WWE And TNA Wresting Review for the Week of 2/9/14

The show
starts out with the Raw guest host Betty White accompanied by the Big Show. She
says she is so happy to be there. The WWE Universe chants her name and Big Show
asks what does she have plan for tonight and she says she is going to kick
butt. The Authority comes out and interrupt. They both hug her and Triple H and
Big Show have a stare down. The Authority go to the ring and Triple H says they
need to clear something up from last week.. He is if Daniel Bryan won they will
consider him a possible face of the company. Just like the will do with the
other participants in the chamber match. Randy Orton interrupts now and
Stephanie McMahon asks him if he really going to come out and do this again.
She tells him to go back to the back and get ready for the main event. He say
no he isn’t here to do that but is there to apologize to Triple H. He says he  is
the heart and soul.

Bryan now interrupts Orton and tells him he thinks Orton is a different body
part. Stephanie says she doesn’t like either Bryan or Orton interrupting them
and if they want to talk to The Authority they need to make an appointment. Bryan says he is out
there to look for Kane since he is nowhere to ne found. He reminds them that Kane
did their dirty work last week but Bryan
still got the advantage and beat Orton. He demands a match with Kane but
Stephanie says that Kane is on leave and is getting a performance
evaluation. Orton yells at Bryan
saying he needs to respect Triple H and Stephanie McMahon because of everything
they have done for this business. Orton threatens to punt Bryan in the head. Triple H says that isn’t
needed because he gave Bryan
the night off and that is best of business.


Mysterio and The Brotherhood vs. The Wyatt Family. Cody Rhodes was still
wearing the knee brace but was wrestling fine. During the match Mysterio
kicks Harper and hit a hurricanrana on him into the
ringpost. He hits a DDT and goes for the pin but Bray breaks it up. Rhode take
Rowen out and Goldust take bray outside the ring. Mysterio
sets Harper up for the 619 but Bray makes and blind tag and while Mysterio goes
for the 619 Bray catches him and hits
Sister Abigail for the win.


We see The Shield being interviewed by Renee Young.
We are shown a video clip of Regins  accomplishment in the Royal Rumble. He says he
admires the Royal Rumble highlight clip of himself. They begin to talk about
the Wyatts and they are not afraid of them like other people are. Renee Young
mentions the Ambrose hasn’t defended the United States Championship. Ambrose
says he will make an open challenge later on that night to any WWE superstar. I
read earlier the Shelton Benjamin returned earlier in the night for a dark
match. Could this be the guy to accept the challenge.


Marella with Emma vs. Fandango with Summer Rae was the next match. I must say
this match was a waste. This was a quick match in which Fandango hits
diving legdrop for the win. This match would have
been better as a mix tag match.


