Marvel’s Next Event: AXIS!

With Original Sin just getting underway Marvel has already
started gearing up towards its next big event: AXIS! The teaser image was seen
at the conclusion of the Wolverine: 3 Months To Die Panel at C2E2 earlier today.

There was no other information given yet, but from the title
and image it is pretty much certain that this event is the sequel to the 2012
Avengers Vs X-Men. At the conclusion of that crossover of Marvel’s two premiere
super-teams Professor Charles Xavier, leader and mentor of the X-Men was killed
by the Phoenix-possessed Scott Summers.
In the wake of that shocking event the worlds of both teams
and the Marvel Universe was forever altered. Cyclops formed his own team of
X-Men and has been both a fugitive and Mutant Activist. The Avengers and
Mutants formed a new alliance with a team comprised of Avengers and Mutants,
the Uncanny Avengers. It is events in that title that I suspect will be the
focal point of AXIS.
One of the main plots from Uncanny Avengers has been Red
taking the brain of Professor X and placing it in his head granting him
the powers of one of the most powerful telepaths in the world. Given the connection between Red Skull and the Axis and the
logos of both teams prominently shown in the teaser image it is safe to assume
that this is a follow up to A Vs X with Red Skull as the villain. 

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All images are courtesy of Marvel Entertainment

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