WWE and TNA Wrestling Review for the Week of 3/9/14

The host of WrestleMania Hall of Famer Hulk Hogan comes out
to begin Monday Night Raw this week. Supposedly he has a big announcement about
WrestleMania. He starts out saying his last two weeks has been off the chain
with all the welcoming back home from people and about the positive feedback
about the Network. He talks about being able to watch his all time favorite
wrestling matches. He mostly talks about his match against Andre the Giant and
him lifting Andre the Giant up. He said he came up with a historical idea. He
said with celebrating 30 years there will be a 30 man over the top battle royal
in memory of Andre the Giant and the winner will receive a trophy to honor the
late and great Andre the Giant. He should a video of the trophy and it was
unbelievable in a good way.  John Cena
comes out (running normal) and they salute each other and hug. He says he came
out to thank Hogan and welcome him home. He says Hogan is back where he belongs
and its unbelievable. He said his favorite moment was when Hogan lifted Andre
up and watching it at home. Cena does what you going to do brother (people boo)
and says he is going to enter himself into the battle royal. The Wyatt Family
comes out now.

Wyatt said he always has been fascinated with pride and its
his favorite sin. He talks about Hogan slogan take your vitamins and Cena
Hustle loyal and respect. He calls them both liars. He tells Cena to look up at
him as a friend, if he looks down at him he is an enemy and if he looks at him
in the eyes you will see him as a God. Cena ask him if he listens to himself.
He calls Bray a homeless man. He tells Wyatt if he wants to prove himself and
Cena challenges him at WrestleMania 30 and says he wont be in the battle royal.
Bray says its always games with Cena and Wyatts go to the ring.
When we come back from commercial break Erick Rowan vs. John
Cena. Luke Harper and Bray Wyatt is at ringside and so is Hulk Hogan. Rowan
takes out Cena injured leg. He makes a quick cover for a two count. Rowan
controlled and Cena tried to come back with punches but Rowan catches Cena with
a throw away slam. Bray was yelling at Rowan for something. Again Cena tried to
come back and Rowan caught him in a bear hug. Rowan goes to pick Cena up of his
head but Cena was able to roll him up for the unusual way to win not once did
he try to go for AA or STF. Rowan and Harper climb onto the apron with Hogan
and Cena in the ring but quickly jump off and they walk off. Hogan and Cena
does Hogan poses in the ring.
They announce for the people who has WWE app can pick the
type of match for Sheamus vs. Christian match which is falls count anywhere 2
out of 3 falls and Memphis street fight. Also big tag match for the main event
which is  Big Show and Daniel Bryan vs.
Batista and WWE World Heavyweight Champion Randy Orton.
We see a recap of what happened during the last week main
event. The Authority comes out Stephanie McMahon blame Bryan for what happened last week. She said Bryan should be fired but they wont do that and The
Authority apologized and Bryan
is a big market in him. She says as long Bryan
apologizes to them. She says Triple H wont wrestle him because Triple H is
better than him and if he wont apologizes then he will be fired.
The New Age Outlaws come out and hug The Authority. The
Outlaws will be on commentary for the next match Rybaxel vs. The New Tag Team
Champions The Usos.  Outlaws blame on
losing the title because they will hurt and ill. Ryback control beginning of
the match but Jimmy Uso came back but Axel throws him into the rope, Ryback
quickly took over. Jimmy makes a tag and Jey takes over the control and hits
the Samoran Drop. He super kick Ryback then Axel. He goes for the flying dive
onto to Ryback while tagging in Jey. Jey hits the frogsplash for the win. While
on commentary Outlaws was complaining about losing the titles.
Backstage we see Kane talking to The Shield. He tells them
what they did on Smackdown was unprofessional. He tells them he is going to
light a fire under them He said it began when they lost their tag title. He
makes a match Rollins and Reigns vs. Rhodes Brothers. Rollins blames Kane for lighting
a fire under them because of him losing his matches against Bryan.