The next
match was Sheamus and Christian vs. Real Americans with  Zeb Colter. The Universe was chanting for
Real Americans mostly for
(Cesaro is now going by Cesaro now and no more Antonio). Towards the end of the
match Swagger tries to go for the Patriot Lock but Christian breaks it
up allowing  Sheamus to hit the Brogue
Kicks for the win. This was a decent match
between these two teams. I expected there to be some time of conflict between Sheamus and
Christian due to the elimination chamber match.
Next match
was Dolph Ziggler vs. Alberto Del Rio. Haven’t we seen these to wrestle how
many matches against each other. This was a quick match in which Del Rio wins with the
superkick. Del Rio
was about to leave the ring but decides to put Ziggler into the
Cross Armbreaker but Batista comes out for
the save. Batista ends up power bombing Del
Rio into the announce table. Backstage we see Triple H
talking to Batista and he tell Batista he bought him back to WWE because it was
best for business. He tell Batista he cant have him doing that to Del Rio. He tells Batista
he will allow both of them fight each other. He makes a match at the
Elimination Chamber Batista vs. Alberto Del Rio.
Backstage we see The New Age Outlaws with Betty White and
they are having tea. Road Dogg ends up putting eye drop in the tea as a prank.
But before she can drink it she asks for lemon and when they go and get it she
switches tea will Billy Gunn and they drink.
The Usos
vs. Rybaxel was next and I guess it was for the
one contender match for tag team championships. The New Age Outlaws were on commentary and
Billy starts to cough and burp sounded
really disgusting. At the end Jey splashes Ryback on the floor as Jimmy
tags midair and he hits a top rope splash for the win. After the match looks
like Usos and The Outlaws are going to have a face off Billy runs off looking
like he is going to crap his pants.
Earlier in
the night Ambrose made an open challenge for WWE United States. Ambrose comes
out with the other members of The Shield and waits to see who accepted the open
challenge. Mark Henry music hits. Henry took early control in the match but Ambrose
started to attack the arm Lesnar broke. Henry was able to hit the
World’s Strongest Slam but Regins broke it
up for the DQ. They try to attack Henry but he fight them off until Regins hits
the spear. As The Shield is about to leave The Wyatts come out and they have a
stare down. The Shield goes back to ring and The Wyatts go to the ring. The
Shield goes to into the ring and looks like The Wyatts are going to go into the
ring but the back away. Looks like The Wyatts will be the main heels of the
match at the Elimination Chamber.
Kane music hits and he comes out even through he isn’t
suppose to be there. As he begins to talk Daniel Bryan music hits and he comes
out and attacks Kane.  Kane tries to
chockslam but Bryan
counters it and throws Kane to the outside of the ring. He hits a suicide dive
and dropkicks him into the crowd and he starts the YES Chants.
The main event was next which was Randy Orton vs. John Cena.
Now we have seen these two fight each other how many times?  We did hear during the match the fans
cheering boring. But the match picked up towards the end. Both guys kept
kicking out each other pins after hitting their finishes. They both used the
other moves Cena RKO Orton and Orton hit the Attitude Adjustment on Cena and
still two counts.  Cena goes to set up
Orton with the AA on the top rope but Orton tries to counter but Cena was able
to hit the leg drop and then the AA for the win.
This raw was a decent show and hopefully next week will be a
lot better since its the last one before the Elimination Chamber PPV. Also in
two weeks the WWE Network debuts. Are you going to order it?
Impact Wrestling begins this week with Dixie Carter coming
out to the ring and talks about things she has that MVP doesn’t which was the
World Heavyweight Champion, Magnus. Ethan
Carter III interrupts and says she also has him who took Kurt Angle out. We
hearing heavy booing and Magnus tell the crowd to shut up because he is the
champion. MVP comes out with Samoe Joe. MVP talks about Samoe Joe becoming the
number one contender for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship. Gunner comes
out and reminds everyone he still has the briefcase and he is tired of carrying
the briefcase and he is cashing it in next week. Dixie
says he might not have the briefcase because he will face ECIII in a ladder
match for the briefcase. MVP agrees to play along as long ECIII put his
briefcase (tag team championship match) on the line. She agrees but MVP warns
ECIII if anyone interferes he will deal with them.
sets up the first match of the night a ladder match briefcase vs. briefcase
Gunner vs. ECIII. During the  match
Magnus interferes and attacks Gunner. James Storm comes running out to make the
save. MVP comes out and says it will be a tag team match Magnus and ECIII vs.
James Storm and Gunner briefcase vs. briefcase in a ladder match. At the end
ECIII climbs the ladder but Gunner is able to take him down with a side slam and hits a  diving headbutt. Gunner climbs the ladder and
grabs both briefcase. Storm jumps on top of Gunner. So now Gunner as the
briefcase for TNA World Heavyweight
Championship and Tag Team championship.
and Zema Ion vs. The Wolves and their mystery partner Samoa Joe. Samoe Joe was
really over with the crowd. The crowd was really interested in seeing The
Wolves in action and they were good. Joe gets the hot tag and he beats down The
BroMans and Ion. He hits
Zema with a Uranage slam and then the Coquina Clutch to make him tap
We see a recap from last week of Eric Young vs. Abyss and EY
taking the mask of Abyss to reveal Joseph Park. Abyss comes out and asks to
keep the lights off with his hood over his head. Is it me or does this remind
anyone of when Kane was unmasked the first time? He says he didn’t want things
to be like this but EY kept pushing for it. He calls EY to comes out and he
does but is makes halfway. Abyss asks him if he is scared to come all the way
into the ring EY runs into the ring. EY says he tried to help Abyss but Abyss
says he needs to face reality. Abyss
takes out the mask and says EY proved the Abyss is back. He tells EY he
destroys careers and hurt people and he cant take it anymore, He screams and
says he doesn’t need help and he is done. He says he leaving and he is going to
find someone to help him who understands him and will fix this. Who could this
be? We will find I guess when he returns.
Velvet Sky comes in the
Dixie office and asks to call her match with Chris Sabin off but Dixie says she cant. She tells Velvet she is getting paid
to wrestle and not sit around so the match is still on. MVP asks if she is
really going to let this match happen? She says she wishes MVP could wrestle so
she can beat some sense into him. He says he is too busy
cleaning up all of her messes. Spud begins to poke fun at MVP and MVP tells him
to get dressed to wrestle because their match was next. This match was a quick
match. Began slow since Spud refused to get into the ring and kept going in and
out. MVP went to go after him and Spud attacked him but MVP quickly recovered.
MVP hits a Ballin’
elbow before kicking him in the back of the head for the win.
Velvet Sky vs. Chris Sabin was next. He says he is sexy and a
very kind guy to Velvet. He says he is so nice he will let her have the first
punch. She refuses and he calls her a skank and she kicks him and attacks him.
Out of nowhere this big muscular lady enters the ring and attacks Velvet. She
puts Velvet into a full nelson choke until she is in knocked out. Sabin covers
Velvet for the win.
Anderson vs. Bully Ray in a casket match was next. Honestly this match isn’t
the same even through its TNA this is 
Undertaker match. The end came when Bully Ray goes to piledrives Mr.
Anderson into the casket but Anderson
refuses it into the Mic Check and closes the casket for  the win.

