WWE And TNA Wrestling Review for the Week of 3/30/14

WrestleMania 30 Week Begins Now

Monday Day Night
begins with The Undertaker coming out. 
He says he does claim to be better than any of his WrestleMania victims
but he goes beyond further than anyone else. He asks Lesnar what was he actually
going to try and do to beat him. Undertaker says he knows Lesnar is so dangerous
but there are people who believe. He says those people are believe in the
streak. Lesanr and Heyman come out. Heyman says Brock Lesnar doesn’t have to
win, Undertaker has not to lose the match. He says it only take a moment for
Lesnar to hit the F-5 and the streak will end. Lesnar walks to the ring but
back up. He comes back toward the ring a goes onto the apron but again fakes
trying to enter. Heyman was on the other side of the ring by the announce
table. Heyman pretends to go into the ring but slide a chair inside. Undertaker
was distracted and Lesnar goes into the ring. Undertaker throws a few punches
but Lesnar clotheslines and hits the F-5 on Undertaker. This was a good segment
however if Lesnar hits the F-5 and ends the streak at WrestleMania I’m sorry
but I’m done with wrestling.

The first match of the
evening was the Intercontinental Champion Big E vs. Alberto Del Rio. Big E.
starts out with a few punches. But Del
Rio throws Big E. into the ringpost and steps on Big
E. hands onto the steps. They come back from commercial break and Del Rio has Big E. in a
Cross Armbreaker on the ropes. Big E. catches Del Rio with a back
breaker. He goes for the big ending but Del
Rio reverses it into a backstabber. End came with Del Rio hitting the superkick after stomping onto the
chest of Del Rio.

We were shown what happened
at the end of this week Total Divas when Summer Rae went to Natalya house to
talk over their issues and Natatya called Summer a stripper the way she dresses
in which Summer slapped Natalya. There was a match Summer Rae vs. Natalya.
Summer starts by kicking Natalya in the corner and clotheslines her. She puts
on a headlock. Natalya is able to suplex Summer out of no where slaps Natalya
which make Natalya mad and Natalya clotheslines her and slaps her back. Natalya
grabs her hair but Summer kicks her in the head for the win. 

Authority come out and talk about WrestleMania week and they say Bryan is going to be this
year WrestleMania failure. They show a video of what Triple H did to Daniel
Bryan two weeks ago. Triple H says he will end the YES Movement and then he
will go onto the main event and win the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.
Batista comes out. He again says that Triple H has never beaten him. Triple H
says he has already said that and Batista should worry about his match.  Batista says Triple H should more be worried
about his match against Daniel Bryan mostly because Triple H might not make it
to the main event. The WWE World Heavyweight Champion Randy Orton comes out and
says The Authority needs to reconsider their WrestleMania plans. Orton says he
would love to see Triple H beat up Batista but he says when Triple H beat Bryan
he wants him to step away from the main event. Triple H tells Orton to stop
kissing up and for Orton to bring out the Viper again because that is the only
way he will retain the championship. Triple H tells Batista he wants the Animal
to show up. He announces that the main event for the evening of Batista vs.
Randy Orton is a no DQ match.
The next match was a
preview of the fatal four way for the tag team championship at WrestleMania but
it was a eight man tag which was the WWE Tag Team Champions The Usos and Los
Matadores vs. Rybaxel and Real Americans. Ryback starts out by throwing Jimmy
into the corner and tries to go for a powerslam but Jimmy reverses it and shops
Ryback a couple of times. He hiptosses Ryback and Jey helps him in a thrust kick.
Then Jey chops Axel and slingshots him. Cesaro takes a few kicks and hits an
uppercut. Jimmy throws him outside the ring while Jey and Matadores hits a
splash onto the floor. They come back from commercial break and Jimmy hits a
bulldog onto Ryback. Axel prevents Jimmy to make a tag but he slides under him
and Jey hits a forearm shot. Ending came when Swagger puts the Patriot Lock
onto Fernando but Jey tries to break it up but Swagger throws him outside. With
this distraction Diego switch places with Fernando and rolls Swagger up and
win. If this happens this Sunday there could be new Tag Team Champions.