Next match was Big E. vs. Jack Swagger with Cesaro and Zeb
Colter. Beginning of the match Swagger tells Cesaro he has this and Cesaro says
ok. Big E. starts the match with a spear in the corner. Swagger quickly takes
Big E. to the mat. He clothlines Big E. for a two count. Big E. tries to come
back but Swagger hits a big boot to the face. Big E. picks up the pace with
clothlines but Swagger takes out the knee. Zeb told  Cesaro to interfere and help Swagger and
Cesaro refused. While Swagger was distracted Big E. rolled him up for the win.
Swagger gets into the face of Cesaro (Cesaro was laughing). They argue and Zeb
Colter blames them both and he takes his jacket off. He demands them to shake
hand. Cesaro does it and Swagger does it. Cesaro tightens the shake and Swagger
in pain.
We hear the dongs go off and Undertaker music hits to a big
ovation. He does his slow entrance as usual. This is off topic but I have to
tell you all a story. When I was younger I went to a live event with my family.
I must have been eight or nine. Undertaker came out with Paul Bearer. The light
were completely off and he came out to his usual entrance music. I don’t know
if any of you have ever been to a WWE event and been there when Undertaker
coming out. But Madison
Square Garden
made the arena freezing cold and this old guy who was sitting behind us tapped
me on my shoulder to scare the crap out of me while Undertaker came out. Ok now
back on topic. Undertaker was about to talk but Paul Heyman came out and
apologizes for the interruption and says he has something to say. Heyman talks
about the greatest streak and mentions all the greats who could never get
streak like Undertakers. Heyman mentions Shawn Michaels, Hulk Hogan, Stone Cold
John Cena, Triple H and Stone Cold Steve Austin. He says Brock Lesnar will be
the reason for the 22-0 streak to come an end and become 21-1. Heyman says
Undertaker should be scared. Heyman says Lesnar will conquer the streak if the
two of them face off and Lesnar will step in the unknown. Undertaker says he
has a message for Brock Lesnar. Taker says “fear of death is greater than
death itself but the unknown is the greatest of fear and Lesnar will rest in
Next match was Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins with Dean
Ambrose vs. The Brotherhood (Goldust and Cody Rhodes). When The Shield came out
with a decent ovation. Rhodes and Reigns start the match with Reigns trying to
go for a suplex but Rhodes reverses it and
into a suplex and for a pin count of two.  Goldust gets tagged in and hits a knee for the
top rope. Rollins gets tagged in knocks him down and elbow drops onto Goldust. Rhodes gets tagged in and whips Rollins into the corner.
Reigns comes in and chocks him in the corner. Rhodes
was able to duck and make a tag. Goldust comes in and quickly the Shield takes
over the match.
Daniel Bryan comes out and says Stephanie McMahon came out
and apologized and everyone knows it was not sincere and they are trying to
scare him. He says he wont fall in line and he will continue to fight. He says
he will not apologize because he is tired
of Triple H ignorance. He says they are
going to force him to take over raw and occupy it and he isn’t going to leave
until he gets his match at WrestleMania against Triple H. He says he isn’t a
lone and invites some people who are a part of the “Yes Momement.”
They go to a commercial break and when they come back the ring is full and the
outside ring is of people. Bryan
says they wont leave because they cant take it anymore.
Stephanie goes crazy
 and screams that everything here is hers
and Bryan needs to leave, but Bryan says he’s still not leaving until he gets
his match.  Triple says the truth is he
likes Daniel Bryan and he was trying to protect Bryan. But he is going to end Bryan and the match at
WrestleMania is on (the crowd goes crazy). Triple H tells Bryan to be careful what he wishes for. As
Triple H starts to walk to the back Bryan
tells him to wait because he is done. He says not only do the people want him
to face Triple H at WrestleMania but they want him to fight for the WWE World
Heavyweight Championship. He says if he beats Triple H that he will be inserted
into the main event at WrestleMania so it would be Randy Orton (c) vs. Batista
vs. Daniel Bryan. Triple H goes crazy and starts to run to the ring but
security stops him and Triple H says he gets all of it and get out of his ring.
