men #4
You may be reading this and be asking “Why are you still getting this series?”.  Honestly I have invested my money in more than half the mini series. So, why not just finish it off? At least Kitty is in the series. (Exclusive to Comic Uno Episode 35)

She Hulk #1
This is another series from All New Marvel Now that I was really anticipating when it was announced. I have read every She Hulk solo series and want to see what Charles Soule will do with the character. 

Superior Spider-man #27
Goblin Nation is here! That means the story arc that is suppose to bring back Peter Parker is starting. Super excited for this arc. I feel like the Superior Spider-man series has really been all leading up to this event. I am pumped!

Wolverine and the X-men #41
Second to last issue of Wolverine and the X-men. Sad to see this series go. Even though there has been some… weird story arcs. There has also been some really fun arcs. The roster of this X-men team and the students really meshed well together. (Exclusive to Comic Uno Episode 35)

Oni Press

The Bunker #1
Always love these type of teenager comic books. I have never read anything from Oni Press and wanted to give this series a try. Especially since I wasn’t getting any other indies this week. (Exclusive to Comic Uno Episode 35)

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