Ms. Marvel #1 Review

By: Jay Reyes

The international sensation is finally here! Marvel is a marketing genius! You’ve seen her in headlines around the world— they created a character just so that they can draw in a new demographic and draw in media attention. But can they make the story something worth reading? Find out and prepare to experience the brand-new MS. MARVEL.

The international sensation is finally here! Kamala Khan acquires incredible new abilities from the Inhuman Terrigen Mists, and an extraordinary hero is born! But not even superpowers can prepare her for the pressures and pitfalls of being 16-years-old.

The Good: Marvel likes media attention, They thrive on shock storytelling, so I’m not surprised that they were willing to green light a book based off of a marketing tactic. But this PR move was a pleasant surprise. I loved Kamala Khan almost instantly, her character was very likable and she felt organic. I appreciate the way they used Kamala and her family appropriately and not stereotypical.

Speaking of her family, The supporting cast was very well developed and felt like they have always been in the Marvel Universe. I felt like I could relate or knew someone that could relate to most of all the supporting characters. The story progressed quickly and ended on a cool cliff hanger that definitely has me excited for the next issue. I also want to mention how much I like how Kamala’s view of the Avengers, She sees them as god like beings. I wonder if all normal people in the Marvel U view the Avengers like deities.

The Bad: I really loved Ms. Marvel #1 but there was one notable problem. I really didn’t care for the art at all, it kind of threw me off at some points. But that’s really the only problem I had with this issue.

Overall: Ms. Marvel #1 is for sure my pick of  the week so far, Its subtle innocence mixed in with Kamala Khan’s character is a killer combo which is a testament to the creative team. I wouldn’t be surprised if this book is a lot of people pick of the week.

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