At the Movies with Jay and Kat: March Movies “Will Divergent be the New Hunger Games?”

Kat and Jay are both TV/Movie junkies, and wanted to team up on a feature every month to share their thoughts on upcoming movies. Check out Kat and Jay’s thoughts on the key movies coming out in March. March has some big movies coming out like Divergent, 300 Rise and Empire, and Need for Speed.

March 7th

300 Rise of An Empire

Jay’s Thoughts: This looks like it is what you expect, a sequel to 300. So if you like 300 I think this one will be a good movie for you. Personally I enjoyed 300 and I am going to see the sequel, not opening weekend though. I don’t think I am as excited as some people are because this type of movie has been done a few times recently with movies like The Legend of Hercules and it kind of takes away from the impact of this movie for me.

Mr. Peabody and Sherman

Jay’s Thoughts: I grew up watching Mr. Peabody on TV, I loved it as a kid and I can not wait to see the movie. The CGI animation is a bit different but I think they still captured the original feel of the cartoon. I hope to get in my Wayback Machine and have some fun with Peabody and Sherman. 

March 14th

Kat’s Thoughts: This looks like a fun movie. The trailer is bright, you need a good color palate with these type of car movies. Aaron Paul is in the staring role, and starting a movie career after his success in television with Breaking Bad. One of the main reasons I want to see this movie is because of Aaron Paul. He is a great star to head this franchise. Hope to see this movie in theaters. 

Tyler Perry’s The Single Moms Club

Kat’s Thoughts: I am not a big fan of Tyler Perry movies because most of the time they are pretty generic. This film still looks pretty generic, but has some interesting themes. It is intriguing to go into the lives of these single mothers. What makes them similar, but different from each other at the same time. Overall, this should be like all the other Tyler Perry movies.  Will most definitely skip this one. 
Bad Words

Kat’s Thoughts: Jason Bateman has had mostly hits in the past couple of years with Horrible Bosses, Arrested Development, and Juno. He is a good actor and he will be making his movie directorial debut with Bad Words. I hadn’t heard of this movie until I was writing up this article. The trailer looks okay. It is about a man at 40 years old entering a children’s spelling bee. He makes a friend a long the way and Jason Batman’s character shows what it means to be an adult. I didn’t really laugh during the trailer, but this seems original enough. I am probably going to skip this one though. 
Veronica Mars The Movie

Kat’s Thoughts: This is my most anticipated movie for this month and one of my most anticipated movie for the whole year. I love the cult TV show Veronica Mars. It has an amazing cast and Kristen Bell is one of my favorite actresses. She was born to play this role. This has been her passion project and she has never given up on it. Since the cast is all onboard with this film I don’t doubt that this will be a perfect ending to the show that never truly ended until now. I am proud to say I am a backer for this film. Hope to do something special for Comic Frontline for this one. Of course I will be seeing this one!

Jay’s Thoughts: You know what they say about Veronica Mars? She’s a marshmellow. Now who doesn’t love marshmellows? I loved the show, I hated when they canceled it, I always wanted some type of reunion either in a movie or even a new series. I am hoping the movie does really well and gets a sequel or even better a brand new series! Like Kat I backed the movie during the kickstarter and I am so proud to have done so. This is the movie I have been waiting for all year more than any other movie.  I can not wait to see it!
March 21st


Kat’s Thoughts: I don’t know what to think about this movie. It looks interesting, but a little bit too similar to the Hunger Games. A girl lives in a distopian world and she is the only one who can fight back. But the close similarity between this film and the Hunger Games is not what worries me the most about this movie. What worries me the most is the lead actress, Shailene Woodley. She is most famous for her role in Secret Life of the American Teenager, and I will admit that I actually thought the first two seasons of the show wasn’t that bad. Shailene Woodley is a good dramatic actress. She has proven this in The Descendants and even Secret Life of the American Teenager. The trailer of Fault in Our Stars also proves her range as a dramatic actress. Saying this Woodley is not an action star. I don’t think she will be believable as an action lead. The saving grace with Divergent is that it has dramatic elements as well. This can really be a 50/50 movie. On one side of the coin this can be a hit following in Hunger Games’ footsteps. The other side this can totally flop like so many other young adult novels have while trying to be the next Hunger Games or Twilight. 
If I can convince my friends to see this than I will most likely see this in theaters. I want to give this film a fair shot.

Muppets Most Wanted

Kat’s Thoughts: Growing up I have seen a good amount of Muppet movies. I didn’t see the last one with Amy Adams and Jason Siegel, but I think I am going to give this one a chance. It looks like a good cast.

Jay’s Thoughts: Who didn’t grow up with the Muppets? This is a franchise that has no end and appeals to every demographic. I am going to see it, I love the Muppets and even their worst movies still have some enjoyment to them. 

March 28th

A Haunted House 2

Jay’s Thoughts: This is nothing new. If you saw the Scary Movies series of films then you pretty much seen this. This movie is a comedy that will make fun of all of the recent movies about haunted houses. So you know what to expect from this movie. Me personally I do laugh some at these movies but I think a lot of it is simple humor but fun for what it is. I will probably wait to Netflix or DVD it.


Kat’s Thoughts: I am 50/50 with this movie. It is great to see that 2014 is packed with a lot of great religious movies, but I don’t know if this will pack people into theaters. This movie may very well be overlocked. The cast looks interesting and I think Russel Crow will be a great Noah. Still don’t know who Emma Watson will be playing in this movie, but she is great in every role she plays. Overall I hope that this movie does well, but it doesn’t interest me enough to see it in theaters. Maybe I will go see Exodus when that comes out later this year. 

Jay’s Thoughts: This movie looks very generic. You don’t get a feel for the characters. Arnold’s character’s wife and kid are kidnapped by a drug cartel and the scene where we should get that emotional response to make us feel for the good guy, it’s not there just action. I think this movie hopes to bank on Arnold and his branding, because nothing about this trailer sold me on the plot. 

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