WWE And TNA Wrestling Review for the Week of 3/23/14

Before I begin this week wrestling review I want to
apologize for not writing a review last week. Last week I had to work the whole
week and unfortunately didn’t have a chance to watch any of the shows and time
to write the review. Also Saturday I finally order the WWE Network and I highly
recommended it.

Monday Night Raw begins with a recap of the attack on Daniel
Bryan by the hands of Triple H. Stephanie McMahon comes out without Triple H.
She talks about what her husband did last week to Daniel Bryan. She informs
that Daniel Bryan wasn’t there since the doctors didn’t medical care him to be
there. We hear a lot of boos which turns into a very loud CM Punk chants. She
says her family has been doing was best for business over fifty years and her
husband is very powerful and will become WWE World Heavyweight Champion at

Orton comes out and says he wasn’t going to argue about what the McMahon family
has done. He tells her he isn’t going to be responsible for what happens to
Triple H if he beats Bryan
at WrestleMania. She stops him and says not if he beats him but when he beats Bryan. Orton wants her to
talk Triple H out of the championship match. He says that she is right and
Triple H will beat him and go out a winner. Batista now comes out and tells
them they all are missing the big point. He says he will be the next WWE
World Heavyweight Champion. Batista says he respect Triple H  but Triple H never beat him neither as Orton.
He tells Orton that he makes him sick by watching Orton sucking up like that.
He tells Orton to stop drooling over Stephanie. Batista goes onto say that
Stephanie has been drooled on a lot over the past couple of years. Stephanie
tells Batista she has something to tell him and she slaps the hell out of him
and storms off. Orton is laughing so much Batista spears Orton. Off note as
Batista leaving the ring his pants splits down the middle which was really
First match of the night
was a fatal four way No DQ for the #1 contender for the Intercontinental
Championship. It was Sheamus vs. Alberto Del Rio vs. Dolph Ziggler vs.
Christian and winner will face Big E. on Main Event. This was a very good and
high paced match. Ziggler starts the match with a quick roll up before hitting
a dropkick. Sheamus throws Christian into the barricade. Sheamus then ties
Ziggler in the ropes. Out of nowhere Del
Rio catches Sheamus with an enziguiri. Christian sends
Ziggler into the barricade but Sheamus clotheslines Christian over the barricade.
The end came when Del Rio
goes for an arm breaker but Sheamus was able to lift him and drop him. Ziggler
connects with the Zig Zag onto Sheamus but Christian hits the killswitch for
the win. So Christian is the #1 contender for the Intercontinental Championship.  Big 
update is was reported on Tuesday that Christian was taken out of the Intercontinental
Championship match with Big E. due to a slight concussion.

Los Matadores with El
Torito vs.  Rybaxel was the next match.
Axel begins by kneeing Diego and all of a sudden you hear the WWE universe
cheering and we see The Shield(yes the Shield is face). Axel turns his
attentions to The Shield and gets rolled up. The Shield surrounds the ring and
starts to attack Rybaxel. Reigns throws Axel into the barricade while Ambrose
and Rollins are beating on Ryback. Reigns hits Ryback with a spear and all
three members hit the Triple powerbomb on Ryback.
Usually Michael Cole interviews Triple H on WWE.com as an
exclusive but Triple H asked to have it live on Monday Night Raw. So Michael
Cole introduces Triple H who comes out to major heat. Triple H says everyone
got what they were asking foe when he handcuffed and beat Daniel Bryan. Cole
asks Triple H if he is going get what coming to him for what he did to Daniel
Bryan last week. He says no because Bryan
forced him into a match after he Occupied Raw. He says all he see is a bunch of
people crying and whining when they don’t get what they want and he is sick of
the people who tweet when they are upset. He goes onto say he might start a new
Era and he will call it ‘Reality Era’ and it will begin now. He says the
reality will be him ending Bryan and the Yes Movement and he will become WWE
World Heavyweight Champion and he leaves.
Fandango with Summer Rae vs.
Cody Rhodes with Goldust was the next match. Fandango starts the match by slamming
Rhodes to the match and hits a leg drop. Rhodes hits and springboard dropkick. Summer Rae tries to
cheer on Fandango but Goldust comes over to mock her and they do like a dance
off outside the ring but Summer Rae twists her ankle. Fandango gets distracted
allowing Rhodes to hit the Disaster Kick for
the ring. After the match Summer Rae is standing next to Fandango and she was
faking that her angle was twisted and she was laughing. I’m not sure where this
is going between these four.

