Kat’s Pull List for 2/19/14

Check out what Kat is getting this week. Alot of great titles coming out this week. What is Kat most anticipating?

DC Comics

Animal Man #28:
Sad to see that this series is almost over. This is the second to last issue of the series. This has become one of my favorite DC Comics New 52 titles. Really hope we will see Animal Man and his family in another title soon. (Exclusive to Comic Uno Episode 36)

Green Lantern New Guardians #28
This is the weakest out of all of the Green Lantern titles I am picking up. It always ends up on the bottom of my list for Comic Uno Episode. So, you may be asking Kat why are you still picking this up? Honestly, I am asking myself the same question. I have been picking up this title for Carol, but I don’t even think that is enough for me to continue picking up this series for much longer. (Exclusive to Comic Uno Episode 36)

Harley Quinn #3
Even though issue 1 and 2 haven’t been as good as issue 0, this is still a really fun series. I look forward to this title every month and it is always on top of my pile to read. 

Justice League #28
I am usually more excited for this title. Justice League has had some great tie-in stories with Forever Evil. The cover is what makes we wary about this issue. I don’t know much or care much about the Metal Men. Hoping this is a surprising issue for me. 

Supergirl #28
I dropped this series a long time ago. This is not my Supergirl. I read a lot of her Pre-New 52 stuff and I just couldn’t get into this series. Why I am picking this up now? The red lantern story looked interesting. So, hopefully this will help me stay on the title for a while.

Image Comics

Morning Glories #37
This is my favorite Indy title and one of my favorite titles in general. I love the mystery Morning Glories gives us and can’t wait to see the mystery continue in this issue.  (Exclusive to Comic Uno Episode 36)

Marvel Comics

Amazing X-men #4
This has been an okay X-men title for me. I am not a big fan of Nightcrawler. So, this series doesn’t have a big impact on me. We will see what direction it goes, but this might be dropped.

Daredevil #36
This is one of my most anticipated issues of the week. I loved the last issue and the cliffhanger was such an amazing lead up to the last issue of such a wonderful series. 

Disney Kingdom’s Seekers of the Weird #2:
 Issue one of this mini series was really fun, more than I expected with the series. Really looking forward to see how these kids continue their weird journey to save their parents. (Exclusive to Comic Uno Episode 36)

New Warriors #1
I have been anticipating All New Marvel Now’s New Warriors even though I never read New Warriors in the past. I really like the roster for this series. Even Arcaley is in this series. Maybe we will finally learn her origins, which we never learned when she was in Scarlet Spider. 

Nova #13
Nova was a surprisingly great series that came out of Marvel Now last year. I love Sam Alexander’s character and how he balances his adventures on earth and in space. This issue seems that it will be guest starring Beta Ray Bill, which I never really cared for his character. So, I guess we will see how this issue goes. (Exclusive to Comic Uno Episode 36)

Superior Spider-man Team Up #10
Part 1 of the prelude of Goblin Nation for this series was great. The cliffhanger still makes me wonder what is going to happen next and how this will tie-in to the flag ship Superior Spider-man title. Lets hope we get our answers in this issue. 

Uncanny X-men #17
I have only been picking up this series because Kitty is now part of the roster, but I have been plesently surprised with this series at the same time. Even though the students aren’t as strong as the Jean Grey Institute students, they are still interesting enough to follow. It is also interesting to see how this anti-hero team meshes with the All New X-men team. 

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