You’re Invited To The Wedding Of Peter Parker And….

On the heels of their “Spider-Verse” announcement Marvel has announced the moment that swings Peter Parker through time and space…. His Wedding! From the splintered fringes of Peter Parker’s mind comes the event that rock the comic world and Marvel has shared with Comic Frontline the teaser from the Superior writer of THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN Dan Slott (Superior Spider-Man) and fan-favorite artist Humberto Ramos (Superior Spider-Man)!

In the wake of Goblin Nation Peter Parker’s mind has been splintered, his memories mixed up with those of Otto Octavius after he perged Peter Parker from his mind last year. Peter latches onto the memories that mean the most those of the ones he loves the most.

Peter becomes determined to try and regain his life after Doc Ock wrecked it. So he holds onto the memories of the ones he loved, but he mixes his memories of proposing to Mary Jane with the memory of Otto preparing to propose to Anna Maria. He’s going to find out that regaining his old life is not as easy as he’d hoped, especially when the guest are asked to ‘speak now or forever hold their peace.’”

– Nick Lowe, Senior Editor

“It’s going to be a huge year for all things Spider! If you thought I shook things up last year you haven’t seen anything yet!”

– Dan Slott

Don’t miss the wedding of the century! When the rice falls – will there still be a happy ever-after? How does this spin into Spider-Verse? It all begins this July in THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #5!

Written By: DAN SLOTT
Variant Cover By: TIM SALE
On-Sale This July!


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All images are courtesy of Marvel Entertainment

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