Kat’s Pull List for 4/23/14

Kat talks about all the comics she is getting this week. Check out what Kat is excited for in this week’s pull list.

Dark Horse

Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 10 #2
I thought the first issue of
this series was okay, but since it is Buffy I want to give this series a fair
shot. This may be the make it or break it issue for me. (Exclusive to Comic
DC Comics
Batman Eternal #3
This may be one of my most
anticipated issues of the year. I am a big Stephanie Brown fan, and this is the
long awaited first appearance of her character in the New 52. I hope they stay
true to her character.
The Flash #30
The new creative team starts
for The Flash this week. I am excited, but a little hesitant. Robert Vendetti
is the new writer for the series, and I don’t really like the direction he has
taken Green Lantern. I hope he has a better direction with the Flash, but I am
excited to see what he does with Wally West in the Annual.
Justice League United #0
I am pretty excited to read
this issue this week. I really like the rooster for the team and I want to see
Jeff Lemire’s take on the Justice League. I am still curious how they are going
to tip toe around Supergirl being a Red Lantern and on the Justice League.
Red Lanterns #30
Red Lanterns has been a
middle ground series for me. Still don’t know where the Supergirl story arc is
going, but I guess we will see. (Exclusive to Comic Frontline)
Secret Origins #1
I am a sucker for origins.
Even though this has a higher price tag I can still see myself getting this
series every month.
Lazarus #8
I like the premise of this
series, but the story is moving at a snail’s pace. I don’t know how long this series
will stay on my pull list.  (Exclusive to
Comic Frontline)
Shotgun Wedding #4
I really had a lot of fun
with this mini series. So, I am excited to see how it ends. I recommend this
mini series if you haven’t read it. It was very under the radar. (Exclusive to
Comic Frontline)
Avengers Undercover #3
I am still on the fence with
this series. I like it, but I don’t know if I love it enough for it to stay on
my pull list. (Exclusive to Comic Frontline)
Daredevil #2
I love Mark Waid on
Daredevil. Can’t wait to see how his adventure in San Francisco continues. (Exclusive
to Comic Frontline)
Elektra #1
I always wanted to get into
Elektra’s character. I hope this will be a good solo series for her. It is
perfect to release it when Daredevil is also coming out the same week.
Fantastic Four #3
This is the best Fantastic
Four series in awhile. I am excited to see how the series continues. It feels
like it has been awhile since issue 2 came out. (Exclusive to Comic Frontline)
Guardians of the Galaxy #14
I did drop this series for a
little while. I felt that the series didn’t really have a direction. It seems
like after Trials of Jean Grey it has more of a story to tell. I am adding the
title back on my pull list, especially with Venom and Captain Marvel joining
the team.
Original Sin #0
I am not really excited about
Original Sin. Marvel hasn’t had a great major 616 event in years. I never cared
about The Watcher either. But I had to give the first issue a fair shot.
Superior Spider-man Team Up #12
I am pretty sure that this is
the last issue of the series. I think this was a better Spider-man series than
the previous Avenging Spider-man that had more one shot stories. This had continuing
story arcs that actually tied into Superior Spider-man.
Uncanny Avengers #19
I randomly picked up the last
issue because this story arc seemed interesting. I am glad I did because the
last issue was pretty solid. Hope to see this Avenger title stay on my pull
list. (Exclusive to Comic Frontline)

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