The Blood Moon Rises: DC Gives Us Futures End Teasers

Each week since The New 52 DC has given us a two-page “News Program” titled Channel 52. DC uses these two-pages to give little “updates” on their books like showing what is going on in Batman Eternal, or the return of Wally West. Well last week we were treated to one of DC’s teaser images for The New 52 Futures End, just like the one we got for Batman Eternal. What does this new image tease us with? Check out some of the things I found.

  • Booster Gold and what appears to be Pre-Infinite Crisis Tim Drake Robin. Only two Robins wore this costume, the Batman: The Animated Series Dick Grayson and the Pre-Infinite Crisis Tim Drake. Now I think this is Tim, because he is wearing Tabi Boots, Animated Robin did not wear Tabi Boots.
  • Now behind them is a tear in space and time or something and it looks like a clock, this could be either the Clock Tower or the Vanishing Point.
  • Batman Beyond we already know is going to play a significant role in this event. 

  •  The last time I saw a Batman with a lighted Bat-signal on his chest was in Smallville.  

  • Looks like The Darker Side Of The DCU will be featured with Agents Of S.H.A.DE., what appears to be Resurrection Man and the Crimson Men in here. 

  •  Mr. Terrific and his crew along with the writing that says “Terrifi T Tech” “U-Spheres” Now what jumps out to me isn’t the “T-Crew” but the “U-Spheres” Mr. Terrific uses “T-Spheres” that are usually silver with a red “T” on them. If you look closely to his Spheres they don’t have a “T” or a “U” on them, but they kind of remind me of the globes from around Countdown when they showed mini Multiple Earths. Could the U-Spheres stand for Universe Spheres since Mr.Terrific has traveled to a different one?

  • Ronnie and Jason are fighting and a new Firestorm is flying away. With Firestorm playing a role in Forever Evil this could be significant.  

  • Who is this guy? He looks familiar but I can not place him. He could be from Wildstorm since it looks like Grifter is shooting at him. But the Spheres are near him so could he be connected to Mr. Terrific? Notice also Cadmus behind Grifter. 

  •  Apollo and Midnighter, two members of Stormwatch. DC did say back when Stormwatch launched that this title was one to watch.

  • Hawkman, is he with Stormwatch? Is he solo?  

  •  The ship: Could this be Thanagarian? They did play a role around Infinite Crisis / Coutdown / Final Crisis.

  •  This Superman looks familar but I can not place the exact place I saw him before. But his costume does call up some familiar influences. Right away I see a “Reign Of The Supermen” Superboy and Eradicater influences on the costume. The mask/helmet though that reminds me of Superman/Batman #47.

  • This could be Lois Lane, but there isn’t much details here so this could be too early to call. 

  •  I posted 2 pics here because there are 2 images of the Brother Eye symbol. Why is this seen twice?Thee may be a significance to it.

  •  The title of this teaser is “When Futures End… … The Blood Moon Shall Rise!” 
  • Now we should take note to “Futures End” Like the title of the event it is plural not a compound so it isn’t that a future is going to end but that multiple futures will.
  • Next is the Blood Moon. This was released when we got the Blood Moon and there is a belief that with the Blood Moon events that is happening this year is a sign of the Apocalypse, or Apokolips. The next one is October 8, 2014, a Wednesday and October is when the third DC Weekly Series comes out that deals with Darkseid and perhaps the destruction of Earth 2?

  • Finally take note to the image itself as a whole you can see it is clearly inspired by M.C. Escher’s Relativity. In Escher’s piece there are three sources of gravity and realities interacting in the painting which creates a sense of confusion.
  • Also note that most of the characters that are in this teaser are from canceled series.

Those are the things I spotted in this teaser. Did I miss something? If so let me know in the comments and let me know your thoughts on what I did find and my speculations on them in the comments below. Also don’t forget to follow us on Twitter

All images are courtesy of DC Entertainment 

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