Mike Spider-Slayer Presents Grimm Fairy Tales Flashback

Mike Spider-Slayer Reviews Grimm Fairy Tales Starting from the very beginning. To prepare Readers for Age of Darkness!! 
Yes fans back in 2005 Zenescope Entertainment Introduced a modern take on on The Grimm Fairy Tales stories that we have known for years but with a horror feel to it.

Approaching issue 100 the series has grown into much more then Sela Mathers just telling a story from a book. The readers have been introduced to wonderful and attractive characters. Different Realms to open the readers Imagination, and a cast of writers and artists to make these stories possible.
Now that issue 100 is near I am going to bring back my Video series Called Flashback, this time on Comic Frontline to review every issue of Grimm Fairy tales to get everyone up to speed on what this series is about. So you will be pumped for Age of Darkness and event that promises to Change the Grimm Fairy Tales Universe forever. Enjoy Comic Fans!!
Written By: Mike Koslik (Spider Slayer)    

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