It was Bray Wyatt with the
Wyatt Family vs. R-Truth with Xavier Woods. This was mostly a squash match.
Bray clotheslines Truth and does it again but Truth ducks but Bray ends up
splashing him. Bray hits Sister Abigial for the win. After the match Woods goes
into the ring to check on Truth but gets attacked by the Wyatts and they throw
him outside the ring. The Wyatts staying in the ring to pose and out of no
where we see someone come in from behind them wearing the sheep mask. The
person looks at them in a creepy way like Michael Myers from the Halloween
movies. He attacks them and takes off the mask and it was John Cena. Bray runs
and Cena tell him to come back.

During the night WWE gave the WWE Universe a chance to vote
which member of The Shield they wanted to see fight Kane. It was revealed they
choose…..Roman Reigns. So its Kane without New Age Outlaws vs. Roman Reigns
without The Shield. Kane hits the boot to the face to surprise Reigns. He
throws Reigns into the corner and grabs him by the throat. Kane goes to
chockslam him but Reigns uses he power and break the chockslam. He kicks Kane
and goes for the Superman punch but New Age Outlaws walk down the ramp but they
get attacked by Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins. Kane gets distracted and Reigns
hits the Superman punch. The Shield surround Kane and the kick him for a DQ.
They go for the triple powerbomb but Outlaws grab Kane and leave.
Up next was Rowdy Roddy Piper, Piper
Pit with no special guest. He talks about WrestleMania 1 and Andre the Giant.
He talks about who he thinks will win the Andre the Giant battle royal but he
gets interrupted by The Miz. Miz mocks Piper and says he will win the battle
royal.  Sheamus now comes out and says he
will win with a Brogue Kick. Titus O’Neil comes and says winner is spelled like
this “T-I-T-U-S.” Piper tries to talk but now Dolph Ziggler comes out
to a big ovation and he says he will steal the show. Piper says he would gets
things started and poles Miz in the eyes and throws him into Sheamus and all
hell breaks out.
Rey Mysterio comes out and hits the 619 and Sheamus hits the
Brogue Kick. Big Show comes out and clears out the ring. Its was only him and
Mysterio left and Mysterio begs for Show not to do anything to him. Show laughs
and about to leave but Mysterio tries to go for the 619 but Show catches him
and throws him onto the superstars outside the ring. Piper comes back into the
ring and raise Show arm so clearly Piper picks Big Show to win the battle
The main event which was a
no DQ between WWE World Heavyweight Champion Randy Orton vs. Batista was next.
Triple H and Stephanie McMahon came out to be on commentary. Batista starts by
hits Orton on the floor but Orton ends up clotheslines him into the timekeeper
booth. Batista hits Orton with a chair in the back. Orton comes back and throws
Batista into the broadcast table. We hear Triple H say the viper is back. Orton
hits Batista with a chair then kendo stick. Batista throws Orton into the
steps. Again we here Triple H say the animal is back.  Orton calls for a RKO but out of know Daniel
Bryan comes through the crowd and attacks Triple H.
Orton leaves the ring and
grabs Bryan but Bryan shoves Orton. Bryan
goes back to attack Triple H. Orton comes back and throws Bryan into the steps. Orton goes back into
the ring only to get hit with a spear. Bryan
goes back onto the attack onto Triple H. He chase Triple H and hits him with
kendo stick numerous times. Triple H runs into in the ring and escapes because
of Batista. Bryan
goes into the ring he hits Batista with a running knee to the face. Bryan celebrates in the
ring and the YES chants to end the last Raw before WrestleMania.