The host of
WrestleMania 30 Hulk Hogan comes out to a big ovation. He talks about
WrestleMania and the newest inductee Mr. T. He says that Raw has two special
guest hosts and welcomes the stars of the movie Sabotage Arnold Schwarzenegger
and Joe Manganiello. They all talk and praise each other. Arnold talks about being great friends with
Andre the Giant and tells Hogan that him and Joe should be in battle royal. Out
comes The Miz. He says he is a fan but they aren’t wrestle but they play tough
guys in the movies. He says he is going to win the battle royal. Miz says
everyone remember him main eventing WrestleMania and beating John Cena. He
tells them they don’t belong there. Joe tells The Miz to make them leave and he
pushes Miz. Miz tries to punch him but Joe and Arnold duck and Hogan throws The Miz outside
the ring. All three guys pose in the ring. Looks like The Miz is officially
100% a heel again which is about time. He is better a heel than a face in my
we see Triple H and Stephanie McMahon talking and The Shield enter their
office.  Triple H tells them whatever
problems they have with the Director of Operations Kane they need to take care
of it with him. He tells them he will make up what happened to them on last
Friday Smackdown. He tells them it will be The Real Americans vs. Dean Ambrose
and Seth Rollins.

from Friday Night Smackdown John Cena vs. Luke Harper was next. Key note of the
match Cena had major heat while the WWE Universe was chanting for Harper.Harper
starts out by whiping Cena into the corner and punching him. Cena was able to
throw some of his own punches before getting thrown outside the ring. We come
back from a commercial break and Harper hits an uppercut to Cena a couple of
times. Cena ducks a punch and hits a suplex then a side slam. Cena goes
for  Five Knuckle Shuffle but Harper
kicks him in the face. Harper goes to hit a powerbomb but Cena counters it with
a sideslam. Cena goes for a STF but Harper hits a DDT. Harper goes for a
superplex but Cena hits a legdrop. Cena goes for an AA but the lights go out
and when they come back out Cena is tied up in the rope wearing the sheep mask
(really creepy). Bray taunts Cena and screams follow the buzzards.
Dean Ambrose and Seth
Rollins with  Roman Reigns vs. The Real
Americans with Zeb Colter was next. The Shield comes out first then The Real
Americans as Real Americans walk down the ramp Ambrose and Rollins attack them
and throw them into the ring. Cesaro throws a few punches but Ambrose throws
Cesaro into the corner. Ambose holds him while Rollins hits a neck breaker.
Real Americans were able to take over the control of the match. Cesaro puts
Ambrose into a headlock and he puts Ambrose into the swing. One points of the
match which in my opinion was the best of the entire match. Rollins throws
Cesaro outside the ring and splashes him through the ropes. Rollins goes back
into the ring and hits a somersault outside the other side of the ring onto
Swagger. The fans are loving it as the pump up Rollins and Rollins is pumping
them up. End came with Swagger puts the Patriot Lock but Rollins kicks him in
the face and knees him for the win.

We are shown who will be
the next inductee into the WWE Hall of Fame class of 2014 and I believe this is
the last one for this year. It will be no other then ‘the bad guy’ Razor Ramon.
After the match Cesaro
attacks but out of now where Reigns hits the superman punch and then hits the spear
onto Cesaro out the rings. The fans are going crazy while this is happening.
They take apart the announce table and they hit the triple powerbomb on Cesaro
through the announce table. The Shield go back into the ring to celebrate but
Kane comes out with The New Age Outlaws. He announces that at WrestleMania it
will be The Shield vs. Kane and New Age Outlaws. He tells The Shield they can
believe they will be destroyed.

Lesnar and Paul Heyman come out to confront The Undertaker. Heyman talks how no
one can ever claim to be undefeated at WrestleMania like the Undertaker. He
says Lesnar will end the streak and it wont destroy the legacy of the
Undertaker. As Heyman continues to speak Lesnar grabs the microphone and says
he didn’t come here to talk he came to fight. Lesnar says they are both here
and calls the Undertaker to come out. The druids come out with a casket. I must
say this isn’t the same without Paul Bearer. Heyman tells Lesnar to stay back
but Lesnar gets very impatient and kicks the top of the casket numerous times.
He finally open the casket but it’s empty.
gets so pissed off he leaves the ring to chase the druids away. He goes back
into the ring and tells Heyman he isn’t playing games and he is leaving.  Heyman says this is so typical of Undertaker
not showing up to fight. All of a sudden the casket opens and Undertaker is
laying inside. Heyman starts to scream and runs. Heyman tells Lesnar to leave
but they start to fight. Undertaker throws all the punches and then
clotheslines Lesnar over the top rope onto the casket. Undertaker points to the
WrestleMania sign and does the throat slit gesture to end the show.
must say with WrestleMania being a week from Sunday away this was a very good
show. Cant wait for next week show because it will be the last one before

