Justice League United: Meet Equinox

Justice League United Meet Equinox!

Back in January Jeff Lemire and DC announced the newest team to join the Justice League line, Justice League United! Justice League United will be a diverse team that will split its time between Northern Ontario and cosmic locales. The new series will be introducing an all-new character to the DC Universe as a member of the League, a super-powered Cree teenager from the Canadian area where the team is setting up their headquarters. She’s of First Nations lineage — a reference to the indigenous people of Canada — and her creation was influenced by Cree legends and folklore, and DC Comics has given Comic Frontline a look at her!

Equinox will be appearing for the first time in JUSTICE LEAGUE UNITED #0, written by Canadian scribe Jeff Lemire (ANIMAL MAN, GREEN ARROW, TRILLIUM) and illustrated by Mike McKone (TEEN TITANS, GREEN LANTERN). The comic book series launches April 23, 2014.

Today, CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) NEWS debuted an exclusive first look of the new JUSTICE LEAGUE UNITED Cree superhero EQUINOX!

JUSTICE LEAGUE UNITED scribe Jeff Lemire spoke with the CBC about his research, creating a new Canadian character from Northern Ontario, his excitement to set the story in his home country and working with artist Mike McKone.

Check out the video with Lemire from his studio


Written By:  JEFF LEMIRE  


On-Sale – 4/23/2014 

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