The fans got to vote for the following match of Sheamus vs.
Christian in either falls count anywhere 2 out of 3 falls and Memphis street
fight. The fans voted for a Memphis
street fight. I must say this was the better match
between these two than the last couple. 
Christian starts out the match with a few punches but Sheamus hits him
with a clothesline. Sheamus then throws Christian into the barricade then the
announce table. Sheamus goes for the guitar and swings it as he is about to hit
Christian with it but Christian ducks throws a few punches and Christian hits
Sheamus with the guitar. Christian starts to beat Sheamus with the kendo stick.
Sheamus was able to take back control by hitting white noise. The end came when
Sheamus brings in a bass drum but Christian hits him before he can use it.
Christian picks up the bass drum but Sheamus brogue kicks through the drum and
pins Christian for the win.
Backstage we see Brad Maddox talking to an angry Batista of
what happened with Triple H and Daniel Bryan and Triple H possibly making a
triple threat match at WrestleMania. Orton comes storming in looking for Triple
H. Maddox informs him that The Authority left the arena. Maddox tells the both
of them they need to work together during the main event and take out Daniel
Bryan and The Big Show.
The main event of the night Daniel Bryan and The Big Show
vs. WWE World Heavyweight Champion Randy Orton vs. Batista was next. Orton and
Bryan start this match and Orton headbutts him. Bryan managers send Orton to the outside and
hits a suicide drive onto Orton.  Batista
quickly takes over the control over Bryan.
Bryan took the
beatdown from there. I must says Batista and Orton actually work well together.
Bryan did end
up making the tag to Big Show. Big Show knocks the heel around but Batista
takes show out by the knee. Orton hits the RKO Show and sets up one for Bryan but Batista goes for the spear on Bryan but hits Orton instead. The end came
when Orton points to the WrestleMania sign and out of no where Bryan hits the running knee for the win to
end the show.
Impact Wrestling begins this week with Bobby Roode backstage
complaining to his team about Carter insurance policy which was Bully Ray as
the special guest referee who turned on them. He looks at ECIII with a nasty
and disgusting look. Then we were shown recaps of lockdown.
The new controller (boss) of TNA MVP comes out to a big
ovation. He says gives him pleasure that Dixieland is officially closed and
they will move on. He talks about Bully Ray. He says he cant not talk about
Bully Ray and his past. But he will give Ray an opportunity like everyone else.
He talks about how he will run TNA. He will motivate all talents. If the have a
beef with someone they will allow them to work it out in the ring. TNA World Champion
Magnus comes out and says the MVP principle is the most ridicules thing he also
ever heard. Magnus talks about Dixie wasting
her time trying to keep control of TNA he was busy retaining he championship.  He says he is more powerful than ever. He
introduces his new insurance policy Abyss (looks scary with a weird looking
mask) There were a lot of sold out chants and Magnus agrees with them but says
he doesn’t look at Monster Abyss a monster but a machine and received an
upgrade. Also Magnus says both of them are motivated by money and they are even
more powerful. MVP says he made good points but Lockdown Joe was beating the
hell out of Magnus but Abyss saved Magnus.
MVP says this conversation needs to stop until one more man
comes out and introduces the number one contender Samoe Joe. MVP says reason
why Joe is standing there nice and not beating the crap of them is because he
believes in MVP principle and next week there will be a rematch for TNA World
Championship Magnus(c) vs. Samoe Joe. Also the next match would be Joe vs.
Match starts with Samoe Joe spearing Abyss and punching
Abyss on the mat. They go to commercial break and when they come back Abyss is
in control. He was throwing punches to Joe in the corner. Joe was able to move
and throw himself into Abyss in the turnbuckle. Abyss takes over control again
working in the injured ribs of Joe. Joes tries to come back but Abyss tries to chokeslams
Joe. Joe hits the backsplash but Abyss came back again but Joe powerslams
Abyss. Abyss hits the chockslam then leave to go to the outside and looks under
the ring for Janice. Eric Young comes out and dropkicks Abyss from the top
JB is backstage saying he is awaiting for the arrival of Bully
Ray and he stops talking and ask “what are you doing here?” It was
Angelina Love and she asked him if he missed her. We come back and JB says
Bully Ray will be arriving in a few and Willow
comes out of no where.