Wrestling this week starts out with what happened last week with James Storm
and Gunner. Last week James Storm attack Gunner and Gunner father who was
sitting at ringside. Storm handcuffed Gunner to the ropes and broke a beer
bottle over the head of Gunner father.
comes out and talks about last week main event of TNA World Champion Magnus vs.
Samoe Joe for the TNA World Championship and MVP be handcuffed to Abyss at
ringside. He says he wanted to be fair to all the wrestlers but things have not
gone his way. Magnus and Abyss comes out and tell MVP he should get on board
with them. Magnus tells MVP that Abyss is under his control and Abyss works for
him and not TNA. MVP says he understands that and he understand when Magnus is
in the ring with Abyss he is in control but he asked what would happen if Abyss
had a chance at the TNA World Championship would Magnus still have control. MVP
announces that next week it will be TNA World Champion Magnus vs. Abyss vs.
Samoe Joe.
Joe comes out and is pissed and gets right into the face of MVP. Joe says he
asked for a fair shot and instead he gets put into a basically handicap match.
Magnus and Abyss all of sudden attack Joe and MVP tries to break it up. Eric
Young comes out to make the save. The go to a commercial break and when they
come back EY says he made the mistake for Abyss and he can fix it. He asks MVP
to put him into the championship match so he can take out Abyss and Samoe Joe
can take care of Magnus. MVP tells EY he respects him but he hasn’t earned a
championship match. EY says he is motivated, validated and he is a world class
athlete. Joe says no one can disagree with that but EY needs to back up. MVP
decides he will add EY to the main event next week. So it will be TNA World
Champion Magnus vs. Abyss vs. Samoe Joe vs. Eric Young for TNA World
Championship. Joe gets into EY face and all hell breaks lose and referees need
to break it up. Joe challenges EY to a match later on and MVP makes the match. I
must says EY is a comedy must of the time in the ring but its about time they
are giving him more serious role.
MVP is going to the back The Wolves stop him and asked him for a favor MVP
tells them when he bought them in he told them no special favors. They tell him
its not a favor for them but for him. They ask for a match against Magnus and
Abyss. MVP says he hope they know what is in store not for The Wolves but for
Magnus and Abyss.
We see a video of
ECIII and Rockstar in the woods looking for Willow
in Willow home.
Spud tells ECIII that its a bad idea. ECIII says that Willow had to pay for him attacking both of
them in Carters home (Impact Zone). They find a barn and Spud tells ECIII not
to go. ECIII mocks him and as ECIII walks to the barn Willow appears and take Spud with him. I
don’t know the point of this and we would find out later on in the show.
First match of the night
The Wolves vs.  TNA World Champion Magnus
and Abyss. The Wolves quickly go on the offense against Magnus but Abyss knock
down Davey.  Magnus was able to counter a
crossbody with a suplex. Richards was able to catch him with a hurricanrana.
The Wolves hit and double roundhouse kick on Abyss to knock him outside.
Richards puts Magnus into a single leg Boston Crab and shockingly Magnus taps
out really quick. Abyss had a shock look on his face after he realized his
partner Magnus tapped out so quickly. This was a big win for The Wolves mostly
got Richards because he made the TNA Champion tap out.