Before it
goes off the air we see Dixie Carter and MVP in the office. Dixie
says she has a deal for MVP. She offers him a lot of money for his shares of
TNA. More money than he will even make. He opens up the envelope and see the
amount. He says he invested his money to make TNA better. He throws away the
papers and says he has a deal for her. At Lethal Lockdown it will be Team Dixie
vs. Team MVP and winner will control TNA. Dixie
refuses and says no until MVP grills her and she finally accepts and she says
that the results will not be what he wants it to be.

This week
Smackdown begins with a big six man tag match Daniel Bryan, Christian &
Sheamus vs. The Shield. Beginning of the match the faces controlled the match
but The Shield took over. The fans were chanting for Bryan to be tagged in. When he finally did
they went crazy. Bryan
clean house taking out all the members of The Shield. At the end of the match
Christian hits the killswitch on Ambrose for a two count then Sheamus was going
to hit the
Kick on Ambrose but he ducks and Christian gets it. Regins then connects with
the spear on Sheamus for the win.
Backstage we see Vickie Guerrero and Zeb Colter enters. He
asks Vickie to be his Valentine. But she asks what he is up to?  She says she isn’t going to buy into whatever
he says. He says nothing but he says he does want Swagger to be in a
title match since Cesaro already is. She says Swagger can get an
Intercontinental Championship match against Big E if he beats Rey Mysterio and
he agrees. But before he can leave she says it will be final four way match
Jack Swagger vs. Rey Mysterio vs. Kofi Kingston and Mark Henry and the winner
will be the number one contender for Intercontinental Championship.
Number one contender for Intercontinental Championship Jack Swagger vs.
Rey Mysterio vs. Kofi Kingston and Mark Henry was the next match. Henry took
control beginning of the match but Kingston
and Mysterio took Henry out after a few minutes and then fought each other.
At the end Swagger goes for the Patriot
Lock but Kingston blocks it and goes for Trouble In Paradise but Swagger
blocks it and but the Patriot Lock on Kingston for the win.  At the Elimination Chamber it will be Intercontinental
Championship Big E. (champion) vs. Jack Swagger.

The Brotherhood and Usos vs. Rybaxel and New Age Outlaws.
The heels quickly took control of this match. At the end The Usos superkick
Road Dogg and Jimmy dives off the turnbukle to the outside on Billy Gunn and
Rybaxel and Jey hits the flying splash on Road Dogg for the win.

with Summer Rae vs. The Miz (wow The Miz is having a match). This was an ok
match. At the end Santino music hit and he and Emma come out. Fandango throws
The Miz to the outside. Summer Rae screams at them and she slaps Emma. Emma
attacks Summer Rae Fandango tries to go after Santino but Miz comes back into
the ring and hits the
Skull Crushing Finale for the win.
The main event of the night was next Cesaro with Zeb Colter
vs. Randy Orton. This was a very good match in my opinion.
Cesaro goes for a quick pin but Orton kicks out. Cesaro
controlled the beginning then Orton took over than Cesaro took over than
Orton. One point during the match they both kept hitting each other with
uppercuts. Cesaro was able to hit more uppercuts and headbutts but Orton throws
him outside and throws him into the barricade. At the end Cesaro hits a
powerbomb and then a big uppercut. He hits the  Neutralizer for the big win. No one saw
Cesaro beating Orton in a match and if they are the last two in the Chamber
we could see a new WWE World Heavyweight Champion. They announced the main
event for Raw next Monday will be Randy Orton vs. Sheamus.

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