New Suicide Squad Announced

By: Nicole D’Andria

When Suicide Squad’s cancellation in April was announced I was disappointed. While I think the series had the potential to be better than it was, it still had a lot of really great moments. I grew to love the character of Deadshot through the series, James Gordon Jr. was a treat and Amanda Waller’s redesign became a big part of my New 52 Year One Retrospective… not a positive part but a part nonetheless! Fortunately, my disappointment was short-lived. It has been announced by DC that the Suicide Squad will be returning in a new series entitled New Suicide Squad this July!

With the new series comes new faces in the creative team for the book and the roster of super villains on the squad. The cover of the first issue reveals new members Black Manta, Deathstroke and, bound to be the most controversial and oddest choice, Joker’s daughter. If you haven’t read her Villain Month issue it was… pretty bad. However, since Harley Quinn also graces the cover, I’m interested to see how the two will interact with each other. Also, after his mostly lackluster series which I had the displeasure of reviewing, I’m hoping Deathstroke redeems himself in this series since he is a character that, when done right, can be great. Waller also doesn’t seem to be in charge anymore and this may not bode well for the team when they take on their first mission, which apparently involves Russia and Vladimir Putin.
The series will be written by Sean Ryan who, according to DC Comics April solicitations, will be writing the final issue of the current Suicide Squad, Suicide Squad #30.  He also wrote the popular Secret Six series and did some of the Bruce Wayne: Road Home one-shots, including Batgirl’s one-shot, which was my personal favorite. The artist is a relative newcomer, Jeremy Robert, who won the Harley Quinn artist hunt last year, making him the artist for Harley Quinn #0. He also did the artwork for Stormwatch #30.

​The new series is set to go on sale on July 9. This seems to be a new trend for DC Comics. Previously having the reputation for canceling series every month, DC is now canceling series only to have them relaunch. The week after New Suicide Squad the New Teen Titans relaunch will be released and Justice League United will be replacing Justice League of America in July as well. Hopefully these will be positive relaunches.

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