The Reyes Countdown #6 Week Of 4/30/14

By: Reyes

Hey Comic Book fans! This is a series where I (Jay Reyes) review every book I got in one week and pick my favorite.

Silver Surfer #2 (Number 8 and Worst Pick of the week)

After my first read through of this book I gave it a 4 out 5, and that didn’t feel right so I read it again and wow I really didn’t like it the second go through. The writing was very sloppy in this book and there were a plethora of plot holes. (SPOILER ALERT Highlight To Read) Why didn’t they just start off with the edge of reality sword and kill the Never Queen, why would an advanced intelligent species just go through all the trouble to just fling “champions” at the Never Queen without the sword. There were more annoying little plot holes like that which I only found after reading this issue a second time. I’m going to give Dan Slott the benefit of the doubt and say that this issue was just rushed and that #3 is going to blow my socks off.

Rai #1(Number 7)

Rai #1 wasn’t that bad of an issue but for an issue 1 it was a little too confusing. I liked the concept of a Japan that was murder free for many years and I liked that Rai was like a myth too the people of New Japan. Toward the middle of the issue it got kind of draggy and boring but it picked up towards the end.  The artwork was superb and I like the concept of the story so I’m going to give the next issue a go around. But I wonder is this in the future of the Valiant universe or is it it’s own separate universe because Rai looks eerily similar to Bloodshot.

Flash Annual #3(Number 6)

The Future Flash segments were so very interesting and I really love the design for the costume. I just wish that the whole issue revolved around the Future Flash and nothing else. His segments were the only thing that didn’t bore me through the whole issue. Plus his artwork was far more nicer than Present Flash’s story. I’m very worried about Robert Vendetti writing The Flash. After the awesome creative team we had I just don’t know if Robert Venditti and Van Jensen have what it takes to match the last creative team. I’m rooting for them though.

Forever Evil Aftermath Batman VS. Bane #1 (Top 5)

If Peter Tomasi was trying to entertain me he accomplished his job because I was thoroughly entertained. This issue was for all intents and purposes one big awesome fight scene which ended with Batman on top which shouldn’t be a spoiler because I mean come on its the goddamned Batman. The art was very nice and I really enjoyed the action panels which looked brutal. I really wish Bane has worn a Batman type outfit during the fight because that would have been epic.

The Amazing Spider-Man#1 (Number 4)

This issue shocked me at how underwhelming it was. The writing wasn’t that bad and the art was great but the main story was so uninteresting. I’d rather they have started right off the bat with (SPOILER ALERT Highlight To Read) Black Cat’s revenge.  The back-up stories for fun and were great ways to promote their future Spider books. I was hoping for a Spidey-Verse preview but we had to wait for Free Comic Book Day for that. The main story was boring but the back ups were great so that was the saving grace for this issue as a whole.

Inhuman #1 (Number 3)

I know this issue came out a couple of weeks ago but it was a pleasant surprise that came with Amazing Spider-Man #1. Inhuman #1 was actually really well done and I enjoyed it. I was really down on the Inhumans but after Ms. Marvel and now this I’m really looking forward to the future of the Inhumans I’m just really vying for a Black Bolt solo. The art was fantastic and the story was awesome.

All New X Men #26 (Numbah 2)

This issue was freaking awesomely awesome! Jean and old Cyclops have a legitimate conversation and it was a great character piece on Cyclops and where his mentality it. It must be hard for Cyclops to control himself around the woman he is in love with. His and Jean’s relationship was great but Ms. Pryde’s “You better never be alone with her again” was kind of a foreshadowing of what’s to come with the Uncanny X-Men and if that books going to deal with the cliffhanger at the end of this issue than that is an instant buy.  The only thing that kept this issue from number one was the art.

Batman Eternal #4 (Number One!!! Pick of the Week)

Batman will probably always be my favorite hero and this is the reason why right here. His books are almost always fantastic and this issue was no exception. The art was stunning and the story was amazing as well. Batgirl’s coping with the arrest of her dad was fantastic and her punching Bats in the face was pretty fun to see. Barbra showed signs of Oracle and all is well with the world. This issue was very Batgirl centric but lets not forget Stephanie Brown. Steph’s story is great and very interesting. Her whole family is freaking crazy and you genuinely feel bad for Stephanie because now she has no one left to run to. Hopefully the Caped Crusader can save Stephanie Brown before it’s too late.

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