Next was the debut of a new TNA Knockout Brittney who is a
second generation wrestler (father is a wrestler promoter). It was Gail Kim vs.
Brittney.  Kim starts out with a big kick
to the face. Brittney came back for a minute with punches to the face. Kim
begins with spears in the corner. Again Brittney goes for punches to the
stomach but Kim again takes back control. Brittney his a neck breaker. Out of
no where Lei’d Tapa goes to attack Brittney but misses and hit Kim. Brittney
rolls Kim up for the win. Kim slaps Tapa and Tapa chocks Kim and they attack
each other. Tapa attack Kim non stop until the referee separates her.
Bully Ray arrives and Spud gets in his face saying he is
going to get everything that is coming to him. He gets attacked and gets beaten
down by Team Dixie. ECIII says he embarrassed him and his family and they chock
him out with his chain. Roode says he screwed Dixie
and screwed him and Roode hits him with some type of a board.
Next match was The Bromans with DJ Z vs. Impact debut of the
new X Divison champion Sanada and Tigre Uno. The Bromans took early control of
the match when Robbie E clothlines Sanada and Jesse power bombs Sanada. Tigre
Uno comes in but Robbie E launches Uno in the air but he its a drop kick to
Jessie. From hell Sanda and Uno takes full control of the Bromans with high
flying moves and fast pacing moves. The end came when Sanada splashes both Bromans, then throws Uno into a
somersault dive. Sanda hits a moonsault for the win.
Backstage we see Bromans and DJ Z talking about them losing
their match against Sanada and Tigre Uno and Bully Ray walks in and takes The
Bromans out.  DJ Z tried to leave but
Bully Ray grabbed him by he underwear and throws him head first into the
Rockstar Spud and
Ethan Carter III to pay tribute to Dixie Carter. The fans are booing crazily
which causes Spud gets angry at them and at MVP. He says this night is to honor
his queen. He says he prepared a special tribute and starts to cry as he thanks
her. He then starts to play a special Dixie Carter video and Spud reads a poem.
MVP comes out and says Spud is acting like Dixie
is dead but she is just doing paper work in the office. MVP says he actually
like Spud. He says he knows that Spud can be very loyal to him as he was to Dixie. MVP says Spud has a contract with TNA as an active
wrester and he needs to be a wrestler since he has to full fill his contract.
Spud says he cant be a wrestler because he is a Chief of Staff and the
wrestlers in the back are bigger than him. MVP says Spud won British Boot Camp.
Spud gets pumped up until MVP announce Spud would wrestle the Impact debut of
Jeff Hardy alter ego Willow.
ECIII starts to
laugh until MVP announces next week ECIII will wrestle this guy and Bobby
Lashley comes out. ECIII refuses and says he cant wrestle Lashley since he doesn’t
have a contract. MVP says he made a good point but and that why he signed
Lashley to a contract. Lashley picks up a poster of Dixie
and smashes it over Spud head two times but the poster would break (kind of
funny). ECIII gets into Lashley face but end ends up leaving. We see ECIIII
walking out of the arena into the backstage and Bully Ray now takes him out.
A street
fight match better Mr. Anderson and Samuel Shaw was next. Shaw comes out with a
Christy doll (Just a doll with a red wig on it). Mr. Anderson comes out with
his user entrance with the lights off and him calling for his microphone from
the roof but Shaw attacks him from behind. Shaw throws Anderson down the ramp them throws him into
the steel steps. Shaw checks on his Christy doll which is creepy. The end saw Anderson go to kiss the
doll which he does then throws it at Shaw. Shaw goes crazy puts it down and Anderson hits the mic
check for the win. I must say this Shaw character being creepy and a stalker to
Christy Hemme is actually working.
