Magneto #1 Review

By: Jay Reyes

The main Mutant Rights fighter has returned with his own book! Will Magneto sink or swim with this new relaunch?

The Good: Magneto #1 is a full on gem! Magneto is one of the greatest characters ever created EVER.  Magneto #1 successfully showed how Erik Lehnsherr plans out his battles strategically and how he thinks emotionally because I think most people forget how emotional Magneto is. He tries to play up a front that he is not human and he is above human needs and tendencies but this issue proves that Magneto might be a mutant but he still feels.  
Another thing I really loved with this issue was how Erik pondered on how he missed being a super villain which was absolutely fantastic for his character.
The Bad: I was absolutely happy with how the story progressed and ended on a great cliff hanger but there are some problems with this issue. The art felt way too inconsistent and looked ugly at some points. Towards the end of the issue the art became increasingly great but in the beginning pages the art was absolutely abysmal.  
Overall: This was a great issue but was not my favorite of the week. The story was fantastic but was kept down by the inconsistent art. Looking at the art by the end of the issue hopefully the art will continue to increase.    
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