A Girl And An Arrow

This week is our 1st Annual Zenescope Week. Well inspired by Mike Spider-Slayer I decided to share how I got into Zenescope Entertainment books. Hello my name is Jay and I’m a Zenescope addict. It all started with a girl and an arrow for me, that’s right Robyn Hood was my gateway character and Mike Spider-Slayer was my connection.

It all started with Mike’s 54th Comic Book Haul. In this haul he held up a book, Robyn Hood #5. I looked at that cover and was like is that Marian? Is she going to free Robyn? But Mike said she was Robyn, this was interesting to me. I had seen Zenescope books on the Mature Readers shelves at my shop but always skipped them because like most I thought it was comic porn. Boy was I wrong! I heard Mike talk about the title and I thought I’d request him to review the book and if I liked what he said I would pick up the 5 issues and see what it is like.

Well Mike did it, he saw my request in the comments and took the time out of a very busy week for him to do a review to help me get into a new title and to be honest a new company. I am so thankful he did. I’m a big fan of myths and legends and Robin (Sometimes spelled Robyn) Hood is a favorite of mine among them. I saw Mike’s  love, excitement and enjoyment of this issue and the mini as a whole and I had to give it a fair shot.  
I am so glad I  did this was the beginning of an awakening for me as far as comics are concerned. I went and got as much from Zenescope as I could, I dove in and couldn’t stop reading them. Also because of Robyn Hood I found a new favorite writer, Pat Shad! Pat Shand brought back the glory days of writing for me, put me back to Joss Whedon on the Buffy The Vampire Slayer TV series, and I hadn’t felt this much excitement about a writer’s writing since Geoff Johns during the time he was writing JSA, The Flash and Teen Titans.  
From this initial mini I followed Robyn into Robyn Hood Vs Red Riding Hood, Robyn Hood: Wanted, Realm Knights, the current Robyn Hood: Legend and I will continue in any and all titles she is in. I owe all of this to Mike Spider-Slayer!
My love for Zenescope Entertainment all started with a girl and an arrow!

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