Angelina Love
comes out to a good ovation. We hear the fans chanting “welcome back. Love
says how great it is to be back and she thought she would never hear that music
again. She says she is happy to be back and to see the fans. She says she came
back because of one person and calls out Velvet Sky. Velvet Sky comes out and
they hug. Love says she wanted to say a lot before she left and owes a lot of
her accomplishments to Sky and The Beautiful People. She says her pride got in
her way but she owes a lot to Velvet for her career. Love asked Velvet if The
Beautiful People can be put together. Sky says she didn’t even expect to see
Angelina Love to be back and they have even spoken. Sky says she finally found
herself and even won the Knockout Championship on her own. Sky says she doesn’t
even want to go backwards. Love tries to convince her that it will be great
getting back together. Sky says she need to think and will give her an answer
soon and leaves. This will be interesting to see where this goes. Either they
will get back together and one turns on the other or they just don’t get back
The Impact debut
of Willow vs.
Rockstar Spud was next. During the match you can see this is a different side
of Jeff Hardy and I mean a lot tougher side. Willow controlled the match. Spud tried to
comeback by taking out the eyes of Willow
but wasn’t enough. Willow
puts Spud onto the top turnbuckle and puts Spud onto his head and hits Spud
with the umbrella for the DQ. But Willow
wasn’t done there. He goes under the ring and grabs a ladder and steel chair.
He puts the chair around Spud leg and steps on it non stop. I went everyone to
remember Spud is the reason Jeff Hardy lost his match to Magnus in the Dixie
Land Match. Willow
climbs onto the ladder and splashes off onto Spud. As Willow is leaving Bully Ray comes out and
they look at each other and they keep walking.
We come back from the commercial break and Bully Ray is in
the ring. We hear the fans chanting his name. He says he thought he would never
hear them chanting for him. He says when you die your life flashes before you
and he says when he was mic checked by Anderson
into the casket it helped him see the light. He says he wants to give him a
good reason for his actions at Lockdown. But instead Roode and his colonies of
goons decided to make it physical and he was trying save Roode from himself. He
said if Roode won he would just turned into another Dixie Carter and they don’t
need that and that he saved Roode. He says he wants to stop talking and fight. Roode
comes out and all hell breaks lose. Bully Ray starts punching Roode a few times
and hits him with an elbow. Ray points to the fans and screams “get the
table” He goes under the ring for a table and the fans go crazy. He sets
it up and walks into a spinebuster which allows Roode to set up for the Roode
Bomb. Bully counters it with I guess a half of a 3D. He then powerbombs Roode
through the table to end Impact this week. I guess you can say Bully Ray is a
face now.
Friday Night
Smackdown begins this week with a recap of the Occupy Raw with the ‘YES’
Movement. After we are shown the recap Triple H comes out to major heat and
says Daniel Bryan wasn’t there. He says the fans are the main reason why Daniel
Bryan got his way at WrestleMania. He says that he is glad that they had their
movement and their moment is done. He goes onto say he will finally end the
‘YES’ Movement. Triple H goes on to say that the movement could have continue
to grow but he is going to crush everyone hope when he beats and buries Daniel
Bryan. He says there will not be a triple threat match. He says he wants to
move on and wants to begin the action. He calls out the first wrestler and says
it the wrestler who was part of the movement and it was Damien Sandow. Triple H
tells Sandow he could punish him for not following orders and it could go away
if he apologizes. Sandow does and Triple H accepts however Triple H says Vickie
Guerrero made a match against Sandow and this man. The Shield comes out and we
don’t know which one it is.
We come back from
the break it was Damien Sandow vs. Seth Rollins. Rollins stomps on Sandow but
Sandow comes back by throwing Rollins to the outside. Sandow has control and
start punching Rollins in the corner and works on the legs. Rollins ends up
holding the ropes and Sandow goes outside the ring. It looks like he was going
to walk away but Ambrose and Reigns surround him. Out of no where Rollins hits
the suicide dive. He throws Sandow back into the ring and kicks him in the back
of the head for the win. After the match Rollins and Reigns do the bump fist
but Ambrose refuses. He tells them to hold on and goes to throw Sandow back
into the ring. They all triple team Sandow and hits the triple powerbomb.
