At the Movies with Jay and Kat: April 2014 Movies “Winter Soldier”

Kat and Jay are both TV/Movie junkies, and wanted to team up on a feature every month to share their thoughts on upcoming movies. Check out Kat and Jay’s thoughts on the key movies coming out in April. April has some big movies coming out like Captain America The Winter Soldier, Rio 2, and more. 

April 4th

Captain America The Winter Soldier

Kat’s Thoughts: This is my most anticipated movie for this month and most likely the only one I am going to see in theaters this month. All the other movies don’t really interest me enough to run into the theater. 

Getting back to Captain America I am really looking forward to this movie. I like the espionage tone that I have been seeing in the trailers. I didn’t love the first Captain America, but just like Thor 2 this looks like a major improvement.

Also very excited to see Emily VanCamp as Agent 13. I think that is perfect casting for the character and I am a big Revenge fan.

Jay’s Thoughts: I love Captain America. I loved the first movie, even though a lot of people seem to have thought it was just average. I think this movie is going to be even better, but I think it will be the underdog of the Marvel Movies. People don’t expect much from Captain America: The Winter Soldier but i think this is the movie that will have everyone talking and looking at Captain America differently.

Island of the Lemurs: Madagascar
Kat’s Thoughts: Morgan Freeman + Animals = Masterpiece 
All joking aside I do think visually this will be a good movie. If you are an animal lover you may not want to miss this one. 
Personally I think this movie may bore me. So, I probably will skip this one. 

April 11th

Draft Day

Jay’s Thoughts: Ok being from Philly and what is going on with the Eagles (FLY EAGLES FLY ON THE ROAD TO VICTORY E – A – G – L – E – S EAGLES!) I am going to go see this movie. This is coming out at a great time, it has a great cast, I mean come on it has Kevin Costner (Bull Durham, Field Of Dreams, Tin Cup, For Love Of The Game) this is his sweet spot. I will be seeing this in the theater!

Rio 2

Kat’s Thoughts: I never saw the original Rio, but from what I have seen from the trailer this looks like a cute kid movie. There aren’t many kid movies in theaters right now. So, I have a feeling that this will do well in the box office. 

Jay’s Thoughts: The first trailer makes this movie look nothing more than a mix of Candyman and The Ring, but the 2nd trailer gives us a deeper insight and makes me want to actually check this movie out. The timing can either work for or against this movie. This time of the year there aren’t many horror movies out so for those who like that genre this will be one of very few options increasing its audience. On the same note by coming out now when people are more inclined to watch comedies, romance, action and family movies this could be buried in the mix.

April 16th

Heaven is for Real

Kat’s Thoughts: This looks like a great movie to come out on Easter. It is a touching story that families can go to the theater to see together. The story is based on a true story and I think this will get even more people to the theater.

While I was watching the trailer this felt more like a trailer for a pilot than a movie. It feels like it will take a serial amount of episodes to tell the story rather than just 2 hours.

April 18th


Jay’s Thoughts:
This seems like a good movie, but one that will make you think and challenge your perceptions and believes which is a good thing. I am just not sure if it is one I will run to see in the theaters, or one I will wait and catch it on DVD or Netflix it.

A Haunted House 2

Note: Yes, we talked about this in our March edition of At The Movies, but this movie was delayed so we have to talk about it again. That is not a good sign for this movie. Here is a link to our thoughts for the movie.


Jay’s Thoughts: Disney Nature puts out some great movies and they do some great work by donating portions of the ticket sales to help conservation charities etc. With that said I am not really a nature show viewer. The trailer looks really good and I think the people who watch National Geographic, the Nature Channel, etc will really enjoy this, but I will probably never see this just because I am not into this type of movie.

April 25th

The Other Woman

Kat’s Thoughts: Before I saw the trailer I thought this was going to be a generic movie, but it actually has an interesting premise and made me chuckle. Three woman are being cheated on by the same guy and they become friends to get revenge on him. Very unrealistic, but it looks like a fun movie for a girls night out. 

Still don’t know what Nicki Minaj is doing in this movie though. 

Jay’s Thoughts: This is pretty much a re-do of John Tucker Must Die, but for an older generation. They have the different types of woman and they are even using hormones to get their revenge on the cheater. I enjoyed John Tucker Must Die and this looks just as funny so I will see this one.

I agree with Kat though; What is Nicki Minaj doing in this movie?

The Quiet Ones

Jay’s Thoughts: This is another “out of season Horror Movie” but unlike Oculus this doesn’t sell me on anything. I don’t like the “mockumentary” set up, that was cool for the Blair Witch back when it was an original idea but as of late with horror movies it has become overdone and boring. This is a movie I might watch around Halloween just because I tend to watch a whole lot of these types of movies then.

Brick Mansions
Jay’s Thoughts: This is the beginning of the Action Movie season, and this movie looks good right from the gate it has a lot going for it. The action and choreography looks INSANE, right up there with The Transporter, David Belle is just all over the place. This also stars Paul Walker, who we just lost way too early, so his fans will be out there to see and support his second to last movie (last full movie) he made. With the feel of a combination of Fast & The Furious and The Transporter I think this movie will do really well and I will be seeing this in the theaters. 

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