The Reyes Countdown #5 Week Of 4/23/14

By: Reyes

Hey Comic Book fans! This is a series where I (Jay Reyes) review every book I got in one week and pick my favorite.

Red Lanterns #30 (Number 8: Worst pick of the week)
Red Lantern #30 was a complete disappointment for me this week and that’s really disheartening. I’ve liked most of the issues I’ve read since #19 but this one was by far my least favorite of issue of the series to date. After a great cliffhanger from #29 in which we saw Bleez broken and bloodied warn the Red Lanterns that Atrocitus has returned and seeks revenge on Guy Gardner.  This issue follows up on that very poorly and leaves you with kind of a meh ending that makes you pick up Supergirl to read the next part of the story. I’m going to pick up the next part of the story but I hope it gets better and doesn’t bore me as much as this issue did.

Walking Dead #126 (Number 7)
This issue wasn’t drawn badly or even really written that badly, but it was completely and utterly disappointing. All Out War was supposed to be a game changing event but all this issue felt like was a cop out. (SPOILER ALERT Highlight To Read) The whole issue revolved around Negan and Rick fighting off in that one area and Negan gets shot . Now you would think that Negan would be killed off but nope he was left alive for stupid reason.  Now look I get that you can’t just go around killing of main characters willy nilly and I don’t like it when that happens either. But this event was so hyped up that I felt like it was going to change the walking dead and bring it in a new direction. I was hoping for some new faces to be added in the mix but all we got was a cop out ending. This event as a whole wasn’t as necessary as it was hyped up to be but hopefully The Walking Dead can get back on track after this disappointing finale.
The Flash #30 (Number 6)
Will the real Wally West please stand up? This issue didn’t really get me that excited for this big Flash arc coming up and the Wally West reintroduction is really just stupid. I don’t agree with changing some characters race for the sake of change and that’s what this issue did. The story was pretty straight forward and was just Barry dealing with what happened to Central City. I’m really hoping Robert Venditti doesn’t mess up Flash as he did with Green Lantern.

Daredevil #2 (Number 5)
Daredevil#2 was kind of a hit and a miss for me personally this week. I really love the art and the feel of this series. But the story just really isn’t interesting for me and this whole Foggy is dead thing is very annoying and kind of confusing. I know nothing about this new villain called the Shroud but it definitely has me interested. I wonder why the quality of this book kind of jumped down because it was so great before the relaunch.

Fantastic Four #3 (Number 4)

Fantastic Four has been FANTASTIC since its beginning and this issue isn’t any different.  FLAME OFF… ON… Anyway, This issue might not have not been the best issue of Fantastic Four since its beginning but it certainly is good. The art is really good to look at and the story has a lot of heart. The Namor and Sue page was by far the best this book had to offer, it  sad and brilliantly written and made me remember how much Namor actually likes Sue. The whole issue was great but it had some pacing problems and the art was a bit off at some points.

Justice League United #0 (Top 3: Surprise of the week)
(SPOILER ALERT Highlight To Read) Hawkman vs Lobo that is all.  But in all seriousness I really enjoyed this issue and I wasn’t even that excited for it. I didn’t think it would be bad but I thought it would just be an average read but I was very wrong. This issue had all the lighthearted fun action that it needed to have mixed in with real drama from Adam Strange’s strange dilemma. I really can’t wait to see that show down with Hawkman and Lobo and I’m interested in how they are going to incorporate a red ring less Supergirl into this series. One problem I had was with the art. It wasn’t very good but hopefully it gets better because it’s the only thing holding it back from getting a higher grade.

Batman Eternal #3 (Number 2)
Pre-New 52 returns are running rampant this week it almost seems as if it was planned or something. Stephanie Brown is back in purple and her dad is a total a**Hole. This issue made me feel a certain way because I was super interested in Stephanie Brown’s return but the other stuff about the corruption of the Mayor and Carmine Falcone was just kind of bleh to me. I definitely didn’t hate that story but I was just not as interested. The art was absolutely gorgeous and all of the Batman shots were stunning. This series is a really good addition to the New 52.

Original Sin #0 (Number 1: Best of the week)
Batman Eternal might of gotten a 5 out of 5 but issue got number one because it hit emotionally for me. I really never liked the Watcher because he seemed kind of boring and he just didn’t resonate with me. This issue made me care about the Watcher wholeheartedly, and if that was the objective than bravo Mark Waid because sir you made me care. The spots with Nova were really amazing and the (SPOILER ALERT Highlight To Read) end with the Watcher telling Nova verbally that his father was not dead really got me. I hope this set up issue is a sign of what’s to come with Original Sin because if Original Sin is another Infinity or Age of Ultron then I would be highly disappointed in Marvel. Hopefully this event turns out great.
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  1. This was an Awesome Countdown. I was one of the few I guess that did not like Justice League United. Original Sin was my favorite of the week also.

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