Kat’s Pull List for 3/19/14

Check out what Kat is getting this week. A lot of great titles coming out this week. What is Kat most anticipating? Also note that there will be no In Depth review’s this week because Kat will be taking a weekend hiatus. EVERYTHING will be exclusive to Comic Uno Episode 40, which should be up Sunday or Monday. 

Dark Horse

Buffy The Vampire Slayer Season 10 #1

I love Buffy the Vampire Slayer, but have never had the chance to read the comic books. I thought that season 10 would be a good jumping on point. Pretty excited for this one.

DC Comics

Animal Man #29

This is the last issue of Animal Man. I am pretty upset to see this series go. It is a bitter sweet feeling because I love this series, but glad to see it ending on a good note. At least we will see Animal Man in Justice League Unlimited, but we probably won’t be able to see the rest of the family. 

Harley Quinn #4

Harley Quinn has been a pretty solid series. Not as good as I want it to be, but like I said a pretty solid series. Hope to see this series escalate as it goes on. 

Supergirl #29

There was a time that I dropped this series. I am a big fan of the Pre-New 52 Supergirl, but I just can’t get into the New 52 version. The Red Lantern story arc seems interesting so I am going to stick through it to see where this brings the New 52 Supergirl. 

Superman Unchained #6

It feels like forever since Superman Unchained has come out. I think this title has been delayed for three months. It was revealed that this series will only be a mini series, which makes me feel better to pick up every issue. I can stick through it for a mini series, but I don’t think it is interesting enough for an ongoing. 


Lazarus #7

If I wasn’t getting this digitally from the company I don’t think I would be reading this title. But I still see potential with it and want to know what Forever will do next. 


Daredevil #1

Really excited for Daredevil this coming week. Loved the ending for the previous series and can’t wait to see where Matt Murdock will go now that he is on the west coast. This is one of my most anticipated issues for the week. 

Disney Seekers of the Weird #3

Overall this has been a fun mini series. Glad that Marvel is doing more comics related to Disney.

Ms Marvel #2

Another series that I am really anticipating this week. Loved issue one of Ms. Marvel and can’t wait to see what direction they go with this title. 

Nova #15

I have been loving Nova, but not really this story arc. I am not a big Thor fan and that also means I am not a big Beta Ray Bill fan. There is an art change for this arc that really takes you away from the book. 

The Superior Foes of Spider-man #10

Surprised to see this title on my list again so soon, last issue just came out last week. Still looking forward to seeing more Boomerang antics. This is a really fun series. 

Superior Spider-man Annual #2

I don’t know if this will continue Goblin Nation or if it’s own contained story, but still excited to read this issue. 

Uncanny X-men #19

I don’t love Uncanny X-men and the only reason I am still getting this series is because Kitty is part of the team. This seems like a SHIELD centric issue. Not really excited about this one, especially after last issue. 

Wolverine and the X-men #2

I thought last issue was pretty solid and glad that this volume is concentrating more on the students. 


Robyn Hood Legends #1

I am pretty excited to read this issue. I have been hearing great things from everybody at Frontline about this series. Can’t wait to jump onto the Zenescope train! 

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