Kat’s Pull List for 2/26/14

Check out what Kat is getting this week. Alot of great titles coming out this week. What is Kat most anticipating?

Dark Horse

Furious #2

I was pleasantly surprised with the first issue of this series. I really liked the main character and the mystery with her past. She is a celebrity, but because of her past she becomes a hero to redeem herself. What was so bad about her past? How did she get her powers? (Exclusive to Comic Uno Episode 37)

Tomb Raider #1

I have never played Tomb Raider. So, why am I getting this title? Gail Simone is the writer and she is one of my favorite comic book writers. I love what she does with her female characters. Can’t wait to see what she does with Tomb Raider. She is one of the most iconic video game female characters of all time. Very fitting for Gail Simone to be writing this series.  Also glad to see Gail doing more indy stuff.

DC Comics

The Flash #28

This is one of the last issues that Brian Buccellato will be writing for the Flash.The last issue was pretty generic, but still looking forward to see the new direction this series will be going in. (Exclusive to Comic Uno Episode 37)

Superman Lois Lane #1

I like that DC is releasing some one shots that would probably never actually become an ongoing series. Lois Lane has always been a great and iconic character that deserves a solo story every once in a while. Hoping this will be a good story, which is deserving to such a iconic character. 


Powerpuff Girls #6

I have been loving this series from IDW. I have been a Powerpuff Girls fan since I was a kid. This is a fun series that stays true to the TV show from the 90’s. Expect a Kiddie Corner on Comic Frontline this week for this title. (Exclusive to Comic Uno Episode 37)


Cataclysm The Ultimate Last Stand #5

This is the last issue of what has so far been one of the best events for Marvel in a couple of years. Can’t wait to see the fait of the ultimate universe!

Fantastic Four #1:

Will this finally be the Fantastic Four series we have all been waiting for? I love the Fantastic Four, but personally I don’t think the series has been that great in recent years. I really hope that Robinsons’ run changes all of that. This is one of my most anticipated issues for the week. 

Guardians of the Galaxy #12

So far the Trials of Jean Grey has been…meh. It is not bad, but not that great either. Hopefully this issue will change that around. With this issue we will be almost half way done with this story arc.  

Hawkeye #15

Wow, this issue has been delayed for a while. This issue has been so delayed that issue 16 had to be released first. Well hopefully this will be worth the wait. We will finally be getting stories with Clint again, which I know a lot of people have been waiting for. 

Superior Spider-man #28

Even though the last issue was pretty much only set up. I am still looking forward to the rest of this story arc. Very excited to read this issue. 

Wolverine #2

The first issue of this series wasn’t great. This will be the determining issue to see if this title will stay on my pull list. (Exclusive to Comic Uno Episode 37)

Wolverine and the X-men #42

This is the last issue of Wolverine and the X-men. Overall this has been a fun series. I don’t agree with the series ending just to be renumbered again, but at least we are still going to be getting some more Wolverine and the X-men stories in the near future. 


The Wake #6

I loved the ending of part 1 of the Wake. Can’t wait to see how this series continues. (Exclusive to Comic Uno Episode 37)

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  1. Didn't see Furious 2 at my store but maybe they're just ordering it for people who order it.flipped through #1 but didn't buy. Checked out Flash as I like Patrick Zircher's art but it looks like they have the wrong inker on him. I'll have to ask store about Cataclysm as I don't recall seeing that one.

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