Kat’s Pull List for 3/12/14

Check out what Kat is getting this week. A lot of great titles coming out this week. What is Kat most anticipating?

Aspen Comics

Trish out of Water #5:

This was one of my first Aspen comics and I really enjoyed Trish out of Water. It is sad to see that this will be the last issue of this series. Hope to see this character again. (Exclusive to Comic Uno Episode 39)

DC Comics

Batgirl #29:

This is a filler story arc, but still a fun filler story arc. I thought the villain thinking the Bat Family were vampires was kind of a original. Hope to see this arc end on a good note.

Batman #29:

It was a breathe of fresh air last month to skip Zero Year. So, I am kind of upset that we have to continue with this story arc. I think it has been way too slow and I miss my old Batman stories. 

Justice League of America #13:

This has been my favorite tie in for Forever Evil with the unlikely team up with Martian Manhunter and Stargirl. Excited to see how they will save the Justice League. Hope it is as good as previous issues of this tie-in series. (Exclusive to Comic Uno Episode 39)

Nightwing #29

This will be the last issue of Nightwing. Even though the series hasn’t been as strong as it was in in the start of the beginning of the New 52, it still will be sad to see this series go. Wonder exactly how this last issue will tie-in to Forever Evil. Will Nightwing’s fate be spoiled?

Smallville Alien #4

Smallville Alien has been a fun arc. Really love the focus on the supporting characters, including Nightwing and Batman. (Exclusive to Comic Uno Episode 39)

Superman/Wonder Woman #6

Even though I am not a Superman and Wonder Woman shipper I still think that Superman/Wonder Woman is the best Superman title for the New 52. It is filled with adventure and fun story. Looking forward to the battle between Foara/Zod and Superman/Wonder Woman. Who will win?


Powerpuff Girls #7

This is a really fun series. It is just like the Tv show! Can’t wait to see what happens to the Powerpuff Girls now that the MoJoJo arc is over. I will have a Kiddie Corner review on Comic Frontline for this issue. (Exclusive to Comic Uno Episode 39)


Invincible #109

Another great Image title! Invincible has been a great read ever since I jumped onto the title again with issue 100. Last issue left us with a cliffhanger. Will Invincible be able to return to Earth and his reality? (Exclusive to Comic Uno Episode 39)


All New X-men #24

Trials of Jean Grey started out really strong, but now it is dragging out a little bit. Hope to see these last two issues end with a big bang. 

Avengers Undercover #1

This is a continuation of Avengers Arena. I didn’t read Avengers Arena, but heard good things about the series. Hope that the second series is even better.

Black Widow #4

This is a make it or break it issue for me. I like Black Widow, but so far it has been the same thing with every issue. It needs to start some sort of story arc with this issue. (Exclusive to Comic Uno Episode 39)

Captain Marvel #1

I didn’t love the first Marvel Now Captain Marvel series, but I still wanted to give this series a try again. I really like Carol Danvers as a character and hope to keep this series on my pull list for a little while. 

Fantastic Four #2

I thought the first issue was okay, and it set a good tone. Hoping that the first arc will be interesting. 

Hawkeye #17

It seems that Hawkeye is back on track, story wise and with releasing the series. Loved the cliffhanger from last issue! How are Bart and Clint going to get out of this one? (Exclusive to Comic Uno Episode 39)

Superior Foes of Spider-man #9

This has been a really fun series, and with every issue it keeps getting better and better. Looking forward to more. (Exclusive to Comic Uno Episode 39)

Superior Spider-man #29

Loved the last issue of Superior Spider-man. Goblin Nation has so far been going in a cool direction. The only thing that worries me about this issue is that Spider-man 2099 is on the cover and I didn’t really like his arc in Superior Spider-man. 

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