The Reyes Countdown #4 Week Of 4/16/14

By: Reyes

Hey Comic Book fans! This is a series where I (Jay Reyes) review every book I got in one week and pick my favorite.

Hulk #1 3.99 (Number Six Kinda Worst of the week)

This week was very odd for me personally. I got my comics super late this week, so late that I had to skip my pick up article just to get the countdown on time. One thing that was super weird is that there were no really bad comics this week. I had a gripe here and there but in all this week was pretty all right. Hulk #1 is the worst because it felt like the weakest of the six I read this week, but again it wasn’t horrible. I will go on record and state that I really don’t like the Hulk at all. I think the Hulk is super boring and not fun to read or write, I feel like Hulk has done all that he can in this world like Wolverine. Unlike Wolverine this issue got me interested in this story arc just enough to read the spoiler reviews so I don’t have to pick up a 3.99 twice a month book. I really hate that Marvel practice and hope it dies very quickly. Hulk #1 will probably draw some people into the hulk mythos. But that price tag is ridiculous for a Kid going to college.

Score: 3/5

Justice League #29 (Number 5)

This book felt kind of hard to grade because of the absence of the last issue of Forever Evil. I really hate that Forever Evil #7 was delayed because it completely messes up the whole flow of the after Forever Evil titles. This book takes place adjacent to Forever Evil #7 or just before the big showdown.  I liked the characters, I lied the art, and I loved the writing because Geoff Johns is a god. But I couldn’t shake this awkward feeling of I’m supposed to read Forever Evil #7. Next week its probably going to be worse because that’s when all the post Forever Evil content comes out.. I really liked how Grid (SPOILER ALERT Highlight To Read) was trapped in his own body, and I loved the relationship between Cyborg and the Metal Men. I just hope the Metal Men get a more prominent role in the DC Universe, like maybe get there own title? This book had solid action and an intense final battle. That feeling of missing Forever Evil #7 really was the only problem I had with this issue which personally stuck out for me.  

Score: 3.5/5

Batman #30 (Number Four)

This series is feels like a really odd roller coaster ride with fun loops and twists but when its over it feels like the ride was useless and kind of a waste of time. I really want to love Batman and Scott Snyder is my favorite writer writing in comics right now, but this book literally progressed nothing. I want this story to succeed but It’s just not that interesting. This book isn’t worst of the week for a couple of reasons and it has nothing to really do with the story. I loved the writing and the art was superb. The dialogue between characters felt organic and action was cool. But other than that it didn’t really progress anything. Hopefully the next couple of issues quicken up the pacing of this story because it’s been moving at a snails pace for months now.

Score: 3.5/5

Superior Spider-Man #31 (Top Three)

Ok I contemplated giving this book a couple of different grades for hours. I wanted to absolutely love this book but some of it was so crappy that I couldn’t stand it. I had three feelings while reading this book. I was happy in the beginning, I was uber annoyed in the middle (SPOILER ALERT Highlight To Read) The Goblin Reveal was so stupid it actually  made me put the book down for a couple of minutes, and I was left happy with a little sprinkle of disappointment. I was super excited for this book and it was my most anticipated book of the week. Maybe I overhyped it or maybe my expectations were too high  but I wanted a pick of the week from this book and I couldn’t in good faith give it number one on my countdown. It was a great ride for the Superior Spider-Man but Peter’s back in action!

Score: 4/5

Ms Marvel #3 (Number Two)

This series has been such a great surprise and Ms. Marvel #3 just continues the greatness.
This issue deals with Kamala trying to figure out how her powers work and if she can trust anyone with her secret.  I look forward to reading Ms. Marvel every month since issue one and this issue gives the reader a great and scary cliff hanger that is going to rock Kamala Khan’s life forever. I cannot wait to get my hand on Ms. Marvel #4 just to see how Kamala gets passed that possibly life shattering cliff hanger. Ugh I want it now! The art is the only thing I had a problem with in this issue and it wasn’t really that big of a gripe. The art just wasn’t as detailed and polished as the last two issues.

Score: 4.5/5

Sinestro #1 (Book of the Week!!!)

Holy curveball Batman! If I was able to do the Pick up list this week than you guys would know that my expectations for this book were not that high at all and it would have been my least look forward too book of the week. But I was completely wrong about this one. I’ve always liked Sinestro as a villain and he’s always been up there as one of my favorite villains, but when I heard he was getting his own title I felt like it was a stupid cash grab that would be canned by issue seven but Cullen Bunn once again proves why he is the go to guy to write a villain’s solo series. The pacing of this book was perfect and it felt like a natural progression. Even though I didn’t know everything about Sinestro’s past I wasn’t lost when Lyssa Drak came onto the scene. I can’t wait to see how that cliff hanger with (SPOILER ALERT Highlight To Read) Sinestro’s daughter being Kidnapped by the interim leader of the Yellow Lanterns Akrillo. This series will from now on be the only Lantern related book I pick up on a regular basis.

Score: 5/5 

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