Angelina Love
comes out and calls out Velvet Sky. She asks Velvet Sky why she been ignoring
her. Velvet starts to yell at Love for attacking Madison Rayne last week. Love
says she lost her edge and Velvet was once someone and now she is a biach.
Velvet is mad and offensive and Love says it’s true. Love goes onto say she was
blackballed and because of that she sat at home for the past two years. She
tell Velvet she need to choose a side. Either be with Love and reform Beautiful
People or stay with Madison Rayne.
Bully Ray is
shown backstage and says he will call Bobby Roode out. He says he will all
bring out all the tables he can get. We come back from commercial and Bully Ray
come out to a big ovation. He comes out with fans and they bring out a lot of
tables and the fans are loving it. He says he got all the tables he could find
but he wanted more. He says he is glad Dixie Carter is gone and Bobby Roode
should also be glad he isn’t in charge because the wrestling business doesn’t
need an owner like Roode. He asks the fan how many table he should put Roode
through. Roode come out and talks about screwing over his best friends (turning
on James Storm by hitting him with a beer bottle over the head to with TNA
Championship) and spitting in people face. Bully tell him to shut up and fight.
Roode asks him if he really wants to fight, Bully says yes but Roode says no
and tries to leave but Bully attacks him. Now all her breaks lose and Bully
throws Roode into the steps. Roode is able to go onto the offense and attack
Bully on his left arm. Both wrestlers tried to put each other through tables.
Bully goes to spear Roode through a table but Roode moves and Bully goes
through a table to end the segment.
Angelina Love vs. Madison
Rayne was next. Velvet Sky was at ringside during the match and she was
cheering on both of the knockouts. During the match Rayne was thrown outside
the ring and Velvet was trying to cheer her on but Love got into her face about
it. Then Rayne threw Love to the outside and again Love got into her Velvet
face. Rayne went to throw Love back into the ring. After Rayne did that Velvet
DDT Rayne and rolls her back into the ring so Angelina can pin her for the win.
So not the Beautiful People are back together.

The next match was Eric
Young vs. Samoa Joe. Joe takes early control by throwing EY into the corner
before hitting an elbow on EY head. EY comes back with a few clotheslines and a
drop kick. EY goes to the tip turnbuckle but Joe ducks and hits a clothesline
of his own. EY kicks Joe and goes for a moonsault but misses and Joe puts EY
into a chokehold which he was trying to set up for
Coquina Clutch but EY was near the turnbuckle and he kicks
off but they both fall and now Joe has EY in Coquina Clutch. EY didn’t tap out
but the referee raises EY arm three times and they drop for the win for Joe.
However replays shows that it looks like EY ended up pinning Joe at the same
time but no reverse decision was made which was kind of weird. After the match
Joe looked at EY who was on the mat with a new type of respect look.
The main event of the night
was next which was anything goes no DQ between Gunner and James Storm. This was
the best match of the night. The whole time the fans were chanting and really
into it as was I. As Storm comes out Gunner attacks him on the ramp. Gunner sets
up a table but Storm throws him into the steps and slams him into the apron.
Storms hits him with a bottle then suplexes Gunner on the ramp. We comes back
from commercial break and they are back in the ring and Gunner elbows Storm and
hit him with a garbage lid. Both guys have garbage lids and they hit each other
non stop with the lids which was cool to see and the fans were loving it.
Gunner then hits Storm with a spear and pins him but a two count. The end came
when Storms grabs a beer bottle and planned on hitting Gunner with it but
doesn’t realize Gunner also has one. Gunner ducks and hits Storm with the beer
bottle and hits the Hanger 18 for the win.

