TV Review: The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Episode 15 “Gone Girl”

I haven’t reviewed The Vampire Diaries for Comic Frontline in a while, but I decided with this episode I would continue to review the series in written form compared to my usual video reviews. In “Gone Girl” we finally find out the fate of Katherine Pierce.


For the past couple of episodes Katherine has used her traveler powers to take over Elena’s body. Her friends have finally realized that they have been interacting with Katherine this whole time and not one of them noticed that it was Katherine instead of Elena.They device a plan to bring Katherine to the Salvator mansion.

In the last episode Nadia gets bitten by Tyler. The only way to save her is to use Klaus’ blood. Katherine does not want to sacrifice Klaus finding her. Nadia passes away and Katherine feels that she has nothing to live for anymore. She allows Stefan to stab her with the travelers knife and Elena returns. Katherine does not go quietly. She plants a new serum in Elena’s system that Wes created before Damon killed him. Katherine tries to pass to the other side, but she is instead dragged into the dark.


There was a lot of great things in this episode, which is kind of weird to say since I really haven’t been liking the story lines for this season. Saying that, Katherine has been the best part of this season. Her sass always makes the show fun and I am going to miss her character popping into Mystic Falls.

I loved that Katherine has effected so many characters in this show. She goes down the row and says her bitchy but true remarks to everyone. My favorite had to be “See you soon Bon Bon”.

Her death was done perfectly. We get to the core of her character. She never had anybody who truly loved her and she feels guilty that her daughter waisted her whole life trying to find her. Even though Katherine is a cold blooded killer and a b*tch she still has a heart. We are suppose to hate her, but we still can feel for her. There were some great emotional moments in this episode.

I applaud Nina Dobrev on her performance. She has to play Katherine pretending to be Elena and she does it perfectly. Sometimes you forget that the same actress is playing these two polar opposite characters. Can we give Nina Dobrev an Emmy already?

I am really happy that Wes died in this episode. That was one story arc that just didn’t work this season. It brought Damon in a dark place, but more of an annoying useless dark place.

Caroline and Tyler finally confront each other with the Klaus situation. Glad to see Caroline stuck up for herself. It has been really annoying that everyone on this show has done horrible things, but Caroline sleeps with Klaus and it is the end of the world. Tyler brought up a good point though Caroline sees the good in people. Maybe this is why we ship Klaroline so much.

Lets talk about that crazy cliffhanger. I loved that Katherine got her justice in the end. Katherine meets Bonnie in a church ready to go to the other side, but the darkness drags Katherine to the unknown. I loved the theme of heaven and hell without actually saying heaven and hell. That last shot with Bonnie in the church and the chandeliers swinging was chilling. Also curious to see how this serum will effect Elena in the next episode. Looks like we are going to get a good arc coming to the show again.


Not a lot of bad things in this episode. Like I said this is my favorite episode of the season so far. I will just say maybe this would have been a better 100th episode then having Katherine become Elena. They could have had all these emotional beats without Katherine becoming Elena for two episodes.  


I really enjoyed this episode overall. I hope that the rest of the season goes this direction. I will miss Katherine popping up in the show

4.5 stars out of 5 stars

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