Mike Spider-Slayer’s Free Comic Book Day

Join Mike Spider-Slayer for his full Free Comic Book Day experience from the haul to the countdown Mike Spider-Slayer  takes you through it all and shows everyone what he got and what he thought about it all right here!

The one day all Comic Fans look forward to all Year is Free Comic Book Day. Where us the readers go to our favorite comic shops to not only check out all the deals and sales bought to go grab FREE COMICS!! See what Mike Spider-Slayer got at Free Comic Book Day this year everyone!!

Welcome to The Countdown Episode 59, The Free Comic Book Day Edition. This Time I will be counting down from worst to best all the Issues I received from free comic book day. Hope you enjoy Fans!!

Let us know in the comments here and on Comic Book Corner 2.0 what you think of Mike Spider-Slayer’s Free Comic Book Day and don’t forget to follow us on Twitter for the latest Previews, Reviews, News and Interviews.

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