The night wasn’t
over yet. We go back to the woods and see ECIII enter Willow barn. ECIII finds Spud tied up. ECIII
threatens to burn the barn down. We hear Willow
laughing and shows up and beats ECIII with the umbrella to end Impact this
week. I have to say this was an horrible way to end the show. In my opinion
this segment should have been shown before the Gunner and Storm match. This
match should have ended the night off with 
a bang. I know TNA is maybe trying to make the Willow character like another Sting but still
not a good way to end the show this week.
Batista comes out
to start out Friday Night Smackdown this week. He says he was begged by the
fans for him to come back and when he did they booed him. He says he takes a
lot of issue with the people chanting for a goat like face of Daniel Bryan. He
says he came back and won the Royal Rumble and will headline WrestleMania. He
says at WrestleMania he will walk out as WWE World Heavyweight Champion.
Batista comes out to start
out Friday Night Smackdown this week. He says he was begged by the fans for him
to come back and when he did they booed him. He says he takes a lot of issue
with the people chanting for a goat like face of Daniel Bryan. He says he came
back and won the Royal Rumble and will headline WrestleMania. He says at
WrestleMania he will walk out as WWE World Heavyweight Champion. Batista brings
up about Stephanie slapping him on Raw this week and says out of possible guys
he will wrestle at WrestleMania she probably hits the hardest. Triple H comes
out and tell Batista they should leave things be. Batista says the Triple H
wouldn’t have all of this if he didn’t marry Stephanie and she is the reason
Triple H dresses in a suit now. Triple H asks why everyone is always concerned
about any of that. Batista talks about Triple H never beating him. Batista says
the reason he came back was to win WWE World Heavyweight Championship. Triple H
says it got into Batista head and he got spoiled so he left and tried to act
and he just went soft. He asked what happened to the animal. Triple H says we
all know what is inside Batista. Triple H says tonight Batista will face
someone that is like Batista who has the fire inside him and who loves to
fight. He announces the later on in the show it will be Batista vs. Sheamus.
First match of the night was Dean Ambrose and Seth
Rollins with Roman Reigns vs. Drew Mclntyre and Jinder Mahal with Heath Slater.
The Shield comes out to a good ovation. Rollins starts out with a dropkick and
a suplex. Ambrose hits a few shots before Rollins sends Jinder outside. Ambrose
knees Mclntyre in the stomach and hits him with Dirty Deeds for the quick win.
After the match Kane and the New Age Outlaws come out and says what The Shield
did to 3MB is what will happen to The Shield at WrestleMania by the hands of
Kane and the New Age Outlaws. He tells them their night isn’t over and will
have another match against the guys the blindsided on Raw. It would be Dean
Ambrose and Seth Rollins vs. Rybaxel.
Axel starts out
by punching Ambrose a few times which allowed Ryback to hit a kneedrop off the
rope. He goes for a suplex buy Ambrose counters with a DDT. Ambrose makes a tag
to Rollins who throws Axel into the corner and hits a running splash. Rollins
kicks him in the face and a roundhouse kick. Ryback goes to attack him but
Ambrose takes him down and Rollins backdrops Axel to the outside and hits a
somersault dive outside (once again Rollins is unbelievable in the ring and the
fans are loving it). Axel goes back in to the ring and tries to hit the Prefect
Plex but Rollins hits the enziguiri and a Curb Stomp for the win. After the
match Rollins dives to the outside out Ryback and throws Ryback back into the
ring allowing Reigns to hit the Superman punch and they hit the triple
powerbomb and they look at Kane and New Age Outlaws on top of the ramp.
The following match of Sin
Cara vs. Damien Sandow was next. This was a very quick match. Sandow suplexes
Cara and then clotheslines him in the corner. Sandow tries to go for a
clothesline but Cara ducks and rolls up Sandow for the win. What happened with
Sandow? Ever since he cashed in his Money in the Bank briefcase against John
Cena for the World Heavyweight Championship his career has gone done hill.
Could he be in the dog house backstage or are they trying to do what they did
to MVP. Have Sandow on a losing streak and then slowly turn him face until he
wins. Only time will tell. 
The match between Batista vs.
Sheamus was next.  Batista at first
doesn’t want anything to do with Sheamus so he runs to the outside of the ring.
Batista finally decides to enter the ring and hit Sheamus in the stomach and
throws him into the corner and hits him. Batista tries to go for a Batista Bomb
but Sheamus is able to hit a clothesline and a kneelift. Sheamus goes for
Brogue Kick but Batista runs to the outside. Sheamus goes after him and Batista
grabs a chair and hits him for a DQ. He hits Sheamus numerous times with the
chair then throws him into the ringpost. Batista gets on the microphone and
says he will with the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. 

Divas match was next which was The Bella Twins vs. Divas
Champion AJ Lee and Tamina. Brie starts the match by trying to go for a quick
pin onto AJ for a two count. Nikki gets tagged in and throws AJ into the corner
where Tamina blind tags in. She hits a Samoan drop onto Nikki for a two count.
At the end of the match something very interesting happened. AJ started to yell
at Tamina and Tamina pushes AJ in throws her into the ring where Brie hits the
facebuster for the win. So it looks like the duo of AJ Lee and Tamina is over.

The Main event of the night
which was Big Show vs. Bray Wyatt with The Wyatt Family was next. Beginning of
the match Big Show manhandled Bray. Show throws Bray into the corner and hits
chops on his chest. Show hits the big boot and throws Bray against the ring.
Bray exits the ring and he says something like “that was a good one or
your good.” Bray gets back into the ring and avoids an elbow and kicks
Show in the head. Bray does the spider walk which is really creepy but Show
clotheslines him. Rowen distracts the referee as Harper hits Show and Bray hits
Sister Abigial for the win.

next Sunday is WrestleMania 30 and next Saturday is the WWE Hall of Fame
ceremony. You can watch the entire WWE Hall of Fame ceremony and watch
WrestleMania 30 on the WWE Network.

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