Ambrose tells them they can now do the bump fists.
The Brotherhood
vs. The Real American with Zeb Colter was next. Goldust starts the match with
hiptossing Swagger and takes him down with a drop toe hood. Rhodes
gets the tag and goes for a wristlock on Swagger. However Swagger throws him
into the corner and tags in Cesaro who uppercuts Roodes. Rhodes
was able to come back with a clothline then a dropkick onto Swagger. He throws
Cesaro outside the with and goes to dive onto Cesaro and Cesaro catches him.
Real Americans were in full control on Rhodes
after this. The end came when Cesaro tag himself in the Real Americans have
some conflict and Rhodes rolls Swagger up for
the win. After the match The Real American attack both Goldust and Cody Rhodes.
They throw Rhodes into the ringpost
nonstop  until The Usos came out for the
Next was Kofi Kingston vs.
Bray Wyatt with Luke Harper and Eric Rowan. Bray goes after Kingston
in the corner but Kingston
ducks and hits a clothesline. Bray tries to go for a splash but Kingston rolls away and
hits a spinning kick. Bray whips Kingston
and he sidesteps Bray and hits him with 
a forearm. Bray counters and shoves Kingston head first into the floor. Bray
splashes him in the corner and then hits Sister Abigail for the win.
Backstage we see
The Shield and Kane. They ask Kane why they are there. Kane congratulates them
for their week and the success they had. Ambrose questions him if he thought
differently. He tells Kane he should concentrate on his match with Big Show
tonight. Kane tell Ambrose he has a lot to learn and Kane will lead by an
example. Kane tells them they are required to be at ringside for the main
event. He will allow them free reign against the Big Show. Rollins tell Kane
they don’t need anyone else’s scraps. He says all Kane wants is their
protection but they will do what best for business and they say “Kane can
believe in that.”
The next match before the
main event was Dolph Ziggler vs. Alberto Del Rio. This was a decent match Dolph
Ziggler was way over. Del Rio throws Ziggler
into the turnbuckle and then throws him outside but Ziggler is able to throw Del Rio into the apron and hits Del Rio with a lot of elbows in the ring. We
come back from break and Del Rio
is in control and hits a dropkick on Ziggler and hits a backbreaker. Del Rio goes for the
cross arm breaker but Ziggler counters with a Zig Zag for the win. After the
match Ziggler announced he will be part of the 30 man Andre the Giant battle
The main events
of Kane vs. The Big Show. Now earlier Kane told The Shield they have to be at
ringside for this match but they didn’t come out with him. As the match began
The Shield walked out as Big Show throws Kane in the corner and chops him. Kane
goes for the chokeslam but Big Show is able to block it and clothesline and
spears Kane. The Shield walks towards Big Show and Kane tells them to attack
Big Show.
The main events
of Kane vs. The Big Show. Now earlier Kane told The Shield they have to be at
ringside for this match but they didn’t come out with him. As the match began
The Shield walked out as Big Show throws Kane in the corner and chops him. Kane
goes for the chokeslam but Big Show is able to block it and clothesline and
spears Kane. The Shield walks towards Big Show and Kane tells them to attack
Big Show. The Shield ends up ignoring Kane and they back away. Kane goes crazy
and yells at them but no effect on the Shield. Kane turns around and Big Show
chockeslams him for the win. After the match The Shield walk away and Rollins
is the last one and Kane reaches over the top rope and grabs him head first and
throws Rollins into the ring. Kane goes to chokeslams Rollins but out of no
where Reigns spears Kane to end Smackdown. This was an ok show and I have seen
Remember this Sunday 3/16 Total Divas season
two on the E! Network premiers at 9 p.m.

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