I must say this was a good Raw before the biggest Pay Per
View. Usually I can predict some of the outcomes of the matches for WrestleMania
but this year I can not.
Impact begin with a preview of the main event which would be
a four corner (fatal four way as it is called in WWE) for the TNA World
Championship Magnus (c) vs. Samoe Joe vs. Abyss vs. Eric Young.
They begin the night with a big match which was a tables
match Bobby Roode and ECIII vs. Bully Ray and Willow. 
It was very interesting to see Willow
(Jeff Hardy) and Bully Ray work together in this match. Bully Ray and Willow do Poety in Motion
onto Roode and ECIII. Bully Ray tells Willow
to go to the top turnbuckle and Bully does the ‘Whats Up’ and Willow hits the headbutt
for the top. Bully tells Willow
to get the tables. They set up the table but Roode stops them. ECIII double
team Willow and
then they attack Bully in the corner. 
They try to suplex Bully through the table but Willow moves it. Willow hits the twist of fate and he puts
ECIII on a table. He climbs to the top turnbuckle but Rockstar Spud
comes out in a wheelchair. Willow
sees him and dropkicks him in the chair and carries him to the back.
Bully Ray was left by himself but he realized Willow left him but he
looked to be ok with it. Bully sees ECIII on the table and he climbs to the top
but Roode tells ECIII to move and he shoves Bully off the top but some how
Bully misses the table. They double team him but Bully punches Roode in the
groin. Roode goes for the Roode Bomb but Bully goes for the Bubba Cutter but Roode
hits the spinebuster into the table. After the match Bully gets put through
another table with a Roode Bomb. ECIII set up another table and Roode splashes
Bully through another table. 
The second match of the
evening was a kind of a strange match which was a straightjacket match between
Mr. Anderson and Samuel Shaw. The way you win this type of match is by putting
your opponent into the straightjacket and tie it. Anderson starts out by hitting Shaw on the
apron and then throws him into the steps. They come back from commercial and
Shaw is chocking Anderson
with the jacket. Anderson
hits the neckbreaker. He tries to put the jacket onto Shaw but Shaw kicks him
in the groin. He puts Anderson in a chock hold
and this knocks Anderson
out. He puts the jacket onto Anderson and Anderson tries to come
back. But Shaw puts the chock hold back on and this time Shaw tie the jacket on
Anderson for
the win.

Next match was a best of three for the X Division
Championship between Sanada(c) and Tigre Uno. After the referee rings the bell
to begin the match Kenny King comes out. He says he is the X Division and he
doesn’t want to disrespect his international peers. He says they have a lot of
talent but the X Division isn’t the same without him. He put himself over and
over until MVP comes out. King challenges him to a exhibition match but MVP
refuses. Finally King decides he will leave and he bumps into MVP and MVP stops
him and he accepts the challenge so later it would be MVP vs. Kenny King.
Now it was time for the match Sanada(c) and Tigre Uno. Uno
begins by knocking Sanada down and puts a double armbar on him. Sanada kicks
and hits a suplex. He dropkicks Uno and goes for a pin but only for a two
count.  Uno hits a spin kick and goes for
a moonsault and as he comes down Sanada puts his knees up. Sanada hits a
different looking suplex for the win. So its Sanada 1 and Tigre Uno 0. This was a good match between
this two new TNA talents.
World Champion Magnus comes out to major heat. He says he has been hiding
something from everyone and he calls out Abyss. Abyss comes out wearing a suit
and tie. Does this look familiar to anyone? The answer is yes because WWE has
Kane in a suit and tie but without a mask. Ok back to his promo. He says he
wanted to talk about a plan for the match later. He mentions James Mitchell
which gets Abyss mad and Magnus says its ok and he mention Eric Young name.
Magnus tells Abyss he loves him and hugs Abyss. They leave and EY comes from
behind and attacks Abyss. Magnus and Abyss double team him until Samoe Joe
makes the save. EY tells Joe he doesn’t need help.
Backstage in MVP office we see MVP with the Wolves and
Robbie E. with a trainer. There was suppose to be a schedule match for the TNA
Tag Team Championship. Robbie E. informs them that Jessie pulled his groin
muscle or something while working out and he has a note to prove it. MVP tells
the Wolves he can’t do anything because the note is prove. MVP tells them he
needs to get ready for his match and the Wolves walk off pissed.
Next was an exhibition
match (don’t know if this is different from a regular match) MVP vs. Kenny
King. They started this match with technical techniques. King slaps MVP and MVP
tackles him and hits him in the corner. The referee calls for the bell and they
wont stop fighting. We come back from commercial break and King is doing a
promo and MVP runs in and attacks him. The Wolves break MVP away from King and
they tell King it isn’t the time for this and they tell MVP to walk away.
main event which was a four corner for the TNA World Championship Magnus (c)
vs. Samoe Joe vs. Eric Young vs. Abyss was next. Joe begins by hitting a
clothesline on Magnus while EY fights with Abyss in the corner. EY splashes all
of them on the floor. Magnus and Abyss controlled most of the match. Magnus
doesn’t  tell Abyss but orders him to
leave the ring and attack Joe who is outside the ring. Joe hits Abyss a few
times but Abyss throws him into the ring apron. Abyss goes back into the ring
and again Magnus order him to attack EY this time. After they beat him up a few
times Magnus sets him up on the turnbuckle and Abyss goes over to attack EY but
Magnus tells him no and to back away.
main event which was a four corner for the TNA World Championship Magnus (c)
vs. Samoe Joe vs. Eric Young vs. Abyss was next. Joe begins by hitting a
clothesline on Magnus while EY fights with Abyss in the corner. EY splashes all
of them on the floor. Magnus and Abyss controlled most of the match. Magnus
doesn’t  tell Abyss but orders him to
leave the ring and attack Joe who is outside the ring. Joe hits Abyss a few
times but Abyss throws him into the ring apron. Abyss goes back into the ring
and again Magnus order him to attack EY this time. After they beat him up a few
times Magnus sets him up on the turnbuckle and Abyss goes over to attack EY but
Magnus tells him no and to back away.
comes back into the ring and takes Abyss out with a powerslam and he then puts
Magnus into the Coqina Clutch. Magnus is able to low blow him without the
referee seeing it. Abyss hits the Black Hole Slam. Abyss then hits the Black
Hole Slam on EY and it looks like Abyss was going to go for the pin but Magnus
yells at him to stop. At first it look like Abyss wasn’t going to listen but he
did. Magnus hits a elbow from the top rope to retain his championship.
the show went off the air there was a promo of TNA being live next week Dixie
Carter will return. So why is she returning so soon after her team lost at
Lockdown? What does she have in store for MVP, Bully Ray and even Bobby Roode
since he lost the match? We will find out next week.

