The Reyes Countdown #1 Week Of 3-12-14

By: Reyes

Hey Comic Book fans! This is a series where I (Jay Reyes) review every book I got in one week and pick my favorite.

Number 7 (worst of the week)

All-New X men #24

This event has accomplished absolutely nothing. The Trial of Jean Grey has been an utter failure but hopefully the event can make a comeback with the last issue.

Score: 2.5/5
Number 6

Superior Spider man #29

Superior Spider Man #29 is unusually low this week for me. I really love this series and I hate to see it this low this week but the score is warranted. I really don’t like how Spider Man 2099 is being portrayed in this story and this issue really didn’t accomplish that much.  The series is ending in a couple of weeks and I really hope it ends with a bang.

Score: 3/5

Number 5

Black Widow #4

Black Widow #4 was a very solid issue this week. The art and the story were great and this new story arc seems right in my ally.

Score: 4/5

Number 4

Walking Dead #123

This issue of The Walking Dead was very good. Neagen and his men attack Rick’s base and some mind blowing things happen. (Spoiler alert highlight to read) Rick is pierced with an arrow that was infected by walker gunk! The final page was crazy and I’m eagerly sitting on the edge of my seat waiting for #124. Will Robert Kirkman kill Rick?

Score: 4/5
Number 3

Avengers Undercover #1
This issue makes me wish I had actually read all of Avengers Arena. Avengers Undercover #1 

has a great start to a an awesome new series that could very likely become one of my favorite All-New Marvel NOW! titles. I loved all of the characters and felt their pain, them having to cope with what they did was brilliant and I can’t wait to see what happens in upcoming issues.

Score: 4/5

Number 2

Fantastic Four #2

James Robinson really surprised me with the last issue of Fantastic Four. I didn’t expect the first family to hook me that quickly but they did. This issue is no different  and is just as good as issue 1. I never thought I would be reading and utterly enjoying a Fantastic Four series. If you haven’t started reading this series do it! It’s great! Also  
(Spoiler alert highlight to read)

 The human torch isn’t so bright anymore.

Score: 5/5

Number 1 (pick of the week)

Batman #29
I’m  a Batman fan boy plain and simple. Batman is one of my favorite heroes of all time but I’ve been disillusioned by the Batman series since the beginning of Zero Year. But this issue has completely brought me back into the series. 
(Spoiler alert highlight to read)
 Batman failed and The city of Gotham was destroyed by The Riddler. I really can’t wait to see how Batman handles what happened at the end of this issue and I hope the series continues to improve.

Score: 5/5   

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