To The Warren Born: Paige Matthews

Hey everyone, this week on Comic Frontline and Comic Related we are doing a Bonus week for Zenescope. Last week I reviewed Season 9 of Charmed, and this week I decided to give some bonus features to those reviews by doing some profiles this week of the four Charmed Ones, and their loved ones. Today I am going with the one the youngest sister Paige Mathews.

Paige Matthews was born on August 3, 1977 the fourth daughter of Patty Halliwell and the only daughter of her Whitelighter Sam Wilder. Unlike her sisters Paige was born twice blessed, the daughter of a Witch and a Whitelighter. Patty was going to keep Paige and raise her with her sisters, but she knew that her other daughters were destined to be the Charmed Ones and her and Grams thought that if the Elders found out that she was Sam’s daughter and they broke the rule of being with a charge the Elders would take her daughter’s destiny from them.

Sam and Patty decided to protect the destiny of Prue, Piper and Phoebe they would put Paige up for adoption and took her to a local Church and left her with Sister Agnes. She asked the nun to make sure that her daughter was placed with a good family and that her name begin with a “P”. The following February 28th Patty was killed by the water demon  and finally was able to watch over all of her daughter. Patty was pleased that Paige was placed with the Matthews and that she was raised in a happy loving home.

After Prue died to try to help herself move on and to help her sisters reclaim the Power Of Three she led them to Paige. Paige first met Phoebe at Prue’s funeral where Phoebe had a vision of Shax the Source’s hitman that killed Prue trying to kill Paige. When Phoebe and Cole went to protect Paige they noticed her orbing when Shax attacked her. Phoebe raced home and told Piper and the sisters summoned their Patty and Grams who told them that Paige was their half-sister.

Phoebe and Piper brought Paige to the Halliwell Manor and when the three all touched at the same time the chandelier shook and shined a blue light on the three sisters as it did the night Phoebe unbound their powers. Just as the Power of Three was reconstituted Shax broke in the door. Piper and Phoebe ran up the steps to the attic dragging Paige with them and told her to recite the spell to vanquish the demon. Paige was amazed to see the demon explode before her eyes. With that Paige eventually began to accept her new life and her new family even moving into the manor with her sisters.

Paige spent her first years as a Witch wracked with an inferiority complex fearing she would never be as good as her sister Prue. This lead Paige to quit her job so she could devote her time to being a full time Witch. Paige learned that beyond her Whitelighter powers she also had the telekinetic powers that Prue had, but they were tied into her Whitelighter powers making objects orb to and from places instead of moving them across an area. Paige will take on the full time duties of a Whitelighter combining her Charmed duties of protecting innocents and her Whitelighter duties of guiding her charges while being a recruiter and teacher at Magic School.

Paige would eventually meet her soul mate Henry Mitchel, a probation officer and mortal who she would share three children with. Paige gave birth to twin daughters Tamora and Kat who would be twice bless like their mother  having the powers of a Whitelighter and those of the Warren Witches. Their Warren birth powers were the same as their Aunt Piper but split between them one could speed up molecules while the other slowed them down. After failing to save a pregnant homeless innocent Paige orbed her baby delivering it, not wanting to leave the baby in the system that she knew all too well, Paige and Henry adopted him giving him the name Henry Jr. Unlike her sisters Paige married a mortal and gave their children his last name.

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