The Reyes Countdown #7 Week Of 5/07/14

By: Reyes

Hey Comic Book fans! This is a series where I (Jay Reyes) review every book I got in one week and pick my favorite.

Moon Knight #3 (Number 10 & Worst of The Week)

Blah is how I felt reading this book and I was really excited about this issue. The art was gorgeous and when I say gorgeous I mean gorgeous. The art is amazing and thats the only reason why I didn’t stop reading this issue midway through. The story bored me enough to almost stop reading, hopefully next issue starts a story longer than one issue.

Black Widow #6 (Number 9)

Black Widow #6 wasn’t as bad as Moon Knight #3 but it wasn’t super far off at all. This and Moon Knight were just very dull for me this week but the biggest difference between this and Moon Knight is that Black Widow has a good story. I also really liked the art for this book but the coloring was a little off for me at points. I hope the story arc continues with Widow hunting down this mysterious god type figure.

Green Arrow #31 (Number 8)

With being the last issue of The Outsider War event I wasn’t very impressed. The promising Cliffhanger we got last issue with Ollie’s dad getting shot in the heart with an arrow completely fell flat in the first couple of pages. The wrap up with this pseudo-event felt kind of rushed and went in a direction that I honestly didn’t agree with. (SPOILER ALERT Highlight To Read) I understand why Ollie wouldn’t want to join the Outsiders but I mean come on, your father gave up his whole life for this cause and ruined everything he had for this one group and you couldn’t just give it a chance. I get that he’s still angry at his father for being the reason why he was on the island but I mean they wanted you to be the leader and you could have led them in a more justice oriented way. It just felt kind of logically flawed in my opinion and It just really bugged me.

Earth 2 #23 (Number 7)

Earth 2 isn’t awful in fact I had a pretty good time reading it but there were some problems that I had with this issue.  One major problem I had with this issue was progression, I felt like the story went no where this issue and the only thing it accomplished was a location change for the Bat crew minus Hawkgirl and a returning Green Lantern. I don’t know why but I always feel like Earth 2 ends abruptly and too quickly every single issue. I’m very much on board with this series and I’m excited about the weekly that was announced for Earth 2 so the future of Earth 2 is very interesting.

Original Sin #1 (Number 6)

Original Sin #0 hit all the points it needed to get a complete 5/5 from me, but this issue didn’t hit as many points and it got really draggy towards the middle for some odd reason. I didn’t hate this issue but I was really shocked that this fell kind of flat for me because I was really excited for it, but it just didn’t do it for me. One problem I had with this issue was the art, Mike Deodato’s art is great but it felt way too dull and lifeless for me. Hopefully the art is livened up a bit for the next several issues but thats just me hoping. I’m interested in the next issue and that tie in with Captain America learning what the Illuminati did to him has me very interested.

Magneto #3 (Top 5!)

Magneto is so damn good its scary. From the art to the story the whole issue was solid, but the only thing I had a problem with was the progression of the overall story arc because it doesn’t seem to be leading anywhere humongous but im hopeful that this series will continue to grow and develop into something even greater than it is now.

Detective Comics #31 (Number 4)

It’s no secret that Batman is my favorite character of all time and these type of stories are the reasons why I just love the Batman mythos. It’s not a super flashy alien adventure, and it isn’t some universe destroying story that could shake the fabric of life itself, this is a ground level story arc that shows Batman dealing with the drug cartel in Gotham.I really like drug cartel stories when they involve Bats and I can’t wait to see Squidd. (SPOILER ALERT Highlight To Read) The fight between Sumo and Batman was  fantastically brutal. Manapul and Buccellato are killing it so far and hopefully they continue to rock.

The New 52 Futures End #1 (Number 3)

I had high expectations for this series and my expectations were well met with this issue. Grifter was my favorite part of this issue by far and I barely know who the character is. Batman Beyond was fantastic as usual but the only thing that bothered me with this issue was Firestorm whining about being a hero. Other than that the issue was pretty solid and I’m super excited for whats to come in the future (pun intended)

Batman Eternal #5 (Number 2)

It’s great to be a Batman fan right now because this weekly is outstanding! Batman Eternal #5 was the perfect mix of art and story. Tim Drake was actually pretty fun to follow in this issue and as long as Scott Lobdell isn’ writing Tim than I’m fine with him. The cliffhanger kept me wanting more and I can’t wait to see what happens next.

Miles Morales: Ultimate Spider-Man #1 (Pick of The Week)

Oh My God was this issue fantastic! This is by far my favorite #1 since the relaunch and it just shows you how awesome Miles is. I still will never understand all of the hate for Miles because he’s just such an awesome character. This issue dealt with (SPOILER ALERT Highlight To Read) the very alive Norman Osborn escaping the custody of the defunct S.H.I.E.L.D. and man I can’t wait to see how that plays out now with us finding out Peter’s alive. The world of Miles Morales is about to be shaken to it’s core and I’m ready for the ride.

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