Smackdown was mostly live from WrestleMania Axxess this week recap of the show
is going to be small. They showed all the previews of the matches also all the
great events taking place at Axxess.
was only two matches on Smackdown and the first was Dolph Ziggler vs. Titus
O’Neil. Ziggler as been on a roll lately. Ziggler tries to take Titus down but
Titus flips him. Ziggler kicks Titus in the knee but Titus slams him. Titus
starts to kick and punch Ziggler on the mat. He goes for the pin on Ziggler for
a two. Titus was in full control from there. Titus throws Ziggler into the
corner and goes after him but Ziggler kicks him in the face. Titus hits a knee
to Ziggler back and he goes for another one but Ziggler reverses it for a Zig
Zag for the win.
second and last match was Los Matadores with El Torito vs. The
Real Americans with Zeb Colter. Swagger took early control on Diego I think.
But Diego took the offense away from him with some pretty good moves. Cesaro
gets the tag but quickly Diego takes him down. Fernando gets the tag and Colter
calls Ceasro over to talk and slaps him in the face. Cesaro goes after Colter
but Swagger stops him. Could we see some friction between the Real Americans?
Cesaro ends up going after Fernando hard. From here the Real Americans are in
full control and double teaming Fernando. Swagger gets the tag after a few
minutes and Fernando is able to ducks moves and goes for the tag but Cesaro
takes out Diego. Again its a double team on him. Fernando throws both outside
the ring and finally makes a tag. Diego was on full offense from here. However
Cesaro hits the swing and the Neutralizer for the win.  

The last segment on this
Friday Night Smackdown before WrestleMania was Hulk Hogan. Hogan comes out to a
big ovation. He says “Let me tell you something brother” and he says
it feels go to be back at Smackdown. He talks about WrestleMania and he is so
pumped up like he was WWE Champion. He talks about his WresleMania moments like
at WresleMania 1 when he teamed up with Mr. T, also WresleMania 18 when it was
him vs. The Great One (The Rock) and WrestleMania 3 when he lifted Andre the
Giant over his head and slammed him to the mat. He says its was so important
for him to hand this statue to the winner of the battle royal. He says the
statue is amazing He says one of these superstars is going to be lucky to link
themselves to immortality. He says “in closing what you going to do when
Hulkamina, Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal and WrestleMania run wild on
you.” This ends Smackdown for the last WWE programming before
WrestleMania. After this Sunday a new ERA will begin.

WrestleMania 30 has a special start time which is 7 pm. Here
are the matches for this year WrestleMania:
For the Tag Team Championship:
The Usos (c) vs. Rybaxel vs. Los Matadores vs.
The Real Americans
WrestleMania 30:
Triple Threat Match for WWE World Heavyweight
Randy Orton (c) vs. Batista vs. either Daniel Bryan
or Triple H
Triple H vs. Daniel Bryan (The winner will be added
to the World Heavyweight Championship match)
John Cena vs. Bray Wyatt
The Beast vs. The Streak 21-0
Brock Lesnar vs. The Undertaker
Andre the Giant Memorial 30 man over the top Battle
The Shield vs. Kane and New Age Outlaws
Vickie Guerrero invitational for the Divas

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